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O LORD God, our heavenly Father, assist us now to draw near unto Thee with reverence and grant us the HOLY SPIRIT, that we may worship Thee in an acceptable manner, through JESUS CHRIST Our LORD.

O LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, we thank Thee for all Thy mercies during the past day: and we are now met together both to praise Thee for Thy goodness, and to commend ourselves to Thy protection. Preserve us from all the dangers of this night; and grant us, if it please Thee, such quiet and refreshing rest, that we may be prepared for all those duties of life which are before us.

We also earnestly beseech Thee to pardon the sins which we may, this day, have committed: and to this end, help us now to confess them before Thee, examining ourselves with all impartiality and seriousness. Pardon every evil temper which we have shown. this day, and every rash and angry word which we may have spoken. Pardon also any want of strict integrity in our conduct. Pardon whatever insincerity and hypocrisy Thy holy eyes may have, this day, seen in any of us. Pardon our want of due watchfulness over ourselves, and our too great readiness to cast blame continually on others. Pardon all our disobedience to Thy laws; pardon also our want of submission to Thy providence, and of zeal in Thy service.

For these, and all other sins, which we have any of us, either on this day, or at any other time, committed,

we here unite in imploring mercy, through the name of our most blessed Saviour. O LORD, forgive us, for JESUS CHRIST's sake. Lay not any of our past sins to our charge; but blot them out from Thy remembrance, for the sake of Him who hath died for us. Give us penitent and contrite hearts; and let us lie down this night in Thy favour.

We also implore Thy blessings on all our friends and relations. Watch over them, we beseech Thee, by Thy good providence; teach them all to live in Thy fear, and to hope in Thy mercy. Bless the land in which we live, and especially the faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Have pity on those who are deprived of the comforts which we enjoy; and are lying down this night in pain, sorrow, and affliction: grant them patience under their sufferings; and make them at length partakers of Thy heavenly kingdom. And teach us, O LORD, to have compassion on the afflicted; and to pray for them and to do good unto all men; and to live in peace and harmony one with another.


We offer up these our imperfect prayers in the name of JESUS CHRIST, our only Lord and Saviour.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O LORD GOD, our heavenly Father, who preservest us from week to week; and continually renewest Thy various mercies to us;-we kneel down this evening, desiring to express our gratitude and love to Thee, who art the Author of our being and the source of all our happiness.

We thank Thee, that while so many thousands are suffering in misery and want, we are provided with innumerable comforts; and are passing day after day, in quietness and peace.

We pray Thee, O LORD, that, as we look back on our days which are passed, and consider our lot in life, we may become more thankful for all that goodness which is showered down upon us; and more earnest tc employ the opportunities and talents which are given to us, in fulfilling Thy will, and in diminishing, as much as in us lies, both the wickedness and the misery which are in the world. We would lament every neglect and abuse of Thy providential gifts,-of which we may have been guilty in times past: confessing with shame and humiliation of soul, that our talents have not been turned to a religious and profitable use, as they ought to have been.

We would now, especially, lament our mis-spent time, and neglected opportunities, and all our other sins, during the past week. How many sinful thoughts have we indulged! How many hasty and unbecoming words have we uttered! And how little has it been in our

minds to exercise every Christian grace! We lament, also, the coldness of our hearts in our religious duties. Though instructed in the affecting truths of the Gospel, and blessed with the knowledge of Christ crucified for us, we confess, that we have been listless and lukewarm in our worship: too much alienated from the life of God; and too much occupied with the cares of this world. Though living, O LORD, on Thy continual bounty, kept by Thy power, and indebted to Thy pardoning grace, how little have we laboured to fulfil Thy holy will, and to walk blamelessly in all Thy statutes and commandments. We now present ourselves before Thee, freely confessing these our sins, and imploring Thy forgiveness in the name of JESUS CHRIST: and we would lie down this night, trusting in His all-sufficicnt sacrifice on the cross for us; and looking for Thy mercy unto eternal life.

And we pray, that, being thus prepared by repentance and deep humiliation of soul, we may go forth on the ensuing sabbath to hear Thy Gospel, with teachable and submissive minds. May we receive the seed sown into an honest and good heart. May the Gospel of our salvation be the chief desire of our minds, and the con solation of all our hearts. As the sabbath returns, may we welcome the joyful sound; and bless that God, who not only increases our temporal mercies, but also sets before us the hope of everlasting life.

And enable each of us, O LORD, who are met here together, to set an example of pure and undefiled religion to all who live around us.

Have compassion on the young in this family. In


cline them to hear Thy word with attention, that they may grow wiser every day they live; and teach them to lift up their hearts in prayer, while they kneel down with us to worship Thee.

Confirm the wavering in the ways of true religion. May they see that godliness has the promise of the life which now is, as well as of the life which is to come. May they, also, be convinced of their sins; and experience what is that peace of conscience, which the Gospel brings to the truly humble and penitent.

To Thee do we now commit ourselves, beseeching Thee to bless every member of this family. May we lie down in the fear of God, in the faith of Christ, and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit; and may we rise in the morning, rejoicing in our Christian privileges, and desiring to employ the Sabbath in Thy service.

Hear us, O LORD, in these our supplications, for JESUS CHRIST's sake.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.

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