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but in respect to good things, I was convinced there were

many good places in England, which few of his countrymen would refuse to accept, and many at this time enjoyed.

One of the party contending that the voluptuous soil of Scotland yielded the finest mutton in all Europe! was taken up on this point, and contradicted by a gentleman who was a native of Carlisle ; saying, that they only sent the bones of their sheep and cattle to be covered with English flesh, by driving them to graze a considerable time upon the well-clad hills and fertile vallies in the neighbouring counties of Westmoreland, Cumberland, and Northumberland, therefore the gentleman had put him in mind of a braggart's ostentatiously boasting of

a quality

a quality (as his own) which, on investigation, was found to belong to another.

New Edinburgh seems to cover about the same quantity of ground as the new buildings which have, in the course of these nine or ten years, been erected in St. George's Fields; they speak of it with Bath, but there it sinks in the comparison, as much as if you were to compare St. Bartholomew's Hospital in Smithfield to the Royal Hospital at Greenwich.

The superiority of the new town of Edinburgh to the old one makes the latter look like a dirty ugly jail, and so proud is every Scotchman of the New Town, that it is the very first thing, should you be a stranger, that


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induces him to open his mouth to you;
like the poor boy, who having walked
bare-foot the greatest part of his life,
and having procured a pair of coarse-
looking new shoes, could never take

from them, and whenever he happened to speak of them, said, there were not so fine a pair of shoes in all Europe !

There was scarcely a stone of the new town laid before the commencement of the reign of our present gracious Sovereign, 'who, from his partiality to many of the gentlemen of that country, may be justly termed the most friendly monarch in all Europe !

Time ere long may get the better of their prejudices and peculiarites, by telling them to throw away their

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nationality, to expand their minds, and become citizens of the world; when they will find all nations have their beauties and their blemishes; and when they have opened both their eyes, they will find that few nations in all Europe have less beauties to boast of than Scotland.

My motto is “I cannot flatter, and I will not lie.”-If I have swerved from truth in my transient trip to Scotland, I shall refer to such of my readers to set me to rights, who have ever had an opportunity of putting their noses into Edinburgh, or that have made use of their eyes and their ears with the same industrious and impartial attention which I have done.

But I have been wandering too long out of the road, and must endeavour


to make the best of my way back again to York, for the farther particulars of which place I shall refer the reader to the labours of the deep-read antiquarian, and to the weighty volumes which are to be found in some of our first libraries, and which speak at large of this venerable and ancient city.

Scarborough is a well-built markettown, and the castle is of no inconsiderable extent, standing upon a stupendous promontory, commanding a view of the great German ocean, has a sublime effect as you approach it from the sea. The market is well supplied, provisions tolerably cheap, and the visitor has a greater advantage here than at most other watering places, from the extent of the town,

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