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O God, who hast appointed a day in which Thou wilt judge the world in righteousness, give us grace so to try and judge ourselves, that we may not be finally and everlastingly condemned at the judgment-seat of JESUS CHRIST. Dispose us daily to examine both our hearts and lives; for Thou, O LORD, regardest our secret thoughts. Grant unto us repentance for whatever sins we have committed-either in thought, word, or deed; and forgive all our trespasses, both against Thee and against our neighbour, for the sake of Jesus CHRIST.

We confess that we too easily forget "the prize of our high calling in Christ Jesus." Thou hast sent Thy Son from heaven to save us :-Thou hast invited us by Thy promises, and restrained us by the threatenings of Thy word:-Thou hast set before us "an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled, and that fadeth not away: "-and Thou hast warned us of "a worm that never dieth, and of a fire which is not quenched."

We beseech Thee to deliver us from all hardness of heart. May Thy Holy Spirit impress our minds with a deep sense of the importance of eternal things. O may we labour" to make our calling and election sure!" May we be diligent, and hope to the end; knowing that we must soon put off these mortal bodies, and that the coming of our Lord JESUS CHRIST is at hand.

We desire to thank Thee for the advantage of Thy holy sabbaths; for the gift of Thy sacred word; and

for all the means of grace. We have abundant light and knowledge;--we have "line upon line, and precept upon precept."

Assist us, this night, to look up to Thee with pure and humble minds. Let us commit ourselves to Thy gracious care: sensible of Thy constant presence with us; and earnestly desiring to partake both of Thy favour here, and of those joys which are at Thy right hand for evermore. And let not the cares and anxieties of life, nor the lawful business in which we have been engaged, prevent our now meditating on a better world.

We pray Thee to bestow Thy blessing on our dear friends and relations; on our country; and on all for whom we are bound to pray. Pity those who are afflicted, and who shall pass this night in wakefulness and pain. Succour the tempted. Give peace to the troubled in mind. Be Thou a Father to the fatherless, and a God of consolation to those who are desolate and oppressed. And give us all grace, that we may abound in charity one towards another; and do good unto all men, according to our Lord's example and command


Pardon the imperfection of these our humble supplications; and grant unto us whatsoever things Thon knowest to be needful for us, for the sake of JESUS CHRIST Our Saviour.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY AND EVERLASTING GOD, in whose favour is life, and in whose presence there are joys for ever; whom angels and archangels continually adore; and whom all Thy saints in heaven delight to worship; we, who are not worthy to take Thy name into our lips, whose foundation is in the dust, whose very natures are unholy, and whose daily and hourly sins testify against us, desire, nevertheless, to join with all the heavenly host, in blessing and praising and magnifying Thy holy name; imploring, at the same time, that the light of Thy reconciled countenance may shine upon us; and that we may be pardoned and accepted in Thy sight.

O GOD, we praise Thee, we bless Thee, we glorify Thy name, that Thou hast not left us in our low estate; but hast sent salvation to us. We adore Thee for Thine infinite love and mercy, that Thou hast not spared Thine only-begotten Son, but hast freely given Him up for us all; that this Lamb hath been slain, and this atoning sacrifice hath been made for the sins of the world; and that God is in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing our trespasses unto us.

O Lord, we lament that we have felt during the past week so little love to Thee, who hast done such great things for us. We lament that earthly things have carried away our thoughts; and that sin hath had such dominion over us; and that the Gospel of our salvation

hath had so little power to make us humble and thankful, spiritual and heavenly-minded, patient and meek, and diligent in well-doing.

We now beseech Thee to bless unto us Thy approaching sabbath. May our hearts be warmed with love to Thee. May our prayers and our praises ascend with acceptance to the throne of Thy grace. May heavenly things occupy our thought; and may the world lessen in our esteem.

O GOD, we lament with shame and sorrow before Thee, that, notwithstanding all the means of grace, we have so little improved our time and talents,-have so little honoured Thee by our lives,—or advanced in true holiness. Day after day, we propose to amend our lives, to repent of all our past sins, and to forsake them henceforth for ever:-but how soon do our hearts again return to the world; and our temptations again come upon us, and overpower us; for our own utmost strength is weakness.

To Thee, the GOD of all might and mercy, do we, therefore, now pray for grace to serve Thee. Thy face, O LORD, would we seek; on Thee do we humbly wait; beseeching Thee to deliver us from the power and dominion of our sins, and to make Thy strength perfect in our weakness.

Make us, henceforth, to be more fervent in prayer, and more conscious of our entire dependence on Thee, and of our infinite obligations to Thee; that, so obtaining from Thee the efficacious help of Thy Holy Spirit, we may be established in Thy most holy ways; and may be carried safely through all the dangers and trials

of this mortal life; till at length we shall sit down with CHRIST in His heavenly kingdom.

We offer up these our imperfect prayers, in the name of that blessed Mediator.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY AND MOST MERCIFUL GOD, unto whom ali hearts are open, and from whom no secrets are hid, we beseech Thee to look down on us, Thy servants, who are here assembled to worship Thy holy name.

We thank Thee for Thy daily goodness towards us; for Thou hast made us to abound with the comforts of this life; and hast delivered us out of many dangers to which we have been exposed. Thou hast also blest us with opportunities of religious knowledge; and hast set continually before us the glorious hope of everlasting life. Thou hast guided us by Thy providence ; and, after many years of goodness and mercy, hast brought us to the conclusion of another week.

We desire, O LORD, humbly to confess our manifold sins and trespasses against Thee. We have erred and strayed from Thy ways, like lost sheep. We have often wandered from the right path, through our igno

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