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us. Let us not put on the mere appearance of goodness; nor endeavour in any respect to deceive those around us. but let us remember, that Thine eye is upon us; and let us have the testimony of our consciences, that in simplicity and godly sincerity, we have our conversation in the world. Let truth be ever on our lips. Let us be examples of all integrity and uprightness. Help us, also, to perform a kind and Christian part towards those who may come under our influence. May we labour to do them service; and may we continually deny ourselves, that we may the more effectually and abundantly minister to the various wants of others. May we rejoice with them that rejoice, and weep with them that weep; and be kindly affectioned one to another, with brotherly love, in honour preferring one another.

We also beseech Thee to give us patience to bear the several trials and vicissitudes of life, with an equal and contented mind. Let us not be perplexed with the cares of this world; nor overwhelmed with unnecessary fears; but let us ever trust Thy gracious providence, and hope in Thy goodness and mercy.

Give to us, when we are in prosperity, a spirit of moderation and sobriety. Save us from pride, and from self-indulgence. Deliver us from the too great love of earthly things; and teach us to remember, that it is Thou who givest us all things richly to enjoy,

Bless unto us the afflictive circumstances through which we may pass. May we see Thy hand in all Thy various dispensations; and adore Thee for the several events of Thy providence, knowing that, if we truly

love and serve Thee, all things shall work together for our good.

We commend to Thy kind and fatherly care all our friends and relations. Direct, O LORD, their steps in life; and bless them with all spiritual blessings in JESUS CHRIST. Vouchsafe unto them the pardon of their sins, and the blessed hope of eternal life.

We pray for the rising generation. May they remember their Creator in the days of their youth; and find Thee to be their refuge in all the scenes through which they pass.

Have mercy on all who are in any sorrow or trouble. Do Thou provide for them through the riches of Thy mercy, and send special help in their hour of need.


Be favourable to this nation. Bless the President of these United States, and all who are in authority. Direct our counsellors. Give wisdom to our Congress. Inspire our magistrates with integrity; and our clergy with the spirit of true religion. Deliver us from the hands of all our enemies; and give us peace among ourselves.

We offer up these our imperfect prayers in the name of JESUS CHRIST our Saviour.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.

* In this passage, and others of a similar kind, the English edition has been altered, so as to apply to the form of government in this country.


O LORD, our Heavenly Father, most gracious and merciful God, who hast preserved us through all the stages of our past lives, and hast blessed us with unnumbered benefits, being never weary of doing us good, give us grace, we beseech Thee, most humbly and heartily to thank Thee for all thy loving-kindness vouchsafed unto us; and let us renew the solemn dedication of ourselves unto Thee.

We confess, before Thee, the sins of our lives, which are more than we can number or express. We lament the evil which, day by day, in thought, word, and deed, we have committed against Thee; and we adore the riches of that mercy which forgiveth all our sins, and healeth all our iniquities, and still aboundeth even unto us, who have so grievously rebelled against Thee.

We also pray, that while we rejoice in the thought of that exceeding goodness which is revealed in the Gospel to us sinners, we may be in all respects suitably impressed with the various doctrines of Thy word; and may bring forth all those fruits of righteousness which are, by JESUS CHRIST, to the praise and glory of Thy


We pray, that we may this day walk worthy of the Lord that we may honour Thee by our patience under every trial; by our self-denial in the midst of our temptations; by our meekness under provocations; and by our unwearied zeal in doing good. We pray, that we may surrender up our wills to Thy most holy will in all

things; readily accommodating ourselves to every new circumstance, which Thou, in Thy providence, art pleased to send.

Grant that, through be daily contemplation of the doctrines of Thy Gospel, every good disposition may be formed in us. May the faith of Christ be made effectual to bring down our pride, to subdue our self ishness, to improve our temper, to direct and restrain our tongues, to animate us with the purest zeal, and to fill us with charity to our neighbour. May it, also, sanctify our daily work, furnishing the motive to it, exciting our diligence in it, and teaching us to look to Thee, O LORD, for our great and final reward. O God, bless us this day; and, not this day only, but to the end of our lives. Defend us in all our future dangers; succour us in all our sorrows and adversities; lead us through every difficulty and trial; and, when all the troubles of this mortal life shall be over, conduct us at length, in peace and safety to the haven of everlasting


If it please Thee to send us prosperity, enable us to devote the good things, which Thou givest us, to Thy service; and as Thou extendest Thy mercies, do Thou enlarge, also, the thankfulness of our hearts. Or, if it be Thy righteous will either to try us with temptations, or to visit us with any sore afflictions, O may we learn to bow meekly to Thy gracious providence in all things; and still to trust Thine unchanging purposes of mercy to us amidst all Thy various dispensations.

To Thee, O GOD, who hast been the support of our infancy, the help of our youth, and the guide of our

advancing years, do we commit ourselves for the days which are to come. Thy providence hath ordained our lot in life, and hath ordered hitherto all things concerning us. Unto Thee, the same gracious GoD, do we now resign all our affairs: to Thee do we commend our bodies and souls, our temporal as well as our eternal interests. Especially, we beseech Thee to save us from sin; as well as from those fears which our past transgressions might justly bring upon us.

We offer up these our prayers in the name of JESUS CHRIST, our Lord.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY LORD, OUR GOD, whose eyes are in every place beholding the evil and the good, and who seest not only our outward actions, but all our most secret thoughts, we pray Thee to maintain in us this day a constant sense of Thy presence, and to preserve us from sinning against Thee. We are exposed to dangers by night and by day; our lives are in Thy hands, and unto Thee do we look for preservation from every evil. O LORD, teach us to be ever mindful of Thee. When we go out and come in, and when we are alone and in company, may we bear in mind that Thou art contin

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