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B He calls to finful worthless Men

8 He had a Sting once like his Sire, Death 6.

He in his Glory plac'd so high 8 He never yet has made Mistakes 8 He's wise, who does, what's good 36c He that confides in his Creator

He who fancies, that he standeth 81 He who not right inly loveth the Lord Jesus

767 Here, dear Lord, I love to be 16 Here I converse can freely with my Love 13d Here in the holy Laver plung'd 49

Here is thy House-People 13t Here let me figh; and lighing see 61 Here sinks, O Lamb, before thy Feet 82 His dear Apostles all 61 High on his everlasting Throne 76 Holy Lamb, and Prince of Peace 76 Holy Lamb, who thee receive 74 Holy Side-wound, pierced Pleura 24 Holy Trinity! I confefs with Joy 67 Honey from the faireft Side's Incision 25 How amiable thy Habitations are 13e How bleft are they, whom Grace makes wise

8 How bleft is he who ne'er consents 84 How bright appearesh the Wounds Star 84. How bright appears the Morning Star

8 How can a Sinner hear these Words 30 How Christ his Souls does bless

How could I bear my fickly Nature 87 How does my Heart with Longing deep 13 f How full of Anguilh is the Thought 29 How happy is the Heart 84 How happy, that my Heart can view

8 How happy we when Guilt is gone 75. How is it, Lamb, this mortal Frame 137 How little did I hear, read, pray

How rich, how happy is a Soul 5.42 How shall I meet my Saviour 33 How mall I once this Task effect 540 How shall the young Men cleanse their Ways 8 How Itrong thine Arm is, migh:y God 8 How sweet's the Dream of her that Sleeps 7 How uneasy does it feem 16 How vain th' Altempt to want to overthrow 13 How very beauteous are the feet

How well am I, thou my Soui's Lover

How well, O Lord, art chou thy People leading 49 How we're lov’d by Jesus


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86 How wrapt am I, how full of Bliss 10 Husband of thy Congregation

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1. 8 Am a little Child, you see 49

I am the Door, faith Christ

I am thy Lord and God 8 I ask not Honour, Pomp, or Praise 61 I bow before the Father's Throne 16+ I bow, bless'd Trinity, and in thee believe 33 I cannot possibly leave off 15 or 13d I can't so much as ope my Eyes 33 I can't but openly confess 136 I come from Heaven to declare 19 I glory in nothing but in the Wounds bloody 8 I know the Weakness of my Soul 46 I lift my Heart to thee 13 I love the Lamb, who died for me 13 f I mourn, dear God, to find


Soul 47 I pant for Mercy free 25

I pant towards thee, Source of eternal Life 39 I pray thee, tender-hearted Lamb 13d I ling the God whose tender Love 83 I still perceive his spousal Kiss 84 I thank and praise thy holy Name

7 I the sinful, I the vile 13 I thirit, thou wounded Lamb of God 36b I with my Lamb am fatisfied 15

I'd keep thee always in my Thoughts 26 I'd rather chuse it, that all compleated were 84 I'd fing a Song with all my Heart 77 I'll fing of a great Matter

I'll sing unto my God, the Lord of Nature
67 I'm bound fast with Jesu's Grave-cloths
39 I'm glad, yea, Sinner-likely bold
13 I'm yet not shy to thee, my Lamb

I've thought, and thought, and thought again
Jehovah gave to all Things Birth

Jehovah, thy wise Government
85 or 33 Jesu, behold the Wise from far
8 Jesu, each blind and trembling Soul
8 Jesu, give Mercy to my Soul

g* Jesu, here longeth eagerly, 61 Jesu, how truly hidden call'd 546 jesu, knit all our Hearts to thee

Jesu, Lord, so great and glorious 15 or 13 d Jesu, no more, it is full Tide 12 Jelu, on thee to be thinking 39 Jesu, our glorious Head and Chief

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8 Jesu, our High Priest and our Head 12 Jesu, Saviour of Man's Nature

230 i.

134 ii. 5 ii. 81 i. 111 64 Jelu,

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I2 Jesu, teach these Children higher 138 Jesu, that gentle Touch of thine 57 Jesu, thou art my Desire 462* Jesu, thou my Heart's pleasing Feast 36 borc. Jesu, thy boundless Love to me 36 b Jesu, thy Light again I view 15 Jesu, to chee my Heart I bow 200 Jesus, all Praise is due to thee

Jesus, Author of Salvation 5 Jesus Christ, God's deareit Lamb 5 Jesus Christ look upon thee

Jesus is my Light most fair 556 Jesus knowing all God's Will 76 Jesus, Source of Gladness

Jesus the Child uncommon Joy does find 4 Jesus, thy Love exceeds 13c Jesus, we bless thy Father's Name

4 Jesus who died, is now 45 Jesu's Blood come over me 52 Jesu's Cross and Sufferings sore 55 b Jelu's Sufferings, Pains and Death 131 If Father, Mother, Children, Wife

If Heavens and Earths there were innumerable 16 If Men think meanly, O my Soul, of thee 546 If you would find the Saviour

4a Immortal Praise be giv'n 87 Important Words I have to tell 18* In Faith, O teach us

