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rance and folly; our pride and vanity; our eager, selfish, and covetous desires; our blindness, and prejudice, and hardness of heart. Too often have we called evil, good; and good, evil; and shut our eyes against the truth. O LORD, pardon these and all our transgressions, for JESUS CHRIST's sake; and make us to be, henceforth, more watchful and circumspect, more faithful and upright, more earnest to know our duty, as well as more diligent to perform it.

Save us from a life of unprofitableness and sloth. Let us remember that Thou wilt require an account of the talents committed to us; and that to whomsoever much is given, of them shall much be required. Now, while we have life and a measure of health and strength, let us avail ourselves of those opportunities, which we possess of doing good in this evil world : and let us endeavour to abound more and more in every useful and benevolent work.

We beseech Thee to prepare our minds for Thy service on the approaching sabbath. Deliver us from all eager thoughts concerning the things of this life; and enable us on Thy sacred day to give our undivided attention to the great concerns of eternity. May we rejoice in every return of this holy season; and may we go forth with willing feet to the worship of Thy sanctuary.

We commend to Thy gracious care our several friends and relations. Save them from the dangers of this evil world: sanctify them to Thyself; and prepare them both by the events of Thy merciful providence, and by the guidance of Thy good Spirit, for that day,

when both we, and they, shall be summoned to appear before Thee.

We pray Thee to have mercy on the poor, the sick, and the afflicted; and to dispose the hearts of many to have compassion upon them.

Bless the President of these United States and all in authority. Give wisdom to our Houses of Congress. Inspire our clergy with the spirit of true religion; and unite us all in the bonds of a common faith, one with another.

Put an end to war and discord throughout the world. Do Thou, who art the God of love, dispose the nations to unity and concord; and so order all events, that peace and happiness, truth and justice, religion and piety, may be established among us for all generations. These and all other blessings we humbly ask in the name of JESUS CHRIST, our only Saviour.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, who art our Creator and Preserver, and our daily Benefactor, assist us now to thank Thee, according to Thy will, for the mercies of the past day; enable us to confess our sins, with devout and contrite hearts; and teach us to pray, with fervent

faith, unto Thee for Thy grace and protection, this night and for ever

We bless Thee, O LORD OUR GOD, that thou hast permitted us to go out and come in, this day, in safety; that Thou hast given us health and strength; hast covered our table with plenty; and has kept us free from trouble, and anxiety, and aların. But we thank Thee, especially, for that knowledge of Thy Gospel, with which Thou hast blest us. We praise Thee for that glorious and rich inheritance in a life to come, which Thou hast set before us; and for the gracious promise of the pardon of our sins, through JESUS CHRIST.

For these Thy various and great gifts we desire to praise and magnify Thy holy name: and we pray that we may never forget the Author of our blessings; but that, day by day, we may abound in thanksgiving; and may, also, freely confess unto Thee all our sins, and may cry unto Thee, in deep penitence, for mercy.

Forgive, O LORD, we now beseech Thee, whatsoever evil Thou hast seen in us this day. We have done many things which we ought not to have done; and we fear that we may at present be aware of only a small part of our offences; for who can tell how oft he offendeth!

O LORD, cleanse Thou us from our secret faults. Pardon, we pray Thee, all the negligences of this day, as well as the more grievous transgressions. Pardon all our wasted time, our idle words, and our negligence in our several employments. Pardon, also, our evil tempers, our pride, and our envy;-our anger and

violence of spirit. O forgive whatsoever Thou knowest to have been amiss in us,-Thou, O GOD, who seest our hearts, and piercest into our most secret thoughts.

And, in order that we may obtain forgiveness of the sins both of this day and of our lives past, we now plead that naine of JESUS CHRIST, Thy Son, in which we have been taught by Thy Gospel to place all our confidence and hope. O FATHER ALMIGHTY, pardon us, for His sake. We confess our guilt; we desire to be truly sorry for our sins. Accept, therefore, this our repentance, since we trust not in ourselves, but only in JESUS CHRIST Our LORD and our GOD. May His death on the cross atone for our offences :--may His intercession with Thee prevail on our behalf. May we be of the number of those, who, renouncing their own righteousness, are saved by His grace. May we believe unfeignedly in His name. May we be justified by this faith and may we go to rest, night after night, having peace with Thee through Him, our Redeemer.

We pray, also, that we may lie down in charity with all mankind. May we bear no malice nor hatred to any one in our hearts; but may we commit ourselves to rest with thoughts of kindness, and forbearance, and meekness, and good-will to all.

And we pray, also, that while we are commending ourselves to Thy grace and mercy, we may resolve, by Thy help, henceforth to cease from every sin, and to devote ourselves to Thy service. And to this end, may Thy Spirit continually strengthen and assist us. Do Thou, in the ensuing sabbath, put within us good desires, and holy thoughts; and defend us from all

kind of evil; and enable us to worship Thee, acceptably, in the services of Thy house. Help us, day by day, to amend our ways. May we grow in grace, and learn more and more how we may walk so as to please Thee; and thus may we be prepared for the hour of death, and for the day of judgment.

O LORD, take us now into Thy holy keeping. Let Thy blessing be this night upon us, and upon all belonging to us.

We ask this in the name of JESUS CHRIST, our only Saviour. Amen.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


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