Advances in Energy Science and Equipment Engineering II Volume 1: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Energy Equipment Science and Engineering (ICEESE 2016), November 12-14, 2016, Guangzhou, China

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Shiquan Zhou, Aragona Patty, Shiming Chen
CRC Press, 19 sept. 2017 - 900 pagini

The 2016 2nd International Conference on Energy Equipment Science and Engineering (ICEESE 2016) will be held on November 12-14, 2016 in Guangzhou, China. ICEESE 2016 is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of energy equipment science and engineering to a common forum. The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and developmental activities in energy equipment science and engineering and another goal is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working all around the world. The conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in energy equipment science and engineering and related areas.


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Prof.Shiquan Zhou was born in Inner Mongolia in October 1965. He has long been engaged in the research of oil and gas exploit and sustainable development. He has published more than 50 papers in various domestic and foreign academic journals, 19 of which are published by core academic journals, 3 of which are indexed by EI. As the project leader, he has undertaken 2 Provincial Social Science Projects, 6 Provincial Educational Department Projects and several other projects. He has also won several related research awards.

Prof. Aragona Patty became Director of the Research Laboratory in Subterranean and surface Hydraulics at the Portland Community College in 1981. She currently leads a research team of the laboratory in the field of waterworks and wastewater treatment and drinking water. Her early research in the fields of hydraulics concerned the energy dissipation in the stilling basins. During her research, she was the scientific director of several PhD thesis in the field of hydraulics.

Prof. Shiming Chen is mainly engaged in the fields of steel and concrete composite structure, steel fiber concrete structure, the structure of the seismic appraisal and strengthening of engineering structure. He hosted and participated the research project of the National Natural Science Foundation, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, natural science foundation, foundation of the State Education Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee of Youth Science Fund. He compiled the work "Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structure" and more than 100 papers at home and abroad, which nearly 40 papers included in SCI.

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