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interests, and to Thy glory and teach all orders of men to serve their generation according to Thy will. And grant that all the changes in the kingdoms of the world may issue in Thy glory, and in the furtherance of Thy gospel,

These, and all other things needful for us, we ask in the name of JESUS CHRIST Our Lord.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY AND EVERLASTING GOD, who art the giver of all the good things which we enjoy, we, Thy creatures, who are here assembled together in Thy name, desire to offer our unfeigned thanks for all Thy temporal as well as spiritual mercies. We bless Thee for our creation, preservation, and all the blessings of this life; but, above all, for Thine inestimable love in the redemption of the world by our LORD JESUS CHRIST. We thank Thee, that the knowledge of this salvation hath extended to us; and that we have been instructed in the will of God, and in the blessed doctrines of Thy Gospel. We praise Thee for that good providence which hath directed our steps in life. We thank Thee, if Thou hast in any measure enlightened our minds to understand the truths which we have heard; and to

know the things which make for our everlasting peace. O LORD, grant, we now most humbly beseech Thee, that we may not walk in darkness; but, as He that hath called us is Holy, may we also be Holy in all manner of conversation. Give us grace to overcome our sinful appetites and passions; and to be sober and temperate in all things. Assist us, also, by Thy Holy Spirit, to subdue the corrupt affections of the mind; all anger, and malice, and envy, and pride, and covetousness; and make us patient and contented, kind and charitable, humble and spiritually-minded. We pray Thee also, to make us diligent, and useful, in that world in which Thou hast placed us. May we not misspend our time, nor neglect any opportunity of doing good; but may we be willing daily to deny ourselves, that we may the more abundantly minister to the various wants of others.

We pray Thee, O LORD, to give unto each of us grace to know the several duties to which we are called; and to be both faithful and zealous in the performance of them.

May those who bear rule in this house remember, that they are only the stewards of the good things which Thou entrustest to them; and that they must give account hereafter to their Master who is in heaven.

Give to the children of this family grace to be obedient in all things; and to learn to walk in the fear of the Lord, and to exercise brotherly kindness towards each other.

May the servants of this house remember, that Thine eye is upon them; and that the Gospel, which they have

seen taught, requires them not only to approve them#elves to their master after the flesh, but also to please GOD who trieth the heart.

May we all live together in Christian peace, harmony, and love; endeavouring to administer to each other's comfort, to bear each other's burdens, and to promote each other's temporal as well as spiritual good. Teach is, alsɔ, to abound in charity towards all those with vhom we may this day have any intercourse.

Pardon, we beseech Thee, for CHRIST's sake, the multitude of our past negligences and sins; and help as to awake unto righteousness, and to be diligent in wvery good work and, when we shall lie down at night, may we have the testimony of our consciences, that we have been serving Thee according to our best opportunities and abilities, with humility and integrity of heart.

We pray for Thy blessing on our President and country; on our friends and relations; and on all who are afflicted in mind, body, or estate. Have pity on those who are walking after the way of their own hearts; and bring them home, LORD, to Thy flock.

Pardon the coldness and imperfection of these our prayers; and accept them for Thy Son our LORD JESUS CHRIST's sake.

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Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.



O THOU Great and Eternal Being, God of all power and might, giver of every good and perfect gift, and author of all our mercies,-We kneel down, imploring Thee to bestow Thy protection and blessing on this family. Through the bountiful goodness of our Heavenly Father, we have been favoured with innumerable mercies; and we would humbly thank Thee for them: but we beseech Thee to add to all our other blessings the forgiveness of our sins through faith in that Saviour whom Thou hast revealed to us in the gospel. We pray Thee, therefore, to impress deeply on our minds, through the power of Thy Holy Spirit, the great doctrines of Thy word; to give us a clear perception of the evil of sin, a deep conviction of our own guilt, a solemn belief in heaven and hell, and a true sense of our obligations to the Lord who bought us. Suffer not that we, who have been baptized into the Christian name, and taught the truths of the gospel, should live in the same manner as unbelievers; but enable us, by applying those heart-affecting doctrines, which we have learnt, to our daily use in life, to become distinguished as the disciples of JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. May we indeed cleave to the Lord, with full purpose of heart, being pure in our most secret thoughts and imaginations; suppressing those high and self-exalting thoughts which are so apt to rise up within us; and constantly bearing in mind how much we sin in all we do, and how entirely we owe every thing which we either have, or

hope for, to Thy bountiful goodness, and to Thy mercies in CHRIST JESUS.

And being supported by Thy grace, and grounded in the faith of Christ crucified for us, we pray that we may be enabled to practise every good work. May we be just and true in all our dealings; doing unto others as we would that they should do unto us. May we be humble, thankful, and contented; and may we do honour to Thy gospel by the manifestation of every Christian temper.

Give us grace to maintain a constant controversy with all evil :-may we ourselves avoid every approach to it; and may we endeavour, according to our opportunities and ability, to persuade all those, over whom we have any influence, to keep at the greatest distance from temptation. O LORD, enable us thus to show that we are Christians not only in general profession, but in all sincerity and seriousness. May we be strict and self-denying; yet kind and liberal to others, candid and charitable, pitiful and courteous. Teach us to under stand Thine abounding grace in the gospel, that we may ourselves abound in every work of charity. Enable us to find favour in the sight of those around us; and especially of those who are dearest to us; that so we may improve our influence, for their benefit in this life, and for the furtherance of their everlasting salvation.

Bless us, O LORD, in these Christian purposes, for trom Thee alone cometh the strength to serve Thee; and to Thee would we continually look up. Hear us, we beseech Thee, in these our supplications; and grant unto us the help of Thy Holy Spirit, that we may live

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