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43 When Guilt and Shame are raising
When I at Niglit recline my

When I begin closely to think upon
13h When I survey the wordrou, Cross

When I think how God's own Lamb
13 When Jesus Christ, the Son of God
23 When Jesus on the Cross was found
138 When Jullice did demand its Due
30c When Mary wip'd her Saviour's Feet

When our dear fhua, his Mother fianding
61 When our dear Monarch from on high

8 When rising from the Bed of Death
36 b When Shades and Darkness clothe the Air
13 When thall I gain my Wedding dress
18 When chat 10 troublous Day was now concluded
138 When th'ancient World God's Patience tried

76 When the Children joyful are
61 When the due Time had taken place

When the Eternal from his Throne

When chou, the great and sov'reign Creator
76 When to Bed retiring
134 When we are under great Distress

When we baptize a Sinner in Christ's Death
16 When with your dying Breaih I hear from you
53 Whence, Lord ? from I seph's Tomb
53 Whene'er I him can eat

Whene'er the Maries at thy Feet I see

Where is this Infant? it is gone 53* Where Righteousness doch Jay 365 Wiere snall my wondring Soul begin

While Jelus on the Lap of Mary lies

Whilft yer the Babe is in the Womb
39 Who are the Cloud of Witnesses
46 Who dares the Father God to scan
13Who grasp'd the Zodiack in his Hand

Who is like Thee, who?
Who is this mighty Hero, who?
Who of ali by Nature moved
Who overcometh, shall of that Tree verdant

Who views the Lamb wiih sledfalt Face 36. Who would know Sin, let him repair

Whole Soul is once betroch'd, can ever he 47* Wholo has rightly (py'd 8 Why, O my Brother, art thou fad 57 Why should I continue grieving

Why thus with Grief oppress'd my Heart 33 Wiih a moft tender Longing 13 With all the Pow'r my poor Heart hach 39 With deepeat Reverence and Awe



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Y. 19

E all, who are wounded by Sin's pois'nous Sting ji. 87 59 Ye Babes of Grace, but lately born


310 8c Ye blessed Patriarchs, praise the Lord


304 16 Ye blef Domesticks of the flaughter'd Lamb

ii. 69 Ye bottomless Depths of God's inhnite Love

ii. 81 19 Ye Children, where do you dwell? where is your Ground ii. 316Ye Chosen, and each saved One

i. 146 46b Ye Christian Congregations dear

i. 67 Ye Elect, who Peace possess unshaken 54c Ye Hands of Love, once pierc'd with Nails

ii. 89 Bo Ye Learners of the Grace and Blood

ji. 188 43


Wounds and Bruises
13 Ye Seraphim, who proftrate fall


313 Ye fingle Brethren, think how near


324 61 Ye valiant Warriors of our Train 36b Ye who have known th'atoning Blood


41 84 Ye Wounds, which Nails and Scourges tear Your Thanks, ye Children, to the Spirit fend ii.

24 68 Youth divine, with Staff in Hand

i. 105

ii. 109


ji. 192

ji. 332


ii. 196


7 Z10 N's King; 'tis well so nigh

ii. 142



Concerning the following Table, the Reader is to be advertised, That the Numbers

on the Left Side of the Page, denote the several Metres ; the Letters a, b, c, &i. fubjoin'd to fome, denote so many distinct Tunes for the same Metre. He that knows but one Tune, can make that one serve; but if he knows more, he can

suit the Nature of his Subject the better. That the References after each Measure, are only for the Interim, till a compleat

Book of Tupes Mall be printed in English, answering to the Numbers aforemention’d. These References Thew where the Tanes may be fought in the meanwhile : Tb. denotes a Tune-book printed by us in English some Years ago; G. the large German Bock of Notes now in Hand, and shortly to be publishd, answering to the Index of the German Hymn-book; Rav. Ravenscroft's Collection of

Psalm-tunes ; Chet. Cbetbam's. That Hymns are cited, not according to the Page (except where p. is added) but

the Figures they bear over them. That a Metre is commonly reckon'd to consist of so many Lines, as it has distina

Members in the Rhyme and Singing, tho' otherwife two may be printed toge

ther, One Irregularity must here be taken notice of, viz. that some of the Hymns belong

ing to the following Tunes, No 1, 14, 19, 28, 334, 366, 47, 54b and d, 56, 614, 69, 83, 87, have a Syllable more, or a Syllable less, in some of the Lines, than others of the same kind have: Which was owing to this, that some of the Translators or Authors would decline using double Rhymes, and so in some of the laid Measures contracted such a Rhyme into one Syllable, in others fubftituted three Syllables for it; and others again complied in that respect with the German Original. The Hymns where the double Rhymes are introduced, fing the truest according to the German Notes ; but thro' Custom, we find no Difficulty in accommodating the others also thereto. It was a supposed Euphony that was likewise the Motive with the Trapsators, to add a Syllable sometimes to the two first Lines of Metre 21, tho' at other Times they adhered to the original Measure.

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METRE consisting of II Lines.
TEACH us, O Lord, thy Cross's Mystery (Part ii. N° 232)

Tb. 6. G.I.
Of III Lines.
O tell me no more (ii. 42). Tb. 23.

