Social Democracy and the Crisis of Equality: Australian Social Democracy in a Changing World

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Springer, 2019 - 228 pagini
This book analyses social democratic parties’ attempts to tackle inequality in increasingly challenging times. It provides a distinctive contribution to the literature on the so-called ‘crisis’ of social democracy by exploring the role of equality policy in this crisis. While the main focus is on analysing Australian Labor governments, examples are also given from a wide range of parties internationally.The book traces how a traditional focus on class has expanded to include other forms of inequality, including issues of gender, race, ethnicity and sexuality and explores both the intersections and potential tensions that result. Meanwhile there are new challenges for equality policy arising from a changing geo-economics (the rise of Asia), the legacies of neoliberalism and the impact of technological disruption.

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The Background
2 Social Democracy and RacialEthnic Equality
From Male Breadwinner to the Independent Adult Worker
From Morality to Equality
Wages Work and Welfare
Affective Citizenship and the Politics of Equality
7 Social Democracy and Economic Equality in the Asian Century
Future Challenges for Social Democracy
Social Democracy and the Crisis of Equality
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