The Shipwreck: A Poem

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A. and C. Black, 1858 - 142 pagini

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Pagina 136 - The lurking demons of destruction dwell, At length asunder torn, her frame divides, And crashing spreads in ruin o'er the tides.
Pagina xxxi - To the antiquary and artist, sixteen columns are an inexhaustible source of observation and design; to the philosopher, the supposed scene of some of Plato's conversations will not be unwelcome; and the traveller will be struck with the beauty of the prospect over " Isles that crown the JEgean deep:" but, for an Englishman, Colonna has yet an additional interest, as the actual spot of Falconer's shipwreck.
Pagina xxxii - With cordage fasten'd to the lofty prow, Aloof to sea the stately ship they tow; The nervous crew their sweeping oars extend, And pealing shouts the shore of Candia rend: Success attends their skill! the danger's o'er: The port is doubled, and beheld no more. Now morn...
Pagina 126 - Again to flank the tempest she might reel. The steersmen every bidden turn apply ; To right and left the spokes alternate fly. Thus when some conquer'd host retreats in fear, The bravest leaders guard the broken rear ; Indignant they retire, and long oppose Superior armies that around them close ; Still shield the flanks ; the routed squadrons join ; And guide the flight in one embodied line : So they direct the flying bark before Th' impelling floods that lash her to the shore.
Pagina 12 - Or listen to the enchanting voice of love, While all Elysium warbled through the grove ; Oh ! by the hollow blast that moans around, That sweeps the wild harp with a plaintive sound ; By the long surge that foams through yonder cave, Whose vaults remurmur to the roaring wave...
Pagina xxxii - And waving streamers floated in the sky, Thus the rich vessel moves in trim array, Like some fair virgin on her bridal day. Thus, like a swan she cleaves the watery plain; The pride and wonder of the iEgean mam.
Pagina 140 - It is their funeral knell ! and gliding near Methinks the phantoms of the dead appear ! But lo ! emerging from the watery grave Again they float incumbent on the wave, Again the dismal prospect opens round, — The wreck, the shore, the dying and the drowned ! And see ! enfeebled by repeated shocks, Those two, who scramble on the adjacent rocks, Their faithless hold no longer can retain, They sink o'erwhelmed!
Pagina 36 - Thames, slow winding, rolls his ample tide. There live the hope and pleasure of his life, A pious daughter, and a faithful wife. For his return with fond officious care Still every grateful object these prepare; Whatever can allure the smell or sight, Or wake the drooping spirits to delight " This blooming maid in Virtue's path to guide...
Pagina 28 - Condemn'd reluctant to the faithless sea, With long farewell he left the laurel grove. Where science and the tuneful sisters rove. Hither he wander'd, anxious to explore, Antiquities of nations now no more; To penetrate each distant realm unknown, And range excursive o'er th
Pagina 47 - The sun's bright orb, declining all serene, Now glanced obliquely o'er the woodland scene. Creation smiles around ; on every spray The warbling birds exalt their evening lay : Blithe skipping o'er yon hill, the fleecy train Join the deep chorus of the lowing plain : The golden lime and orange there were seen On fragrant branches of perpetual green ; The crystal streams, that velvet meadows lave, To the green ocean roll with chiding wave. The glassy ocean hush'd, forgets to roar, 15nt trembling murmurs...

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