8 In Fire and Smoke when Sinai stands
46a In former Times a Man there was
28 In God the Lord molt just

In God's Name we our Way do go
In Jesu's Name I am commencing,

In Pow'r or Wisdom to contend with thee
88 In such a right Good Friday's Frame
13f In Tears let us our felves now bathe
86 In th' Lord of Might my Confidence

In thee alone, Lord Jesus Christ 8b In thee I live, and move, and am 8 In thee, O Christ, is all my Hope 6 In this Sense we're a Body 36. In way of Nourishment and Strength

Infant, blessed and caressed 61 Infinite Source, whence all did spring

Innocent Lamb, thou knew'lt thy En’mies Plot 1. Join all the Hearts of those who have the Care 546 Is God for me? what is it 13e Is God withdrawing? all the Cost


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*b 2



Is there a Thing beneath the Sky

It must an eternal Truth be confest 14. It must be drunk, the cup is mix'd 33 It was a Grace amazing free Š It will go hard with you, says Christ 13 St. John's First Epifile

ii. 31 ii. 113 j. 232 ii.

30 i. 2 II i.




K. EEP us, O Lord, by thy pure Word 41 King of Glory, King of Peace 87 King of our Hearts, and of all Pow'rs 76 Know's thou, that the Saviour 5 Know ye who's of all that sleep

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L. 68 AMB and Blood, thou chiefest Good 138

Lamb, Lamb, O Lamb, Sin-Sacrifice 75 Lamb, Lamb, O Lamb, with Eyes of Flame 21+ Lamb of God my Saviour, explain before me

Lamb, thou Source of Good
7 Lamb, what Wonders halt thou wrought
49 Lamb, who'rt so beloved
66+ Learn, my Son, by Adam's Falling
546+* Let me, Lord, sweetly ponder
13h Let none around them do them Harm

Let us confess now our Sin's Load
Let us in the Grace, that's bloody
Let us pray now with Heart's Desire

Let us sing joyful and unan'mously
13 Let us this present Corpse inter
66 Let's to Bethie'm go with longing
13e Listen, sweet Dove, unto my Song
66 Little Virgins, dearest Saviour

Lo! Man rebels, and for one Taste doth chuse

Lo! Peter weeps, that he his Lord deny'd 75 Lodg’d in an Inn, what Gueft divine 36 Long have I view'd, long have I thought 68 Long I ftrove my God to love 13g Look as a Father on thy Flock 30 Look hither ye, whose Tarte 84 Look on me, Lamb, a Child of thine 50 Look on me thy Servant fallin 13 d* Lord Christ reveal thy holy Face 53

Lord from thy precious Side 90 Lord God by us be blest

Lord God, thy praise we fing 13c Lord I contemplate with Delight 14 Lord, I have finn'd, and such the Sun


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219 ji. 344 i. 348 i. 193 i.

205 ji. 291 11.

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350 i.

233 Lord




Lord Jesu blessed Prince of Peace 54a Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour 13e Lord Jesus Christ we thank thee now 13g Lord Jesu, Fountain of my Life 35 Lord, thine Image thou haft lent me

8 Lord, unto thee I make my Moan 13 Lord, what is Man? why should he cor Thee 9b Lord, watch each hour o'er us, our Pow'r

Love God with all thy Heart and Soul, and Mind 13f Love, who each Ev’ning makes my Bed

i. 186 i. i. 196 i. 188 i. i. i.

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i. 229


pray, the

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M. 21 326

Man give due Attention 8 Man, watch and

very first 13f Man's Life's a Sigh, a G:oan, a Cry

Many a false Prophet in his Name 61 Many, who under Sin were sold 68 Maiter dear, our earnest Pray's

Marriage-Myflery, Aim and Hift'ry 73 May God be gracious to us here 13* May God be praised and ador'd 8 May God, our God, his Blessing send 8 May I caite that Communion, Lord 13 May Jesu's Blood and Righteousness 75 May we still hear, the following Year 13g Meek, patient Lamb of God, to thee 3 Might this be


Plan 8 Miltaken Souls, that dream of Heay'n 134 Monarch of all, with lowly Fear 176 Mock not, profane Despisers of the Spirit 68 Morning-far, I follow thee 13 Most worthy Elder of thy Flock

Mof worthy Spirit, Guide of Jesu's Train 8 My blessed Saviour, is thy Love ga My dear Redeemer,

He 39 My deareit Lamb, I inly pray 8 My dearest Lamb, I now fink down

it My dearest Lord and Love, what shall I do 88 My deareft most beloved Lamb 14 My dearest Saviour, caft an Eye 39 My Friend, thou my beloved Chief 13 My Friend's to me, and I to him 65 My God how vast a Glory has 130* My God, now I from Sleep awake 77 My God, thou seest them flying 13g My Heart is glad, and I know why

My Jesus bears far greater Love to me 8 My Jesus, look on me thy Child


329 266 221 180

ji. 255


thou art


13+ i.

334 i.

344 ii. 67 ii. 64 i.

297 ii. 335 ii.


ji. 205


272 i. 266 i. 306 ji. 189 ii. 34 ii. I 12 ji.



! My

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