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nus, Tu solus altissi- art holy, Thou only mus, Jesu Christe, art Lord, Thou only cum Sancto Spiritu, art most high, O Jesus in gloriâ Dei Patris. Christ, together with Amen.

the Holy Ghost, in the glory of God the

Father. Amen. P. Dominus vobis- P. The Lord be


with you.

R. Et cum spiritu tuo.

R. And with thy spirit.

Then are said the Colleet, Epistle, Gradual, and Tract, which scek in

their proper places,

At the end of the Collect the Clerk answers,

Amen; and at the end of the Epistle, R. Deo gratias.

R. Thanks be to God.

The prayer Munda cor meum, before the

Gospel. CLEANSE my heart and my lips, o

almighty God, who didst cleanse the. lips of the prophet Isaias with a burning coal; and vouchsafe, through thy gracious mercy, so to purify me, that I may worthily attend to thy holy Gospel. Through Christ our Lord.

Amen. May the Lord be in my heart, and on

my lips, that I may worthily, and in a becoming manner, attend to his holy Gospel. Amen.

P. Dominus vobis- P. The Lord be


with you.

R. Et cum spiritu R. And with thy tuo.

spirit. P. Sequentia (vel P. The continua initium) sancti Evan- tion (or beginning) gelii secundum, &c. of the holy Gospel

according to, &c. R. Gloria tibi, Do- R. Glory be to mine.

thee, O Lord. Seek the Gospel in its proper place; at the end of which is answered:

R. Laus tibi Chris- R. Praise be to te.

thee, O Christ. Then say with the Priest, in a low voice,

May our sins be blotted out by the words of the Gospel.

The Licene Creed. •CREDO in unum I BELIEVE in one

Deum, Patrem God, the Father omnipotentem, fac- almighty, maker of torem coeli et terræ, heaven and earth, visibilium omnium and of all things et invisibilium. visible and invisible.

Et in unum Domi- And in one Lord

num Jesum Christ- Jesus Christ, the onum, Filium Dei uni- ly begotten Son of genitum, et ex Pa- God, and born of the tre natum ante om- Father before all nia sæcula a ; Deum

ages ;

God of God, de Deo, lumen de light of light; true lumine, Deum ve- God of true God; rum de Deo vero ; begotten, not made ; genitum non factum, consubstantial to the consubstantialem Pa- Father, by whom all tri, per quem omnia things were made. facta sunt. Qui Who for us men, propter nos homines, and for our salvation, et propter nostram came down from heasalutem, descendit ven ; * and became de coelis ; * et incar- incarnate by the Honatus est de Spiritu ly Ghost, of the VirSancto, Mariâ gin Mary;

AND Virgine ; ET HOMO WAS MADE MAN. FACTUS EST. Cru- He was crucified also cifixus etiam pro no- for us, suffered under bis, sub Pontio Pila- Pontius Pilate, and to passus, et sepultus was buried. And theest. Et resurrexit third day he rose tertiâ die, secundum again according to Scripturas; et ascen- the Scriptures; and dit in cælum; sedet ascended into heaven, ad dexteram Patris; sitteth at the right


• Here all kueel in reverence of our Lord's Incarnation,

et iterum venturus hand of the Father; est cum gloriâ judi- and he is to come care vivos et mortuos; again with glory, to cujus regni non erit judge both the living finis.

and the dead; of whose kingdom there

shall be no end. Et in Spiritum And in the Holy Sanctum, Dominum Ghost, the Lord and et vivificantem, qui giver of life, who proex Patre Filioque ceedeth from the Faprocedit; qui cum ther and the Son; Patre et Filio simul who together with the adoratur, et conglori- Father and the Son, ficatur; qui locutus is adored and glorifiest per Prophetas. ed; who spoke by the Et unam sanctam Ca- Prophets. And one tholicam et Apostoli- holy Catholic and cam Ecclesiam. Con- Apostolic Church. I fiteor unum Baptisma confess one Baptism in remissionem pec- for the remission of catorum. Et expecto sins.

And I expect resurrectionem mor- the resurrection of tuorum, et vitam ven- the dead, and the life turi sæculi. Amen. of the world to come.

Amen. P. Dominus vobis- P. The Lord be cum.

with you.

P. Let us pray.

R. Et cum spiritu R. And with thy tuo.

spirit. P. Oremus. Here follows the Offertory, which may be found in its proper place.

Oblation of the Host. SUSCIPE, sancte ACCEPT, O holy

Pater, omnipotens Father, almighty æterne Deus, hanc and eternal God, this immaculatam Hosti- unspotted Host,which am, quam ego indig- I thy unworthy sernus famulus tuus of- vant offer unto thee, fero tibi Deo meo vivo my living and true et vero, pro innume- God, for my innurabilibus peccatis, of- merable sins, offences, fensionibus et negli- and negligences, and gentiis meis, et pro for all here present; omnibus circumstan- as also for all faithful tibus; sed et pro om- Christians, both livnibus fidelibus Chris- ing and dead; that it tianis, vivis atque de- may avail both me functis; ut mihi et and them unto life illis proficiat ad salu- everlasting. Amen. tem in vitam æter

Amen. When the Priest puts the Wine and Water

into the Chalice, he says: DEUS, qui humanæ O GOD, who, in substantiæ digni

creating human


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