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We regret to see the announcement of the death of the Rev. James Parsons, for fifty years minister of the principal Congregational church in the city of York, Eng. He was born in Leeds, 10 April, 1799, and was educated chiefly at a private school, and went into business in the office of a firm of solicitors. The sudden death of his mother turned his attention to the m try, and taking the course of instruction then given at Idle by what has since been known as Airdale College, he fitted himself for the pulpit, where he almost immediately developed great power. Receiving many invitations to places of importance, he selected Lendal Chapel, York, where he was ordained 24 Oct., 1822. There he remained with ever widening influence and ever increasing usefulness, until, in 1839, a new chapel (Salem) was built, seating 1,600, in Et. Saviour Gate, to which he removed with the majority of his church and congregation, leaving enough to carry on labor at the old place, and where he kept on in his work until he had rounded out his half century. Then he retired to Harrogate, where the last seven years of his life were spent, still, as strength was given, in various ministerial service. Always in feeble health, which was several times interrupted by the necessity for intervals of months of entire rest, he yet managed to do a great and blessed work. Mr. Parsons

pre-eminently a Scriptural preacher. Logical, poetical, fervid in style, his subject-matter of argument and appeal was drawn almost purely from the Bible. With a weak and unmusical voice, a narrow chest and a tall stooping figure, a part of his power perhaps often consisted in the mute appeal of his physique to the confidence and sympathy of his hearers. His solemn earnestness of manner, and the pathos of his tones, won the crowds whom he addressed to listen in spite of all difficulties, and his godly spirit made him mighty as a man of God. His end was peace, and was reached at Harrogate on the 20th ult., in the seventy-fourth year of his age. Oet. 1877,


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