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The Bible furnishes very ample materials for all needful moral instruction, reproof, and encouragement. But the compilation of a convenient Manual of proof texts from its pages has been unaccountably neglected. The loose manner in which Gaston, and others, have thrown together texts of Scripture for this purpose, has essentially defeated their aims.- The SCRIPTURE MANUAL owes its origin to a conviction of the need of a Text-Book, that should assume a more convenient order, bear more effectually against the modern forms of error and vice, and more fully and fearlessly declare "all the counsel of God." The Editor is greatly obliged to the friends of this enterprise, who have aided in the preparation or circulation of the several editions and revisions of the work. The present revision has been stereotyped sooner than was otherwise necessary, in order to embrace the improvements and additions made during the last five years. It has over one hundred additional topics, a much more full and perfect index, a triple or quadruple number of references to kindred subjects, together with no little improvement in the relevancy of its proof texts, and order of the work. Happy would it have been for the purchasers, had all these additions and improvements been secured at an earlier period. But this was impracticable. To atone in some measure for this evil, I will instruct my publishers and agents to exchange copies of the present improved and somewhat enlarged revision, for copies of former editions, on very favorable terms, with those who desire it.

The copy for this work was cut from the pages of Bibles, lately issued from the American Bible Society, and the Manual may be depended upon as accurate Scripture. The italic words are also preserved. The number of the rerses is given, that the reader may discover any omissions made, of passages not


in point, in any particular extract. Explanatory words are in brackets.

In selecting topics, care has been taken to embrace those which have a prominence in the Bible, and which in all ages have been considered of primary importance in theological and moral inquiry. Such manifestly are those which relate to the perfections, prerogatives, designs, providence, and law of God -the character, rights, and destiny of man - the economy of grace, or way and terms of salvation through Christ essential duties towards God and each other, and civil and religious institutions.

Christian nations are far more indebted to the Bible for their elevation above heathenism, than is commonly believed. The revealed facts respecting God and his designs and government the precepts of his law, clothed with infinite authority — the promises of his grace, and the threatenings of his justice, are the best safeguards against disgraceful and ruinous vices.

It is believed that a convenient and faithful compilation of proofs from the Bible, upon its weighty and practical subjects, may prove one of the most effective auxiliaries to the cause of Christian enterprise. The impressions made upon the public mind in favor of pure and undefiled religion, by a copious and systematic array of proof texts, in a convenient and popular form, must prove a most powerful incentive to virtue, and restraint upon destructive errors, sins and vices.

I now commit the success of this work to the overruling providence of that Being who has mercifully sustained and helped me during its preparation. If it shall tend to confirm the public mind in revealed truth, and become a guard against those errors and vices which lead to death, as is confidently hoped, the labor of preparing it will not have been in vain.

CHARLES SIMMONS. North Wrentham, Mass., April, 1850.

NOTICE. Travelling and Sabbath School agents, and especially those who may desire this book by the quantity for gratuitous distribution, will do well to communicate with me by mail.

C. S. In this first edition of the present revision I have used the old plates for the notices of the work.



N. B. The figures in this Index, and those in brackets at the end of many of the
sections in this work, both refer to the number of the sections, or topics, which, to
avoid confusion, is placed on the top of the pages, and correspond with those that occur
upon the pages. The usual paging is placed at the bottom, and will not be used.
dash between figures, signifies inclusive : for example, 4968, includes the numbers
496, 497, and 498. An occasional figure in a parenthesis, refers to some specification
under the foregoing numbers, which rarely occurs : for example, 17,(2,) refers to
the second specification under the seventeenth topic, or section. The reader will be
more sure to find the subject desired, by looking for the principal word first — by look-
ing for the noun before the verb, and both noun and verb before the adjective : for
example, for Divine Teaching, look for Teaching, Divine; and for Perfections of God,
look for God's Perfections.

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Ability of God to sanctify, 588. Apostasy, original, 13, 157.
" of man to do right, 421.

general, to come, 86. .
Abrahamic church, 116.

APOSTATES warned, 19.
covenant, 117–121.

“ hard to reclaim, 20.
Acceptance with God, 583-4.

were they regenerated ? 21.
ACTIVITY required, 1.

Apostles, 97-100.
“ in conversión, 600.

Adam's fall, 157.

Atonement, 576–9.
" effects of, 158.

Backbiting forbidden, 729.
Adoption of believers, 584.

