Transforming Economics: Perspectives on the Critical Realist Project

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Paul Lewis
Psychology Press, 2004 - 311 pagini
Economics has become polarised. On the one hand there is a body of economists who concern themselves with progressing their discipline via an increasing use of mathematical modelling. On the other hand, there are economists who believe passionately that in order for economics to be useful it needs to take account of its history, its impact on society and its real world applications.

The contributors to this book fix their scholarly glare on the heterodox section of economics, and in particular upon critical realist approaches to the subject. Experts from a variety of perspectives have come together in these pages to examine the impact and usefulness of critical realism in relation to the different spheres within economics.

Notable for its contributions from such distinguished figures as Clive Granger, Edward J. Nell and Peter J. Boettke - this book deserves to find a ready audience across the economics spectrum.

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Macroeconomic theory critical realism and capitalism
Critical Realism and Transformational Growth
an econometricians
The agencystructure model and the embedded individual
Critical realism and the heterodox tradition in economics
The really real in economics
Addressing the critical and the real in critical realism
Economics as symptom
The Economics of Institutions and the Institutions
A note on critical realism scientific exegesis
critical realism and recent
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Paul Lewis is Newton Trust Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Politics, Cambridge University, UK.

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