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Pagina 5 - All children heretofore born or hereafter born out of the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, whose fathers were or may be at the time of their birth, citizens thereof, are declared to be citizens of the United States ; but the rights of citizenship shall not descend to children whose fathers never resided in the United States.
Pagina 5 - ... support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and bear true faith and allegiance to the same.
Pagina 5 - ... that he will support the Constitution of the United States, and that he absolutely and entirely renounces and abjures all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, and particularly, by name, to the prince, potentate, state or sovereignty of which he was before, a citizen or subject," which proceedings must be recorded by the clerk of the court.
Pagina 9 - That any American citizen shall be deemed to have expatriated himself when he has been naturalized in any foreign State in conformity with its laws, or when he has taken an oath of allegiance to any foreign State.
Pagina 11 - Germany undertakes to recognise any new nationality which has been or may be acquired by her nationals under the laws of the Allied and Associated Powers and in accordance with the decisions of the competent authorities of these Powers pursuant to...
Pagina 9 - If any alien who shall have secured a certificate of citizenship under the provisions of this act shall, within five years after the issuance of such certificate, return to the country of his nativity, or go to any other foreign country, and take permanent residence therein, it shall be considerd prima facie evidence of a lack of intention on the part of such alien to become a permanent citizen of the United States...
Pagina 5 - all persons born in the United States are citizens of the United States...
Pagina 5 - The child born of alien parents in the United States is held to be a citizen thereof and to be subject to duties with regard to this country which do not attach to the father. " The same principle on which such children are held by us to be citizens of the United States, and to be subject to duties to this country, applies to the children of American fathers born without the jurisdiction of...
Pagina 10 - Justice with the names of those within their respective jurisdictions who have such certificates of citizenship, and who have taken permanent residence in the country of their nativity, or in any other foreign country; and such statements, duly certified, shall be admissible in evidence in all courts in proceedings to cancel certificates of citizenship.
Pagina 1 - A person born in the territory of one party of parents who are nationals of the other party, and having the nationality of both parties under their laws, shall not, if he has his habitual residence, that is, the place of his general abode, in the territory of the state of his birth, be held liable for military service or any other act of allegiance during a temporary stay in the territory of the other party.

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