Indian Ethics: Classical Traditions and Contemporary Challenges: Volume I, Volumul 1

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Purushottama Bilimoria, Joseph Prabhu, Renuka Sharma
Routledge, 2 mar. 2017 - 448 pagini
Indian ethics is one of the great traditions of moral thought in world philosophy whose insights have influenced thinkers in early Greece, Europe, Asia, and the New World. This is the first such systematic study of the spectrum of moral reflections from India, engaging a critical cross-cultural perspective and attending to modern secular sensibilities. The volume explores the scope and limits of Indian ethical thinking, reflecting on the interpretation and application of its teachings and practices in the comparative and contemporary contexts. The chapters chart orthodox and heterodox debates, from early classical Hindu texts to Buddhist, Jaina, Yoga, and Gandhian ethics. The range of issues includes: life-values and virtues, karma and dharma, evil and suffering, renunciation and enlightenment; and extends to questions of human rights and justice, ecology and animal ethics, nonviolence and democracy. Ramifications for rethinking ethics in a postmodern and global era are also explored. Indian Ethics offers an invaluable resource for students of philosophy, religion, human sciences and cultural studies, and to those interested in South Asian responses to moral dilemmas in the postcolonial era.

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Early Indian Ethics Vedas to the Gītā dharma
Toward an Indian Theory
Dharma and rationality
The Myth of the Ethics of Puruṣārtha or Humanitys lifeGoalsDaya
A Levinasian Approach to Vedic Ethics
SāṃkhyaYoga Ethics
Ethics of liberation in Patañjalis Yoga
Are there Human rights in Buddhism?
Buddhism and Democracy
Buddhist reductionism and the Structure of Buddhist Ethics
Animal Ethics and Ecology in Classical India reflections on
Reflections on Moral Ideals and Modernity
Action oriented Morality in Hinduism
Weber and Hindu Ethics
A Normative Analysis

Dāna as a Moral Category
Buddhist and Jaina Approaches to Ethical
Buddhist Ethical Theory
Gandhi Empire and a Culture of Peace
Ethical Skepticism in the Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
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Purushottama Bilimoria is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Studies at Deakin University, Visiting Professor SUNY, Stony Brook, and Columbia University New York, an Editor-in-Chief of Sophia, and Senior Fellow at University of Melbourne, Australia.

Joseph Prabhu is Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Los Angeles, USA, and current President-Elect of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy.

Renuka Sharma is formerly of the University of Melbourne, Australia and was a medical and psychoanalytic practitioner, feminist philosopher, and social activist in Australia and India.

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