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may we have our conversation in heaven; moderating our affections towards the things of this world, and living here below a life of faith in the Son of GOD.

And now, O LORD, whatsoever may be that employment which Thy providence allotteth to us, may we fulfil it as in Thy fear, and with a view to Thy glory. And wheresoever we are this day, be Thou present with us to bless us. May Thy Spirit enlighten, strengthen, and direct us. May we fall into no sin; nor run into any kind of danger. We pray, especially, for grace to conquer those sins which do most easily beset us. Thou knowest, O LORD, our several infirmities. O give us grace to be careful and circumspect. Let us avoid every approach to our former temptations: and let us renew our repentance, with unfeigned sorrow, and contrition of heart.

Hear us, we now beseech Thee, in these our imperfect supplications. Forgive us all our past transgressions; and grant us grace for the time to come. All which we ask for the sake of JESUS CHRIST our Lord.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY GOD, by whose will we were created, and by whose providence we have been sustained, by whose mercy we have been called to the knowledge of our Redeemer, and by whose grace whatever we have thought or done, which hath been acceptable to Thee, hath been inspired and directed,-vouchsafe unto us, this day, Thy blessing. Strengthen us for the performance of the duties now before us. And, since Thou hast ordained labour to be the lot of man, and knowest the wants and necessities of all Thy creatures, bless, from time to time, our several endeavours and employments. Give us, this day, our daily bread. Feed us with food convenient for us. If it be Thy pleasure to cause us to abound with the good things of this life, give us a compassionate spirit, that we may be ready to relieve the wants of others: but let neither riches, nor poverty, estrange our hearts from Thee: nor cause us to become negligent of those treasures in heaven which can never be taken from us. And, into whatever circumstances of life we may be brought, teach us to be cheerful and content. In our affliction, let us remember how often we have been succoured; and, in our prosperity, may we acknowledge from whose hand our blessings are received.

And do Thou dispose us all, most merciful God, so to remember our sins, that we may be brought to true repentance, and unfeigned sorrow, and contrition of soul. Strengthen our faith in JESUS CHRIST Our Lord;

and grant, that through the gracious help of Thy Holy Spirit, we may obtain that peace which the world can not give; and may be enabled to pass the residue of our lives, in humble resignation and willing obedience. We acknowledge, O GOD, that every day is Thy gift, and ought to be used according to Thy command. O Thou, in whose hands are life and death, and by whose mercy we are spared, help us so to improve the time, that we may every day become more holy in Thy sight; and, when it shall please Thee to call us from this mortal state, may we resign our souls into Thy hands, with confidence and hope; and may we finally find mercy, and obtain a joyful resurrection to eternal life, through JESUS CHRIST our Lord.

We commend to Thy fatherly goodness all our relations and friends, especially those who are the most closely united to us. We beseech Thee to look mercifully upon them; and to grant them whatever may most promote their present and eternal joy.

Bless the President of these United States, and all in authority. Extend Thy goodness to our whole native land. Pity the sorrows, and relieve the necessities, of all mankind. And let Thy kingdom come; and Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

O LORD, hear our prayers, for JESUS CHRIST's sake, to whom, with Thee and the Holy Ghost, be all honour and glory, world without end. Amen.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


Most gracious and merciful God, who hast protected us through the night, hast refreshed us with sleep, and hast brought us together this morning in peace,-We desire to present unto Thee our unfeigned thanks and praise for all Thy various and great mercies. We confess that we are unworthy to come into Thy presence, before whom the angels veil their faces, and in whose sight the heavens are not clean; for our lives have been unholy, and our sins many and great. If, therefore, Thou shouldst mark iniquity, O LORD, who shall stand? But we rejoice that there is with Thee forgiveness and plenteous redemption, through JESUS CHRIST Thy Son. Pleading, therefore, His sacrifice, and trusting in His intercession, we approach the throne of Thy grace, and say, "GOD be merciful to us sinners, for JESUS CHRIST'S sake." O LORD, grant unto us true repentance, and a lively faith. Convince us of our guilt. Discover to us every thing, (either in our hearts or lives,) which hath been displeasing to Thee.

We pray, that, through faith in the blood of Thy Son, we may obtain peace in our consciences; and that, through that blessed hope which is set before us, we may be raised above the various troubles, disappointments, and temptations, of this present evil world

We pray, also, that through the knowledge of Thy truth, and the help of Thy Spirit, we may be disposed to fulfil every precept of Thy word. May we do unto all men as we would that they should

do unto us; and

may we forgive one another, even as we hope to be forgiven. May we be clothed with humility; and, denying all ungodliness and worldly lusts, may we live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world. May we be content with such things as we have; fulfilling, each of us, our proper duties; and watching against anger, malice, hatred, envy, and all other evil tempers, which are ready to rise up within us. And thus doing Thy will, and walking in Thy ways, and improving every talent committed to us, may we wait for the second coming of our Lord.

We, also, most humbly beseech Thee, O Father of mercies, to look down with an eye of favour on all our friends and relations.

Bring home to Thy flock all those who are wandering in the ways of sin. Strengthen and confirm those who love Thy name, that they may rejoice in Thy sal


Be gracious unto all whom Thou hast disposed to be kind to us sanctify them to Thyself; and shower down Thy best blessings upon them.

Pity those who are afflicted, tempted, persecuted, enslaved, or oppressed; and in Thy good time give them deliverance.

Give success to the labours of the ministers of Thy gospel. Bless and purify Thy Church. Have compassion on our native land; and, though many sins testify against us, take not away the means of grace so long afforded us.

Bless the President of these United States, and all in authority direct the public measures to our best

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