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description. These are ornamented with A FRIEND has sent us the following. figures of castles, kings, trees, churches, Will any of our readers tell us the milk-maids, and a countless variety of secret ? figures of snow-white confectionary,

I am a name of 28 letters. painted with brilliant colors. At evening My 1st, 15th, 28th, 23d, 11th, 9th, and the windows are brilliantly illuminated

5th, is a town in the East Indies. with rows of lamps and wax candles inside ; while the outside is crowded with My 3d, 2d, 6th, 25th, 13th, 26th, 9th, and

9th, is what some persons hate to see. admiring spectators. Among these, are My 4th, 24th, and 13th is a vehicle much numbers of boys, who take great delight in pinning people together by their coat- My 22d, 5th, and 7th, is a domestic anitails, and nailing them to the window

mal. frames. Sometimes eight or ten persons My 14th, 17th, and 10th, is a kind of find themselves united together in this

grain. way; and such is the dexterity of the My 13th, 12th, 9th, and 11th, is a nicktrick, that a piece of the garment is always sacrificed in the struggle for free. My 16th, 18th, 8th, and 6th, is a great dom.

blessing Perhaps you have heard that old My 19th, 21st, and 7th, is much to be Peter Parley, when he was

once in

pitied. London, as he was gazing into a shop. My 14th, 27th, 20th, and 2d, is a beauwindow, seeing the twelfth-night cakes,

tiful flower. got his coat-tail pinned to the gown My 4th, 21st, 25th, 7th, 27th, and 6th, of a woman, which made no small de

is a great article of commerce.

C. B. F. Within doors there is also a frolic going on at this time. A large cake is cut up among a party of young people, who draw for the slices, and are chosen

Varieties. king and queen of the evening. They then draw for characters, thus making Frenchman were travelling in Pennsyl

ONCE on a time, a Dutchman and a a great deal of sport.

vania, when their horse lost a shoe.

They drove up to a blacksmith's shop, Puzzles.

and no one being in, they proceeded io My first and last are man's beginning; the house to inquire. The Frenchman My ninth, 'leventh, twelfth, a school-boy's task; rapped and called out, “ Is de smitty My fifth, tenth, sixth, a welcome winning,

wittin ?" “Shtand pack,” says Hans; If maids consent when lovers ask. My second, third and fourth, to do,

“ let me shpeak. Ish der plack-smit’s Is but the lot of human creatures;

shop in der house?
Seven, eight, nine, ten-if books are true-
Bore once a goddess' form and features ;
My first half-save a single letter-

Why are lovers' sighs like long stockDenotes a jolly, one-legged fellow;

ings? Because they are heigh ho's. My other half-perchance the betterDoth mean a thing with covers yellow.

Why is a child seated down to perSuch is my riddle--can you guess it ?

form a long sum, like a thermometer If so, pray write us, and confess it. And if you think you'd like to try it,

at zero? Give it up ?-Because it is Why, send a dollar—and you 'll buy it. down to cipher.

gree of fun.

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The following amusing anecdote is coast of Syria, at Suedieh. Having bartold of Buckhardt, a famous traveller gained with the muleteers for the transin Africa :

port of himself and his baggage to AlepBuckhardt sailed from England early po, he was beginning to load the mules, in 1809, and arrived at Malta in safety. when he received a message from the Here he equipped himself in the style of aga, or Turkish governor of the place, an Oriental, assuming the character of requesting to see him. Our traveller an Indian Mahommedan merchant, and found this dignitary smoking his pipe in sailed for Acre, whence he hoped to be a miserable room, and pulling off his able to reach Tripoli, in Syria, or Latakia. slipper, he sat down before him. After After being twice duped by the captains having partaken of a cup of coffee, Buckof the little trading vessels with whom hardt asked his highness what he wanthe engaged a passage, by their telling ed. The aga answered by making a him, when he was fairly embarked, that sign with his thumb and fore-finger, like they were not going to the place which a person counting money; at the same they had represented, he reached the time inquiring particularly what was