OF IV Lines,
3 O Friend, be thou near (ii. 368) Tb. 24. G. 4.
4a Go forth, in Spirit go (ii. 47) Tb. 14.

b I lift my Heart to Thee (i. 115) Eng. Psalm tune. 5 Thou whim throu'd in Heav'n we know (ii. 384) Tb. 40. G.9. 6 My Soul, awake and tender (i. 477) G. 10. za Saviour of the Nations, come (i. 201) G. II. b Hely Lamb, who thee receive (ii. 39) Tb. II.

'Sa Teach




8a Teach me yet more of thy bleft Way's (ii. 75)

The Tears of our Immanuel Tb. 21. G. 14. b Rise, rise, my Soul, and leave the Ground (i. 566) York-tune.

c Come, let us join our chearful Songs Tb. 20. Lobt Bott ihr Christen. 9a Ah my dear Heart-beloved Lamb (ii. 82) G. 15. b As small Birds use, a Hole to choose (i. 445) G. 64.

Congregation, Christ's Relation (ii. 221) Tb. 27. G. 16.
Let us confefs now our Sin's Load (i. 282) G. 17.

Hefu, on thee to be thinking (i. 237) G. 20. 13a The Saviour's Blood and Righteousness (ii. 19) Tb. 26. G. 22.

b I come from Heaven to declare (i. 300) G. 22.
c To God let all the human Race (i. 233) cth Psalm Tune.
d When we are under Great Distress (i. 140) Chet. Pl. p. 17.
e Is God withdrawing ? all the Coft (i. 131) G. 22.
f Christ, everlasting Source of Light (i. 243) G. 22.
g Lord Jesu, Fountain of my Life (i. 314) G. 22.
h We are thy Heritage indeed.

Chzift, der du tilt der belle tag. Ger. 22.
i Come, Holy Ghost, celeftial Dove (i. 59+)

Koinm Gott choepfer Heiliger Geist. Ger. 21. 14 My dearest Saviour, cast an Eye (ii. 142)

Lord, I have sinn'd, and fich the Sum (i. 410) Tb. 17. G.26.
Some Hymns of this Measure (when without double Rhymes) and of the

next too, may be sung to Tune 13 f.
15 How rich, how happy is a Soul (ii. 161) Tb. 22, G. 29.
16a Far greater than one thought or could suppose (ii. 64) G. 32.

b Sinners Redeemer, whom we inly love (ii. 233) Tb. 3. 17a Soul, come honour thy dear King, adore him (ii. 132) G. 30.

b To such the King will give a Kiss of Love (ii. 62) Tb. 1. 18 Dear Jesu, wherein wert thou to be blamed (i. 223) G. 36. 19 I glory in nothing but in the Wounds bloody (i. 632) Yi Children, where do ye dwell, &c. Tb. 28. G. 39.

Of V Lines. 202 Jesu, all Praise is due to thee (i. 213) Tb. 5. G. 50.

b Rejoice, thou Lamb's beloved Bride (ii. 174) G. 54. 21 Moft worthy Spirit, Guide of Jesu’s Train (ii. 180)

Now our Request to the Holy Gholt (i. 228) Tb.4. G. 58.

22 O thou dearest Bridegroom, faughter'd Lamb (ii. 283) Tb. 1@. 23 When Jefus on the Cross was found (i. 161) G. 51. [G. 56,

OF VI Lines.
24 Elder of thy Train (ii. 333) Tb. 36. G. 68.

How amiable (i. 269)
We wish from our Heart (ii. 53) G. 69.

The latter is right, as to the Number of Syllables in the 3d Linc,
26 The blessed Armies (ii. 393) G. 70.
27 Devoutly and loving (i. 219)
28 Dear Lamb, in me fulfil (ii. 86)

O whither fhall 1 fly (i. 447) Tb. 46. G. 75. 29 How happy is the Heart (ii. 55) cxlviiish Psalm Tune. 30 Thou, Jesu, art our King (i. 461) Tb. 8. 31 My Lard at eight Days old began to bleed (i. 387) 32a Abba Father, hear thy Child (i. 655) G. 82.

See also Tune 7 and 45. b God's Son once descending (i. 249) G. 72. 33a My wounded Prince, enthron'd on high (ii. 115)

O World, Attention lend it (i. 442) Tb. 47. G. 79. b Jefu, whose Grace inspires thy Priests (ii. pag. 373) G. 92, 34 Dearest Hesu, we are here (i. 432) G.

Bless our Going out, O God. 35 God the Lord of the Creation (i. 478) G. 89. 36a Our Father who from Heav'n above (i. 155)

Think on thy Son's so bitter Death (i. 218) G. 96. cxijth Pf. Rav, b He who was laugh'd at on the Tree ii. p. 351. Tb. 43. G. 90. c Now I have found the Ground wherein (ii. 106)

He that confides in his Creator (i. 471) G. 106. 37 Come hither, saith our blessed Lord (i. 151) G. 94. 38 Heart's Delight and highest Pleafure (i.659.) G. 95. 39 Jesu, our glorious Head and Chief (ii. 3) Tb. 38. G. 97,

OF VII Lines. 40 Father, Lord of Mercy (i. 290) G. 122. 41 O what sweetest Stores of Grace (ii. 364) G. 124. 42 Chrift, that only-begotten (i. 335) G. 125. 43 Is that my deareft Brother (ii. 353) Tb. 35. G. 126.


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