Life and Times of His Late Majesty George the Fourth: With Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons of the Last 50 Years

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Harper, 1831 - 414 pagini
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Pagina 408 - Fourth, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain and Ireland, Defender of the Faith...
Pagina 362 - Culling their potent herbs and baleful drugs, Who, as they sung, would take the prisoned soul And lap it in Elysium, Scylla wept, And chid her barking waves into attention, And fell Charybdis murmured soft applause...
Pagina 347 - Though short thy span, God's unimpeach'd decrees, Which made that shorten'd span one long disease, Yet, merciful in chastening, gave thee scope For mild, redeeming virtues,, faith and hope; Meek resignation ; pious charity: And, since this world was not the world for thee, Far from thy path removed, with partial care, Strife, glory, gain, and pleasure's flowery snare, Bade earth's temptations pass thee harmless by, And fix'd on heaven thine unreverted eye ! Oh!
Pagina 159 - ... all the King's subjects he deplores the most), in full confidence that the affection and loyalty to the King, the experienced attachment to the house of Brunswick, and the generosity which has always distinguished this nation, will carry him through the many difficulties inseparable from this most critical situation, with comfort to himself, with honour to the King, and with advantage to the public. (Signed) ' GP' ' Carlton House, January 2, 1789.
Pagina 220 - The highest places in your Majesty's service are filled by the younger branches of the royal family ; to me alone no place is assigned ; I am not thought worthy to be even the junior major-general of your army.
Pagina 221 - I could submit in silence to such indignities, I should indeed deserve such treatment, and prove to the satisfaction of your enemies, and my own, that I am entirely incapable of those exertions, which my birth, and the circumstances of the times, peculiarly call for. Standing so near the throne, when I am debased, the cause of royalty is wounded.
Pagina 156 - ... obliges him to consider as injurious to both. In the state of deep distress in which the prince and the whole royal family were involved, by the heavy calamity which has fallen upon the king, and at a moment when government, deprived of its chief energy and support, seemed peculiarly to need the cordial and united aid of all descriptions of good subjects, it was not expected by the prince, that a plan should...
Pagina 410 - King ! Long live our noble King! God save the King! Send him victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us ! God save the King!
Pagina 144 - Queen, or any other person of his royal family, usually residing in Great Britain, to be the guardian of the person of such successor, and the regent of these kingdoms, until such successor should attain the age of eighteen years...
Pagina 282 - A new era is now arrived, and I cannot but reflect with satisfaction on the events which have distinguished the short period of my restricted Regency. Instead of suffering in the loss of any of her possessions, by the gigantic force which has been employed against them, Great Britain has added most important acquisitions to her Empire.

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