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ANSON (Lieut.-Col. The Hon. A.), V.C., M.P.

The Abolition of Purchase and the Army Regulation Bill of 1871. Crown 8vo. Sewed, price is. Army Reserves and Militia Reforms. Crown 8vo. Sewed,

price is. Story of the Supersessions. Crown 8vo. Sewed, price 6d. ARCHER (Thomas).

About my Father's Business. Work amidst the Sick, the Sad, and the Sorrowing. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 55. ARGYLE (Duke of). Speeches on the Second Reading of the Church Patronage (Scotland) Bill in the House of Lords, June 2, 1874; and Earl of Camperdown's Amendment, June 9, Election 1874, placing the of Ministers in the hands of Ratepayers. Crown 8vo. Sewed, price is.

Army of the North German Confederation.

A Brief Description of its Organization, of the Different Branches of the Service and their role in War, of its Mode of Fighting, &c., &c. Translated from the Corrected Edition, by permission of the Author, by Colonel Edward Newdigate. Demy 8vo. Cloth, price 5s. Ashantee War (The).

A Popular Narrative. By the Special Correspondent of the "Daily News.' Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 65. ASHTON (J.).

Rough Notes of a Visit to Belgium, Sedan, and Paris, in September, 1870-71. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 3s. 6d.

Aunt Mary's Bran Pie.

By the author of "St. Olave's." Illustrated. Cloth, price 3s. 6d. Aurora.

A Volume of Verse. Fcap. 8vo. Cloth, price 5s.


A Scotch Wooing. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. Cloth.

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BANKS (Mrs. G. L.).

God's Providence House. New Edition. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 38. 6d. BARING (T. C.), M.A., M.P.

Pindar in English Rhyme. Being an Attempt to render the Epinikian Odes with the principal remaining Fragments of Pindar into Small English Rhymed Verse. Quarto. Cloth, price 75. BARLEE (Ellen).

Locked Out: a Tale of the Strike. With a Frontispiece. Royal 16mo. Cloth, price is. 6d. BAUR (Ferdinand), Dr. Ph., Professor in Maulbronn.

A Philological Introduction to Greek and Latin for Students. Translated and adapted from the German of. By C. KEGAN PAUL, M.A. Oxon., and the Rev. E. D. STONE, M.A., late Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, and Assistant Master at Eton. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 6s.

Henry S. King & Co.'s Publications.

BAYNES (Rev. Canon R. H.), M.A.

Home Songs for Quiet Hours. Third Edition. Fcap. 8vo. Cloth extra, price 3s. 6d.

This may also be had handsomely bound in Morocco with gilt edges.

BECKER (Bernard H.).

The Scientific Societies of London. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 5s.

BENNETT (Dr. W. C.).

Baby May. Home Poems and Ballads. With Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. Cloth elegant, price 65. Baby May and Home Poems. Fcap. 8vo. Sewed in Coloured Wrapper, price is.

Narrative Poems & Ballads. Fcap. 8vo. Sewed in Coloured Wrapper, price is.

Songs for Sailors. Dedicated by Special Request to H. R. H. the Duke of Edinburgh. With Steel Portrait and Illustrations. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 3s. 6d. An Edition in Illustrated Paper Covers, price is.

Songs of a Song Writer. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 6s.

BENNIE (Rev. J. N.), M.A.

The Eternal Life. Sermons preached during the last twelve years. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 6s.

BERNARD (Bayle).

Samuel Lover, the Life and
Unpublished Works of.
vols. With a Steel Portrait.
8vo. Cloth, price 215.

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The Five Senses of Man.
Edition. Crown 8vo.
price 5s.



Volume XXI. of The International Scientific Series.


Kitty. With a Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 3s. 6d. Mademoiselle Josephine's Fridays, and Other Stories. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 7s. 6d. BISCOE (A. C.).

The Earls of Middleton, Lords of Clermont and of Fettercairn, and the Middleton Family. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 10s. 6d. BISSET (A.)

History of the Struggle for Parliamentary Government in England. 2 vols. Demy 8vo. Cloth, price 245. BLANC (H.), M.D. Cholera: How to Avoid and Treat it. Popular and Practical Notes. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price

4s. 6d. BLASERNA (Prof. Pietro).

The Theory of Sound in its Relation to Music. With numerous Illustrations. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 5s.

Volume XXII. of The International Scientific Series.



BLUME (Major W.).

The Operations of the German Armies in France, from Sedan to the end of the war of 187071. With Map. From the Journals of the Head-quarters Staff. Translated by the late E. M. Jones, Maj. 20th Foot, Prof. of Mil. Hist., Sandhurst. Demy 8vo. Cloth, price 9s. BOGUSLAWSKI (Capt. A. von). Tactical Deductions from the War of 1870-71. Translated by Colonel Sir Lumley Graham, Bart., late 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment. Third Edition, Revised and Corrected. Demy 8vo. Cloth, price


The Tasmanian Lily. With Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 5s.

Mike Howe, the Bushranger of Van Diemen's Land. With Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 5s.

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