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Creator of all things, making him a partial spirit that has set his face against all but the chosen few, their own goodly selves.

Like Moses, they have their secret conferences with the Deity, though not perhaps in a burning bush, but in secret chambers, which is a burning shame that no one else should be admitted into his presence but a frantic cobier or a howling tailor, who shall have taken upon themselves to teach the Gospel, one to his own end and the other to his own measure; promising those that are more ignorant than themselves a passport to heaven, when many of the poor deluded wretches miss their way, and end their melancholy days in Bedlam.


At Norwich there is annually kept a kind of Regatta, and many of the best inhabitants keep a handsome cutter, which on that day they furnish with the gayest rigging. They sail or row down the river to the village of Thorp, about two miles from the city, then assemble in a grove upon the shore to the amount of some hunidreds, and spend the afternoon in high festivity. Being once of the party, I was much entreated a few days previous to this festival to write them a song upon the occasion, saying, that they were tired of their hackneyed old ditties, and accordingly I penned the following words, making the measure accord with an old French tune, which served as a new one in this country, and I nained it the SAILOR'S ALLEGORY; it was sung by one of the party,


who possessed a strong manly voice; the chorus was general, and has since that time become a very popular song throughout the kingdom; the merit of which, like that of my Disconlate Sailor, has been given to the same character as that song was, therefore I have taken the liberty to introduce it here, as the finale to this work, with the history of its birth, that the world may no longer be deceived.

Life's like a ship in constant motion,

Sometimes high and sometimes low;
Where ev'ry one must brave the ocean,
Whatsoever wind


If unassail'd by squall or show'r,

Wafted by the gentle gales,
Let's not lose the fav'ring hour,

While success attends our sails.

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Or if the wayward wind should bluster,

Let us not give way to fear;
But let us all our patience muster,

And learn from Reason how to steer;


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Let Judgment keep you ever steady,

'Tis a ballast never fails; Should dangers rise, be ever ready

To manage well the swelling sails.

Trust not too much your own opinion,

While your vessel's under way;
Let good example bear dominion --

That's a compass will not stray.
When thund'ring tempests make you shudder,

Or Boreas on the surface rails,
Let good discretion guide the rudder,

And Providence attend the sails.


Then, when you're safe from dangers, riding

In some welcome port or bay,
Hope be the anchor you confide in,

And Care awhile enslumber'd lay;
Or, when each can's with liquor flowing,

And good fellowship prevails,
Let each true heart, with rapture glowing,

Drink success unto qur sails.

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