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VI.--Influence of Commerce on the Local Distribution of Nations. Precious

Metals. Cod Fishery. Fur-bearing Animals. Spices. Logwood. Slave
Trade. Tin. Amber.

VII.- Marriage and Paternal Authority. Age of Marriage. Unchastity.
Polygamy. Polyandry. Incest. Wife Stealing. Purchase of Brides.
Hetarism. Terms expressive of Relationship. Gyneocracy. Heirship of
Nephews. Kissing.

VIII.-Social Germs. Vendetta. Weregild. Ideas of Property. Dignity
of Chiefs. Slavery. Caste. Nobility.

Life of Buddha.


XI.-Buddhism. Vedântâ and Sânkhja.
Morality. Extension.

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XII.-Dualistic Religions. Good and Evil Powers.
and Ahriman. Resurrection of the Dead. Morality.

XIV.-Doctrines of Christianity. Doctrine of Preexistence in the Old
Testament. Benign Providence. The Lord's Prayer. Morality. Christianity
and Buddhism.

Monotheistic Purism. Moral

XV.-Islam. Mohammed. The Koran.
Laws. Doctrine of Election. Extension.

Terrors of Nature.

XVI.-- The Zone of the Founders of Religions.
Influence of Food. Influence of the Desert.


I.-Australians. II.—Papuans. III.—Mongols. IV.—Dravidas. V.--Hot-

tentots and Bushmen. VI.—Negroes. VII.-Mediterranean Nations.

Physical Characters. Language. Abode. Implements. Mental Endow-
ments, Customs. Causes of their Extinction.

1.— The Malay Race. Geographical Distribution of the Polynesians. Im-

plements, Customs, and Mental Endowments of the Polynesian Malays.

Asiatic Malays (Sundanese, Tagals, Bisaya, True Malays, Javanese, Batta,

Dyaks, Macassarenes, Bugis). Micronesians, Inhabitants of Madagascar

and Formosa. Physical Characters.

II. --Southern Asiatics with Monosyllabic Languages. Races in Thibet and the



Siamese. Laos. Annamites. Chinese. Chinese
Civilization. Confucius. Laotse.

III. Coreans and Japanese. Linguistic Characters.

IV.Mongoloid Nations in the North of the Old World. Ural-Altaic

Race. (a) Tungus Branch. (6) Mongolian Branch (Eastern Mongolian,
Kalmuck, Buriat, Hazara). (c) Turkish Branch (Uighur, Uzbek, Osmanli,
Yakut, Turcoman, Nogay, Basian, Kumuk, Karakalpak, Kirghiz). (d) Finnish
Branch, Ugrian Division (Ostiak, Voguls, Magyar). Bulgarian Division.
Permian Division. True Finnish Division (Suomi, Lapps). (e) Samoyed

VI.-The Tribes of Behring's Straits. Physical Characters. (a) Kamtskadals.

(6) Koriak and Tshuktshi. (c) Namollo and Eskimo. (d) Aleutian.

(e) Thlinkite and Vancouver Tribes.

VII.-Aborigines of America. Migration from Asia by way of Behring's
Straits. Mongoloid Racial Characters. Linguistic Relation to the Altaic

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Type. Mongolian Customs. Comparison of the New and the Old World.
(c) The Hunting Tribes in the Northern Continent (Kenay and Athabask,
Algonkin, Iroquois, Dahcota, South-eastern and South-western Group).
(6) South American Hunting Tribes (Tupi, Guaycuru, Gês, Cren, Ara-
wak, Carib). Comparison of Northern and Southern Hunting Tribes.
Moundbuilders. Copper Mines. De Sotos' Military Expedition. (c) The
Civilised Nations of North America (Sonora Languages. Cibola, Pueblo,
Nahualtec, Maya, Quiché.) The Civilized Nations of South America
(Chibcha, Quichua, Yunca, Araucanian, Patagonian). Indigenous Origin
of American Culture. Comparison of the Civilizations of the Northern and
Southern Continents.


Physical Characters. Dwarf Nations. Hottentot Language. Hottentot


Physical Characters. I. – Bantu Negroes. Suaheli, Betchuana, Kaffirs,
Inland Tribes, Bunda Nations, Congo Negroes.

II. --Soudan Negroes. (Ibo, Nuffi, Ewhe, Otshi). Ivory and Pepper Coast.
Mandingo. Joloffer. Sererer. Fulbe. Sourhay. Hausa. Kanuri. Téda
(Tibbu) not Negroes. Bagrimma. Maba. Nile Tribes. Fundi. Nobah.
Africa as a Residence. Civilization of the Bantu and Soudan Negroes.

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