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indeed, the Christian faith; but too much engrossed by the present world, and too thoughtless of eternity; inclined to cherish delusive hopes of much earthly good; eager also for reputation with our fellow-creatures; but little anxious to please Thee, and to secure our everlasting salvation.

We lament especially that though Thy Gospel hath Deen preached to us, we have heard it with so much indifference. We lament that, notwithstanding the powerful nature of its doctrines, we have been so little affected by it; so often refusing to follow Thy will, and the precepts of CHRIST: choosing, rather, to live according to the will of men, and the corrupt customs of this sinful world. O LORD, grant, we beseech, Thee, that we may not remain insensible to Thy mercies in JESUS CHRIST. May we lie down this night deeply affected with the importance of eternity; and resolved to give up our future lives to that God who made us, and to that SAVIOUR who hath redeemed us by His most precious blood.

We desire, also, to thank Thee for Thy many temporal gifts. Blessed be Thy name for all the mercies which we have experienced this day-for our health and strength-for our food and raiment-for the various accommodations and comforts of this mortal life. We are not worthy, O LORD, of the least of all Thy bounties. May we be enabled to view them as the gifts of our reconciled Father: and, while we enjoy these earthly blessings, may we look forward, with cheerful and humble hope, to those greater things, which, as yet, eye hath not seen, nor the ear heard, nor hath it entered

into the heart of man to conceive; but which Thou hast prepared for them who love Thee.

Accept, for our SAVIOUR's sake, whatever we may have done this day in any measure according to Thy commands; and receive these our imperfect prayers, which we offer in His name.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O LORD GOD, our heavenly Father, we are met to gether as a Christian family, to thank Thee for the mercies of the past day, and to implore Thy blessing before we lie down to rest. We would ever remember the frailty of our nature and our utter uncertainty how long we may have to live. We are placed in this world for a short season, and must soon enter into eternity. We must go to the Father of our spirits, and give account of all things done in the body, and must then receive our eternal doom.

O may this awful thought return to our minds with each returning day; that we may enter upon our duties, reflecting on the ends for which we were born; and may lie down each night, examining whether we are so passing our time on earth, as we shall wish we

had done-when we are about to die, and to appear before Thy tribunal.

We pray Thee, O LORD, to give us a sacred jealousy over ourselves; lest we fall short of our heavenly.calling. May we learn to put our whole trust in Thee, and to place our delight in serving Thee. Pardon all our disobedience in the time past :-pardon our many negligences, as well as sins :-pardon the wasted time, the idle words, and the evil tempers of this day.

We would lie down, trusting in the merits of JESUS CHRIST Our Lord; in whose gracious promises to every repenting sinner we place all our hope. And while we thus commend our souls to Thy mercies in Christ, to Thee do we commit all our worldly affairs. In Thine hand, O LORD, whose providence it is that bringeth every thing to pass, we leave the issue of all our undertakings; for Thou knowest, better than ourselves, what is for our good.

We beseech Thee to bless us with all spiritual blessings; and to sanctify to us the daily events of our lives. We pray Thee to lay upon us no grea er burthen that we are able to bear; and to train us, by Thy merciful goodness and Thy tender care, for the performance of better services than we have yet rendered Thee in the world. We pray for strength against every temptation ⚫ and for final victory over every sin. Arm us for every conflict; fit us for every duty which we have to fulfil. Let us diligently perform our work in life; let us, at the same time, live in peace and love, and abound in all offices of kindness to each other.

O LORD, unite us as one Christian family together.

May we be partakers of the same faith; and heirs of the same hope. May our united prayers continually ascend to the throne of Thy heavenly grace; and may Thy blessing rest upon us.

Hear us, we beseech Thee, in these our humble supplications, for JESUS CHRIST our Saviour's sake

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O God, who of Thy tender mercy didst send Thy Son JESUS CHRIST into the world to die for our sins we beseech Thee to bestow upon us all those abundant blessings, which, through Him, Thou hast provided for the children of men. Numberless are our wants; and we would, therefore, daily abound in supplication and prayer. We pray Thee to bestow upon us all things which Thou knowest to be needful for us: to carry us in safety through this life, and to bring us to the end of our days in peace. We pray Thee to protect us in all dangers; to guide us in all our difficulties; to sustain us in all our temptations and trials; and to lay upon us no greater burthen than we are able to bear. We pray Thee to support us with Thy heavenly grace; to strengthen our faith; to animate our hope; and to enlarge our charity. We pray Thee to impress upon us

every doctrine of Thy Gospel, and thus to purify our hearts.

We thank Thee, O Heavenly Father, that, for us sinners, who have wandered from Thy flock, and have all gone out of the way, Thou hast provided the blessing of salvation. May we resign all our affairs to that merciful God, who, having rescued our souls from destruction, and shown us the path of life, hath promised also, that all things shall work together for good to them who love Him.

And, while we trust Thee, let us also diligently obey Thee. Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, may we think of these things. Fill us, O Lord, with compassion to our fellow-creaures; even as Thou hast had compassion on us. Give as hearts to deny ourselves; and to be kind and liberal o others; always remembering, that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

We beseech Thee to give us tender consciences, that we may flee from all evil. We desire, as much as is possible in this state of trial, to be kept in paths of safety; we ask not for wealth, reputation, honour, or prosperity; but we pray for a calm and peaceful spirit; for every opportunity of leading a holy life; and for such circumstances in this world as may be most free from temptation. We pray for Thy preserving grace, for holiness of life, and for eternal salvation at the last.

Pardon, we now beseech Thee, all the sins of the past day and grant, that, before we lie down to rest, we may repent sincerely of the evil which we have

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