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Dundalk - *P. Callan, L.

Mallor-E. Sullivan, L. Dungannon-Hon. C. S. Knox, C.

MAYO-Lord Bingham, C. Dungarvan_*H. Matthews, C.

*G. H. Moore, L. Ennis-Captain Stacpoole, L.

MEATI-M. E. Corbally, L. Enniskillen-*Viscount Crichton, C.

E. F. M'Evoy, L. FERMANAGI -Hon. Colonel Cole, C. MONAGHAN-Colonel O'C. P. Leslie, C. Captain Archdall, C.

*S. E. Shirley, C. GalwaySir R. Blennherhasset, L. New Ross—*P. M.Mahon, L. *Lord St. Lawrence, L.

Newry-*W. Kirk, L.
GALWAY-W. H. Gregory, L.

Portarlington—*Capt. Damer, C.
Viscount Burke, L.

QUEEN's Co.-Right Hon. J. W. FitzKERRY_Lord Castlerosse, L.

patrick, L. H. A. Herbert, L.

*K. T. Digby, L. KILDARE–Right Hon. W. Cogan, L. RoscoMMON-C. 0. O'Connor, L. Lord O. Fitzgerald, L.

Right Hon. Col. French, L. Kilkenny-Sir J. Gray, L.

SLIGO—*D. M. O'Connor, L.
KILKENNY-G. L. Bryan, L.

Sir R. G. Booth, C.
L. Agar Ellis, L.

Sligo_*Major L. Knox, C.
King's COUNTY—Sir P. O'Brien, L. TIPPERARY.-C Moore, L.
*D, Sherlock, L.

Hon. Captain White, L. Kinsale-Sir G. Colthurst, L.

Tralee-D. O'Donoghue, L.
LEITRIM—Dr. J. Brady, L.

TYRONE - Lord C. Hamilton, C.
W. Ormsby Gore, C.

Right Hon. H. T. L. Corry, C. Limerick-Major Gavin, L.

Waterford-J. A. Blake, L."
F. W. Russell, L.

*J. Delahunty, L. LIMERICK - Right Hon. W. Monsell, L. WATERPORD–J. Esmonde, L. E. J. Synan, L.

E. De la Poer, L. Lisburn-E. W. Verner, C.

WESTMEATI—W. Pollard-Urquhart, L. Londonderry_*R. Dowse, L.

W. F. Greville-Nugent, L. LONDONDERRY-R. Peel Dawson, C. WexfordR. J. Devereux, L.

Sir F. W. Heygate, C. WEXFORD—*J. T. Power, L. LONGFORD-Col. S. Greville Nugent, L.

*M. P. Darcey, L. Major O'Reilly, L.

WICKLOW-W. Fitzwilliain Dick, C. LOUTH – Right Hon. C. Fortescue, L.

*H. W. Fitzwilliam, L. *M. O'Reilly Dease, L.

Youghal-C. Weguelin, L.


ENGLAND. BEDFORDSHIRE - Sir J. M. Burgoyne, Bart. BERKSHIRE-Alexander William Cobham, of Leigton Park, Reading, Esq. BUCK8-James Carson, of Spinfield, Great Marlow, Esq. CAMBRIDGESHIRE AND HUNTINGDONSHIRE-George Ebenezer Foster, of Brook

lands, Cambridge, Esq. CHESHIRE--John Coutts Antrobus, of Eaton Hall, Congleton, Esq. CORNWALL-Edward Coode, of St. Austell, Esq. CUMBERLAND-Sir Robert Briscoe, Bart. DERBYSHIRE—Francis Westby Bagshawe, of The Oaks, Sheffield, Esq. DEVONSHIRE—Sir A. P. B. Chichester, Bart. DORSETSHIRE-Charles Joseph Parke, of Henbury, Esq. DURHAM - Anthony Wilkinson, of Hulham, Esq. Essex – William Charles Smith, of Shortgrove, Saffron Walden, Esq. GLOUCESTERSHIRE—Hattil Foll, of Beckford Hall, Tewkesbury, Esq. HEREFORDSHIRE—Tomkyns Dew, of Whitney Court, Hereford, Esq. HERTFORDSHIRE - Robert Pryor, of High Elms, Watford, Esq. KENT-Stephen Musgrave Hilton, of Bramling House, Ickham, Esq LANCASHIRE-Le Gendre Nicholas Starkie, of Huntroyde, Esq. LEICESTERSHIRE-Ambrose Lisle March Phillips de Lisle, of Garendon Park,

Loughborough, Esq. LINCOLNSHIRE-John Wilson Fox, of Girsby House, Market Rasen, Esq. MONMOUTHSHIRE-Frank Johnstone Mitchell, of Llanfrechfa Grange, Newport


