Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life, Volumul 1,Cartea 2

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William Blackwood, 1871
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Pagina 172 - Are you beginning to dislike slang, then?" said Rosamond, with mild gravity. "Only the wrong sort. All choice of words is slang. It marks a class." "There is correct English: that is not slang." "I beg your pardon: correct English is the slang of prigs who write history and essays. And the strongest slang of all is the slang of poets.
Pagina 1 - Her hand and wrist were so finely formed that she could wear sleeves not less bare of style than those in which the Blessed Virgin appeared to Italian painters...
Pagina 98 - But her feeling towards the vulgar rich was a sort of religious hatred; they had probably made all their money out of high retail prices, and Mrs. Cadwallader detested high prices for everything that was not paid in kind at the Rectory: such people were no part of God's design in making the world; and their accent was an affliction to the ears. A town where such monsters abounded was hardly more than a sort of low comedy, which could not be taken account of in a well-bred scheme of the universe....
Pagina 341 - What do you think of that for a fine bit of antithesis ? " said the German, searching in his friend's face for responding admiration, but going on volubly without waiting for any other answer. "There lies antique beauty, not corpse-like even in death, but arrested in the complete contentment of its sensuous perfection : and here stands beauty in its breathing life, with the consciousness of Christian centuries in its bosom.
Pagina 383 - We are all of us born in moral stupidity, taking the world as an udder to feed our supreme selves...
Pagina 27 - A man's mind — what there is of it — has always the advantage of being masculine, — as the smallest birch-tree is of a higher kind than the most soaring palm, — and even his ignorance is of a sounder quality. Sir James might not have originated this estimate ; but a kind Providence furnishes the limpest personality with a little gum or starch in the form of tradition.
Pagina 181 - ... making a red background for the burdock ; the huddled roofs and ricks of the homestead without a traceable way of approach ; the grey gate and fences against the depths of the bordering wood ; and the stray hovel, its old, old thatch full of mossy hills and valleys with wondrous modulations of light and shadow such as we travel far to see in later life, and see larger, but not more beautiful. These are the things that make the gamut of joy in landscape to midland-bred souls — the things they...
Pagina 40 - ... struggling in the bands of a narrow teaching, hemmed in by a social life which seemed nothing but a labyrinth of petty courses, a walledin maze of small paths that led no whither, the outcome was sure to strike others as at once exaggeration and inconsistency.

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