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VALUABLE WORKS, Recently printed by J. & J. Harper, New-York.

Standard. Gibbon's Rome (fine).....4 v. 8vo. France, by Lady Morgan. 2 v. 12mo. Robertson's Works ......3 v. 8vo. Cook's Oracle..

12mo. History of Modern Europe, 3 v. 8vo. Domestic Duties

12mo. Life of Byron, by Moore.2v. 8vo. Mathematical Tables....... 12mo. Cooper's Surg. Dictionary, 2v. 8vo. Lives of Signers of D. I..... 12mo. Hooper's Med. Dictionary, 2 v. 8vo. Brooks's Poems............ 12mo. Wesley's Works..... .. 10 v. 8vo. Miller's Greece

12ino. "Wesley's Miscel. Works..3 v. Svo. Schoberl's Christianity ..... 12mo. Wesley's Sermons . ..3 v. 8vo. Smart's Horace......2 vols. 18mo. Davies' Sermons.........3 v. 8vo. The Northern Traveller .... 18mo. Good's Study of Medicine, 5 v. 8vo. Milman's Hist.of the Jews, 3v.18mo Watson's Institutes.

.8vo. Lockhart's Napoleon ...2 v. 18mo. Good's Book of Nature....... 8vo. Southey's Life of Nelson ... 18mo. Crabb's English Synonymes.. Svo. Life of Alexander the Great, 18mo. Brown's Bible Dictionary -... 8vo. History of Insects... . 18mo. Brown's Concordance ......32mo. Bush's Life of Mohammed . 18mo. Davies' Surveying


Lives of Painters, &c...3 v. 18mo. Gibson's Surveying....

Galt's Life of Byron........ 18mo. Letters from the Ægean...... 8vo. Scott on Demonology.

18mo. Dibdin's Reminiscences...... 8vo. Polar Seas and Regions .... 18mo. Van Halen's Narrative....... 8vo. ('roly's Life of George IV...]mo. Life of Dr. Clarke ...........8vo. Adventure in Africa........18mo. Neele's Life and Reinains .... 8vo. History of Chivalry........ 18mo. French Revolution, 1830....12mo. / Massinger's Plays ......... 18mo.

Fashionable. Pelham..

.2 v. 12mo. Romances of Real Life, 2 v. 12mo. The Disowned. .. 2 v. 12:10. Darnley...

...2 v. 12mo. Devereux...

.2 v. 12mo. Lawrie Todd ..........2 v. 12mo. Paul Clifford. .2 v. 12mo. Beatrice

2 v. 12mo. Falkland

.....12mo. Yesterday in Ireland.... 2 v. 12o. De L'Orme.

.2 v. 12mo. Tales of the West......2 v. 12mo. Waverley

. 2 v. 12mo. St. Valentine's Day, &c. 2 v. 12m0. Walter Čolyton .2 v. 12mo. Waldegrave

..2 v. 12mo. Cloudesley

.2 v. 12mo. Adventures of a Page ..2 v. 12ino. The Lost Heir

.2 v. 12mo. Rybrent De Cruce .....2 v. 12mo. Stories of a Bride ......2 v. 12mo. The School of Fashion, 2 v. 12mo. The English at Home ..2 v. 12mo. Stratton Hill ......2 v. 12ino. Coming Out, &c........2 v. 12mo. Almack's Revisited.....2 v. 12mo. Southennan. ....2 v. 12mo. Campaigns of a Cornet, 2 v. 12mo. Hajji Baba...

...2 v. Tales of Military Life ..2 v. 12mo. De Lisle... .2 v. 12mo. Foscarini

.2 v. 12ino. Traits of Travel .. ..2 v. 12mo. Stories of Waterloo.....2 v. 12mo. The New Forest 2 v. 12mo. The Country Curate....2 v. 12mo. Heiress of Bruges .....2 v. Maxwell

..2 v. 12mo. The Collegians. ...2 v. 12mo. The Oxonians

2 v. 12mo. The Rivals

.2 v. 12mo. The Denounced. .2 v. 12mo. Private Life .2 v. 12ino. Doom of Devorgoil

........ 12mo Romance of History.... 2 v. 12mo. A pician Morsels

..12mo. Hungarian Tales. ..2 v. 12mo. Sketches of Irish Character.. 12mo. Contrast

.2 v. 12mo. Leggett's Tales, &c.........1200, Separation

2 v. 12ino. | Posthumous Papers........12mo.


Hereafter, in addition to those works published in London, under the title of The Family Library,those also published under the titles of The National Library,and the Edinburgh Cabinet Library," will be incorporated in HARPER'S FAMILY LIBRARY; and to render the latter still more worthy of the liberal and increasing patronage it receives, the Publishers propose embracing in it, besides the preceding, such other works of peculiar interest and value as may appear in the various Libraries and Miscellanies now printing in Europe, which are not above specified. These productions, as they emanate from the press, will be submitted to a committee of literary gentlemen for inspection; and none will be reprinted, but such as shall be found calculated to sustain the exalted character which this Library has already acquired.

In addition to these acquisitions, several well-known writers have been engaged to prepare for it works of an American character, on interesting and popular subjects.

Every distinct subject will be comprehended in one volume, or at most in three volumes, which may form either a portion of the series, or a complete work by itself; and each volume will be embellished with appropriate engravings.

The entire series will be the production of authors of eminence, who have acquired celebrity by former literary labours, and whose names, as they appear in succession, will afford the surest guarantee to the public for the satisfactory manner in which the subjects will be treated.

Such is the plan by which it is intended to form an American Family Library, comprising all that is valuable in those branches of knowledge which most happily combine amusement with instruction. The utmost care will be taken, not only to exclude whatever can have an injurious influence on the mind, but to embrace every thing calculated to strengthen the best and most salutary impressions.

With these arrangements and facilities, the publishers flatter them. selves that they shall be enabled to present to their fellow-citizens a work of unparalleled merit, and embracing subjects adapted to all classes of readers. Meanwhile, the very moderate price at which it is charged renders more extensive patronage necessary for its support and prose . cution. The immediate encouragement, therefore, of those who approve of the plan and execution of the work is respectfully solicited. The preceding volumes may be obtained in complete sets, or in separate numbers, from the principal booksellers throughout the United States












C New-York:

Sold by Collins & Hannay, Collins & Co., G. & C. & H. Carvill,

and White, Gallaher, & White ;-PHILADELPHIA, John Grigg, Carey
& Lea, Towar & Hogan, E. L. Carey & A. Hart, T. Desilver, jr.,
and U. Hunt;-BALTIMORE, J. Jewett, Cushing & Sons, W. & J.
Neal, E. J. Coale, and G. M'Dowell & Son ;-Boston, Richardson,
Lord, & Holbrook, Hilliard, Gray, & Co., and Carter & Hendee ;-
ALBÁNY, O. Steele, and Little & Cummings.

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