NORFOLK — The Right Hon. Thomas Heron, Viscount Ranelagh.
NORTHAMPTONSHIRE-Henry De Stafford O'Brien, of Blatherwycke, Esq.
NORTHUMBERLAND-Jolin Blenkinsopp Coulson, of Blenkinsopp Castle, Esq.
NOTTINGHAMSHIRE-John Bagshaw Taylor, of Radcliffe-upon-Trent, Esq.
OXFORDSHIRE-William Earle Biscoe, of Holton Park, Esq.
ROTLAND-Robert Heathcote, of North Luffenham, Esq.
SHROPSHIRE - Charles Spencer Lloyd, of Leaton Knolls, Esq.
SOMERSETSHIRE—Inigo William Jones, of Kelston Park, Esq.
STAFFORDSHIRE-James Timmins Chance, of Handsworth, Esq.
SUFFOLK—Sir Charles James Fox, Bunbury, Bart.
SURREY-Robert Carter, of The Grove, Epsom, Esq.
Sussex-Henry Peter Crofts, of the Abbots, Sompting, Esq.
WARWICKSHIRE -James Dugdale, of Wroxball Abbey, Esq.
WESTMORELAND - Thomas Taylour (commonly called Lord Kenlis), of Underley

Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale, Esq.
WILTSHIRE-Charles John Thomas Conolly, of Cottles House, Melksham, Esq.
WORCESTERSHIRE-Charles Michael Berington, of Little Malvern Court, Esq.
YORKSHIRE-Sir John William Ramsden, Bart.

ANGLESEY-Henry Lambert, of Tan-y-Graig, Esq.
BRECONSHIRE-John Evan Thomas, of Penishapentre, Esq.
CARDIGANSHIRE-Alban Thomas Davies, of Tyglyn Aeron, Esq.
CARMARTHENSHIRE—Charles William Nevill, of Westfa, Llanelly, Esq.
CARNARVONSHIRE—Robert Sorton Parry, of Tan-y-Graig, Esq.
DENBIGHSHIRE--Sir Robert Alfred Cunliffe, Bart.
FLINTSHIRE-Richard Pelham Warren, of Hope Owen, Esq.
GLAMORGANSHIRE-George Thomas Clark, of Talygarn, Esq.
MERIONETHSHIRE–Richard John Lloyd Price, of Rhiwlas, Esq.
MONTGOMERYSHIRE - William Fisher, of Maesfron, Esq.
PEMBROKESHIRE–George Richards Graham Rees, of Penllwyn, Esq.
RADNORSHIRE—Walter Thomas Mynors Baskerville, of Clyro, Esq.



Term Trin. 1868.
In Literis Humanioribus.

In Scientiis Math. et Phys.

Grose, Thomas H., Balliol.

Bromfield, Samuel W., Ch. Ch. Holli Henry de B., Corpus.

Lewis, William J., Jesus.
Mitchell, Andrew, Trinity.

Threlfall, Thomas, Brasenose.
Reid, Robert T., Balliol.
Spooner, Henry M., Balliol.

Brown, Archibald, Ch. Ch.

Leeds, Charles E., Exeter. Mayo, Charles H., Lincoln.

Scrymgour, Edward P., Oriel.
Nelson, George H., Queen's.

Tomlinson, Herbert, Ch. Ch.
Newman, William M., Balliol.
Rose, Daniel, Balliol.
Warden, William, Exeter.
Wilmot, Darwin, Magdalen.

Armishaw, William, Magd. Hall.

Cox, Hilgrove, Corpus.
Banks, Edward G., Worcester.

Rashleigh, Jonathan, Ch. Ch.
Boyle, Courtenay E., Ch. Ch.
Coles, Vincent S. s., Balliol.
Frere, William J., Magdalen.


Sixty-one others passed.

Examiners. F. Harrison. W. Esson. H. Deane.

In Jurisprudentia et Hist. Mod.

Charlton, Edward B., Ch. Ch.
Johnson, Arthur H., Exeter.
Phipson, Weatherley, Balliol.

Jelf, George D., Ch. Ch.
Montgomery, Hugo de F., Ch. Ch.
Stourton, Henry J., Ch. Ch.
Turner, Charles D., Trinity.
Valpy, Robert A., Exeter.

Baldwin, Edward T., Trinity.
Cripps, Henry L., New College.
Edwards, William G., Ch. Ch.
Grey, Edward C. W., Ch. Ch.
James, Walter H., Ch. Ch.
Jorie, William F., Trinity.
Neeld, Algernon W., Ch. Ch.
Palmer, Greville H., Magdalen.
Radcliffe, Edward, New Inn Hall,
Samson, Edward, Ch. Ch.
Silvester, John, Queen's.
Toovey, Henry, Worcester.
Verney, Frederick W., Ch. Ch.