Adultery forbidden, 402-5. “ Prone to murmur, 24.
AFFLICTIONS, common, 2.

“ insensible of their state, 25.
“ from God, 3.

“ walk in darkness, 26.
“ benefits of, 4.

" threats against, 27.
" of the righteous, short, 5.

“ called to repentance, 28.
“ divine support under, 6.

“ need re-conversion, 29.
“ demand sympathy, 7.

5 when turned, heartily confess, 30.
try mankind, 8.

BAPTISM, Mosaic, 31.
6 often misimproved, 9.

figurative, 32.

of John, 33, 34.
Agency of God, 264–7.

s of Christ, by John, 35.
“ of the Spirit, 347, 591-6.

instituted by Christ, 36.
“ moral, 271, 329, 373, 600.

proper administrators of, 37.
Almsgiving required, 406–7, 526. proper subjects of, 38.
Amusement, see Mirth, 479. “ mode of, 39
ANGELS, numerous, 11.

Beauty of God, 229.
“how employed, 12.

" of Zion, 672.
ANGELS, APOSTATE, 13. Beneficence required, 406.
expressive names of, 14.

Benevolence of God, 224.
* character and employment of, 15.“ of Christ, 56-60.
"devices of, 16.

of saints, 661.
suggestions of, 17.

“ enjoined upon all, 406.
to be resisted, 18.

“ disinterested, 413.
Anger, sin and folly of, 735.

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BIBLE inspired, 40.

" deadness to the world, 59.
“ the everlasting truth, 41.

Christ's love to man, 60.
“ will all be fulfilled, 42.

"condescension, 61.
proved by miracles, 43.

meckness, etc,

proved by prophecy, 44.

diligence, 63.
its internal evidence, 45.

prayerfulness, 64.
our standard of faith, 46.

preaching, 65.
ti the true means of grace, 47

reproving, 66.
to be studied and taught, 48. temporary reputation, 67.
a written revelation, 49.

sufferings and death, 68.
not to be perverted, 50.

si all of it profitable, 51.

dependence, 70.
Bishops, to instruct, etc., 101, 447. " son-ship, 71.
Blasphemy forbidden, 718—720. subjection to God, 72.
Blessedness of God, 215, 223, “preëminence, 73.
“ of heaven, 339, 340, 672.

Blindness of sinners, 707.

“ equality with God, 75.
Boasting exemplified, 703.

“ divine attributes, 76.
“ of saints excluded, 668.

• divine works, 77, 78.
Boldness exemplified, 460.

“ divine honors, 79, 80.
Brotherly love required, 111. mystery asserted, 81.
Call to preach, 449.

“ final triumph, 82.
Calling, effectual, 597.

CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS:/“nature of, 84.
against apostasy, 19.

“ generally opposed, 85, 86.
backsliding, 23.

“ will overthrow its enemies, 87.
covetousness, 137. .

" and excite joy, 88.
bad company, 179.

warns the wicked, 89.
error and errorists, 177. “ its certain triumph, 90.
intemperance, 366. “ its duration, 91.
lewdness, 405.

CHURCH, design of, 92.
perverting Scripture, 50. “ foundation of, 93.
false teachers, 477. 6 is greatly beloved, 94.
the devices of Satan, 18. " is safe, 95.
soul-murder, 555.

6 its Head, 96.
suretyship, 717.

tempters and temptation, “ apostles, 97—100.

pastors, teachers, etc., 101.
trusting in man, 170. “ deacons, 102.
self-deception, 704. elders, plurality of, 103.
unrighteousness, 733. CHURCH ORDINANCES:

worldly idols, 741–2. baptism and the Lord's Supper,
See also Threats, in this Index.

Censoriousness forbidden, 729. preparation for, 105.
Charity, see Love, 412-414. “ privilege of, 106.

also Liberality, 406—408. " should be observed, 107.
Chastisement of saints, 2–4. CHURCH ORDER, ETC.:
of children, 494.

an early Convention, 108.
Chastity required, 404–5.

“ discipline, 109.

"rules for edification, 110.
CHILDREN, duties of, 53. “ love and fellowship, 111.
“ correction of, 54.

is disfellowship, 112.
“ sometimes pious, 55.


not to be rudely broken, 114.
“ obedience to God, 57.

“ its proper limits, 115.
“ self-denial, 58.

root and branches, 116.

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