contained in the chest of which our trav- which presented itself to the retreating eller's baggage was composed. Buck- general, over he leaped, and down he hardt, who had among them several went to the very bottom of the well; packets for the British consul at Aleppo, and after him came several of his fol. told him that he did not know, but that lowers, till the well was in danger of he thought there was a sort of Frank being choked up with the silly sheep. or European drink (beer) and some There was but one way for the good eatables, which he had brought from pastor to save his flock; and, like a galMalta for the consul. Not to be thus lant chieftain, over the curb he also eluded, the aga sent one of his people to leaped, and boldly faced the flying insurexamine the contents. The messenger gents, who were rushing on to destructasted the beer and found it abominably tion. We need not add that the coupbitter, and as a sample of the eatables, de-main was effectual, and that the rehe carried a potato, which he took out mainder of the herd was in this manner of one of the barrels, to his master. preserved. As for the precipitated genThe aga tasted the raw potato, and, in- eral and his comrades, they humbly stantly spitting it out again, exclaimed lifted themselves upon their hind feet, loudly against the Franks' stomach, and stretching their paws toward their which could bear such food. After this master, bleated a faint petition for resample he did not care to investigate lease. “ Don't be in haste," quietly farther, and exacting a fine of ten pias- replied the good pastor; "wait patiently tres he allowed Buckhardt to proceed. till I go to the house for a rope—then I

will try to save you.” He was as good as his word. Descending the well, he

fastened the rope around their bodies, Dr. Cotton and the Sheep. and drew them safely out; and I dare

say the silly creatures did not soon forTHERE is an anecdote told of Mr. get the lesson they had learned at so Cotton, the old minister of Boylston, fearful a risk. which may perhaps amuse some of our young readers. This gentleman's house stood upon an eminence, with a garden sloping down in front, filled with fruit

The Robin. trees. At the foot of the garden was a fence, and, in a straight line with the A ROBIN came, in the severity of winfence, an old well-curb. Mr. Cotton ter, to the window of an honest farmer, kept a great number of sheep, as most and appeared as though he wished to of our farmers did in olden times ; and enter. Then the farmer opened the one day these uneasy creatures took it window and kindly took the confiding into their heads to get a taste of their little animal into his dwelling. He master's fruit

. But the minister had picked up the crumbs that fell from the another mind about the matter, and sal- table. The children loved and vallied out to give the marauders better in- ued the bird. But when spring again structions. The sheep were somewhat appeared and the trees were covered alarmed at being detected, and, accord- with leaves, the farmer opened his wining to their usual habit, all followed dow, and the little stranger flew into a their leader to escape. The well-curb neighboring grove, and built his nest being the lowest part of the barrier and sang

his cheerful song.



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And behold, when winter returned,

The Lion and the Ass. the robin came again to the dwelling of the farmer, and brought his mate with him. And the farmer, together with

An ass was one day travelling with a

lion, who wanted the assistance of his his children, rejoiced greatly, when they bray in frightening the animals he was saw the two little animals, as they

looked hunting. The ass felt very proud of his with their clear, small eyes, confidently round. And the children said, “The company, and did not like to speak to

his old acquaintances. birds regard us as though they had something to say."

As they were travelling along in this Then the father answered, “ If they

manner, the ass met an old friend, of his could speak they would say, Friendly

own race, who very civilly bade him a confidence awakens confidence, and with a stare, and said, “ really, you are

good morning. The ass started back love produces reciprocal affection.”

very impudent—I don't know you !"

"Why not?” replied his friend : "be. cause you are in company with a lion,

are you any better than I am-anyEcho: a Dialogue. thing more than an ass ?

Those narrow-minded people, who, The following dialogue between Echo in prosperity, forget the friends of their and a glutton was written in 1609:- humbler days, are about as wise as the

Glut. Who curbs his appetite's a ass in the fable. fool.

Echo. Ah, fool!
Glut. I do not like this abstinence.

National Characteristics.
Echo. Hence!
Glut. My joy's a feast, my wish is ENGLAND is said, by a French paper,

to be

a vast manufactory, a great Echo. Swine!

laboratory, a universal country-house. Glut. Will it hurt me if I eat too France is a rich farm, tending to turn much?

tself into a manufactory. Germany is Echo. Much!

an uncultivated field, because they are Glut. Thou mockest me, nymph, I'll philosophers and not peasants who till not believe it.

it. Southern Italy is a villa in ruins. Echo. Believe it!

Northern Italy is an artificial prairie. Glut. Dost thou condemn, then, what Belgium is a forge. Holland is a canal. I do?

Sweden and Denmark are carpenter's Echo. I do.

yards. Poland is a sandy heath. RusGlut. Is it that which brings infirmi- sia is an ice-house. Switzerland is an ties ?

avalanche. Greece is a field in a state of Echo. It is!

nature. Turkey is a field, fallow. InGlut. Then, sweetest temperance, I'll dia is a gold mine. Egypt is a worklove thee!

shop for apprentices. Africa is a fur- . Echo. I love thee!

nace. Algiers is a nursery-ground. Glut. If all be true which thou dost Asia is a grove. The Antilles are su. tell, to gluttony I bid farewell.

gar-refineries. South America is a store. Echo. Farewell.

North America is a till, full. Spain is a



till, empty.

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