Egerton, Charles A., Ch. Ch.
Harper, Edward J., Pembroke.
Kennedy, Arthur H., New Coll.

Hartshorne, Bertram F., Pemb.
Jones, David, Jesus.
Masterman, William, Wadham.
Mozley, Francis W., New College.
Spearman, Rudolph H., Oriel.

Bell, James, Queen's.
Daniell, Reginald P., Exeter.
Twyford, Thomas, Magdalen.

One hundred and forty-eight others


W. Ince.
C. S. Parker.
S. H. Reynolds.
W. W. Capes.

In Scientia Naturali.

Classis I. Lankester, Edwin R., Ch. Ch. Moseley, Henry N., Exeter. Smart, Edward R., Jesus.

CLASSIS II. Reeves, Thomas J., Exeter.

CLASSIS III. Meredith, Thomas, Exeter.

Classis IV.

Two others passed.

G. W. Child.
A. G. V. Harcourt.
R. B. Clifton.

Forty-one others passed.

J. H. Ramsey.
M. Burrow's.
T. E. Holland.

[blocks in formation]

CLASSIS II. Archibald, William F., St. John's. Lambert, Percival B., Queen's. Richardson, William M., Merton.

Bagnold, Alexander B., Balliol.
Bell, Alexander J. M., Ballioi.
Bond, John, St. John's.
Copleston, Reginald S., Merton.
Elliott, Albert A., Queen's.
Farwell, George, Balliol.
Hanbury, Robert W., Corpus.
Horner, Henry B , Magdalen.
Lloyd, John M. E., Trinity.
Love, Reginald T., Oriel.
Muir-Mackenzie, K. A., Balliol.
Nicholson, Edward H., Balliol.
Round, Francis R., Balliol.
Sharkey, Lewis le H., Corpus.
Taylor, Aubrey C. A., Balliol.
Trevor, Henry E., Ch. Ch.


Classis III. Bartholomew, Francis M., Trinity. Brewerton, George, University. Chitty, Edward, Queen's. Crofts, William C., Brasenose. Davis, Montague P., Queen's. Dunlop, Charles J. T., Merton. Edwards, Robert J., Lincoln. Godby, Charles V., New Coll. Hookham, Frederick, Lincoln. Hughes, Thomas E., Wadham. Hutchison, Robert, Exeter. Jackson, Clement N., Magdalen Hall. Leach, George P., St. John's. Mackey, Arthur J., Ch. Ch. Parsons, Fred. W., Magdalen. Peck, Philip, Wadham. Prichard, Charles C., Brasenose. Rawnsley, Willingham F., Corpus. Robertson, Thomas S., Balliol. Smith, Henry U., Brasenose. Stuart, William C., Merton. Toye, William J., University. Walker, George H. D., New Coll. Wilkinson, Josiah, Queen's. Willan, James N., Pembroke.


[blocks in formation]

CLASSIS I. Conroy, John, Ch. Ch.

CLASSIS II. Beecroft, George A. B., Ch. Ch. Bowyer, Robert W., Queen's. Donkin, William F., Magdalen. Jermyn, Edmund, Ch. Ch. Stephenson, Henry S. G., Queen's. Threlfall, Thomas, Brasenose.

CLASSIS III. Glanville, John U., Exeter.

Alleyne, Foster McG., Merton.
Beaven, Alfred, Pembroke.
Clark, Gerard C., University.
Cope, Herbert F., Balliol.
Gribbon, Walter G., St. John's.
Gwyther, Alfred, Ch. Ch.
Hoskins, James T., Oriel.
Jones, Oliver H., Exeter.
Mitchell, Andrew, Trinity.
Molineux, Arthur E., Ch. Ch.
Richardson, Henry, Corpus.
Richardson, Murray S., Ch. Ch.

Adderley, Charles L., Ch. Ch.
Ashmore, Fitzroy P., University.
Bell, James, Queen's.
Birley, Hugh A., Pembroke.
Bonham, Sir G. F., Bart., Exeter.
Braithwaite, Robert, Wadham.
Briggs, Thomas H., St. John's.
Cotes, Charles C., Ch. Ch.
Deane, Heury B., Balliol.
Lewis-Mansel, Charles W., Balliol.
Raikes, William A., Oriel.
Robinson, Francis W., Worcester.
Stanhope, Hon. Henry A., Ch. Ch.
Venables, Gilbert, Wadham.
Woodgate, Gordon, Pembroke.

CLASSIS IV. Edwards, John W., Worcester. Somervell, James, Magdalen Hall.


Examiners. G. W. Child. A. G. V. Harcourt. R. B. Clifton.

Thirty-seven others passed.

J. H. Ramsay
M. Burrows.
T. E. Holland.

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