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they thus counted their days by sevens : for the tradition of " the creation of the world, and the institution of the Sabbath,

was in time and by degrees lost among them. But yet thus “ still they computed their time : and we that have the holy

Scriptures know upon what grounds that computation was “ begun."

What Dr. Williams also has, upon the same argument, in his Second Sermon of his first year's course of Boyle's Lectures, is well worth the perusing, p. 23, &c.

An additional Note to p. 26. from Dr. Sherlock's Discourse on the

Knowledge of Christ, p. 19, 20, 21.

“ GOD chose the posterity of Abraham to be a public and “ constant demonstration of his power, and providence, and care “ of good men. For when God chose the posterity of Abraham “to be his peculiar people, he did not design to exclude the rest “ of the world from his care and providence, and all possible

means of salvation; as the Apostle argues in Rom. iii. 29. " Is he the God of the Jews only? is he not also of the Gentites? “ Yes, of the Gentiles also. Which argument, if it have any “ foree in it, must prove God's respecting the Gentiles before " the preaching of the Gospel, as well as since; because it is “ founded on that natural relation which God owns to all man

kind, as their merciful Creator and Governor; which gives the “ Gentiles as well as Jews an interest in his care and providence.

“ This plainly evinces, that all those particular favours which “ God bestowed on Israel, were not owing to any partial fond“ ness and respect to that people: but the design of all was, to " encourage the whole world to worship the God of Israel, who

gave so many demonstrations of his power and providence. “ For this reason God brought Israel out of Egypt, with great

signs and wonders, and a mighty hand, (when he could have “ done it with less noise and observation,) that he might the “ more gloriously triumph over the numerous gods of Egypt, and " all their enchantments and divinations, and that he might be “ honoured on Pharaoh and all his host. For this reason he

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" maintained them in the wilderness at the constant expense of miracles, fought all their battles for them ; and many times by “ weak and contemptible means overthrew great and puissant " armies, drove out the inhabitants of Canaan, and gave them

possession of that good land. I say, one great and principal design of all this was, to convince the world of the majesty and

power of the God of Israel, that they might renounce their “ foolish idolatries and country gods, and consent in the worship “ of that one God, who alone doth wondrous things. This “ account the Psalmist gives of it, that God wrought such visi“ ble and miraculous deliverances for Israel, to make his glory “ and his power known among the Heathen: The Lord hath made known his salvation, his righteousness hath he openly shewed in the sight of the heathen. Psal. xcviii. 2. That the heathen might fear the name of the Lord, and all the kings of the earth his glory : “i. e. That all nations might worship God, and all kings submit “ their crowns and sceptres to him. Psal. cii. 15. That by this “ means they might be instructed in that important truth: That the Lord is great, and greatly to be praised, that he is to be feared above all gods : for all the gods of the nations are idols, but he 6 made the heavens. Psal. xcvi. And as God set up the people “ of Israel, as a visible demonstration to all the world of his

power and providence, so he committed his laws and oracles to " them ; from whence the rest of the world, when they pleased, “ might fetch the best rules of life, and the most certain notices “ of the Divine will. In such ways God instructed the world, in “ former ages, by the light of nature, and the examples of good

men, and the sermons of the prophets, and the public example of “ a whole nation, which God chose for that purpose."











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