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to. Did the crucifixion-act,

Whom th' Heav'n of Heavens can't Hands and feet thro'-pierced,

contain ; My poor soul well-nigh distract, Thou in a manger ly'st on hay; When to her reheatsed:

Which does the ox and ass fuftain: 11. Yet concerning a good Heart O myft'ry deep! O hidden way!

I might feel fome Pressure ; 2. What caus'd this, I know very For one bath ftill with smart, Where souls swim with pleasure !

'Tis I who made him thus to be! 12. Namely th'absolution sweet

'Twas I who had deserved Hell, From the fixth great Op'ning.

My misery forc'd him down to me: Mercy, Lord ! my full retreat

This mov'd th' eternal Love and In this wound be rip'ning.


Who in the Father's bosom lay, 13. Till I can give kiss for kiss,

When the due time had taken place,
I shall panting airn at

His deep compassion to display.
The fruition (foll of bliss)
Of that Heart once maimed.

3. What off 'ring shall I bring to thee,

Thou dear child born at Bethlehem? 14. "Lo! this Bond änew with thee

Thou who vouchsaf'dit a Man to be, Now thy worm resumeth :

To shed blood at Jerusalem; Quench the thirst, ye holy Three !

Thou Babe, t' whom angels praises Which my spirit consumeth. 15. Rejoice o'er me, Sire of Christ!" Peace upon earth, good will to In his robe I'm cloathed :

men ; Mother ; count me in thy list, To whom the wise men humbly bring A heart Chrift-betrothed. Theit gifts, tho' thou appear so

mean? 102.

4. This will I do, thou Infant mild ! I'll give thee that for which thou

cam'ft, Y deareft Lamb, I inly pray

To see thy death more clear My flesh and soul; and be thy child, each day;

For this with justeft right thou claim'ft. To feel thy grace, thy quick’ning Thou Prince of life, thou King of

Take me then, (O shou Babe in stall, pow's,

Kings,) To link into thy wounds each hour ; To learn to fit in stillness at thy feet, My brethren, fisters, children all ; To wish and pant in thee to be com-| Thro' blood, Restorer of all things ! pleät.


N heart dipp'd in the Lamb's 103.

most precious blood,

Is like a Bee, that's hung 'ring aftes
Nfinite Source, whence all did

2. After the food in her red Rose lo
Thou Lord and God of Creatures all! sweet,
Maker, Upholdes of each thing, Which she in one day thousand times.
Ruler, and Nurse of great and small,

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does greet:


3. And fucks the honey sweet, be 3. I own it before ev'ry one quite fore the goes,

free, From the recess of her each lovely That I could never do, Lamb, with Rose.

out thee; 4. So may I fuck from his each Surely I should foon die without thy

precious pierced hole,

And needful Blood, and being fill The Blood, which life imparts to

so gracious fleth and soul,

To my poor soul. 5. 'Till blood does cover me, and 4. But if thy lovely wounds are to overflow,

me clear, That blood, which makes the coldest And thy faithful Heart's also to me hearts to glow.

near, 6. I many a time his pow'rful blood Then I am all happy, chearful and

child like, have felt, So that my heart did even break and My heart is melted quite, and I am

worm. like melt.

'Fore thee bow'd down, 7. Now would I deeper link into


I also freedom have thee to coneach wound,

fess, 'Till I in Soul and Body be quite And all my Labour meets with good sound.

success :

Therefore, Lamb! I beg thee, that 105

thou for ever

Wouldit abide with me thy poor Hene'er the Maries * at thy

child, and never feet I fee,

Depart from me. I also fall down, and embrace thy 6. Thou knoweft very well, my knee;

deareft Lamb, Yea, I greet thy Nail.prints, the How void of goodness without thee Thrine of thy Side,


am. Whence I was taken out, and formed I know thee and thy wounds, see

them with pleasure, O my Bridegroom! Thou art my God, and thy wounds * Matt. xxviii. 1, 9.

are my Treasure

For all my wants. 2. And then, my dearest Lamb! I

17. Therefore, as poor as in myself beg of thee New Blessings, and thy grace moft | Yet I am righteous in my bleeding

heartily :: I want thy Care always, and thy At the very same time, when I am Heart so mild,

grieving, For thou haft grace enough for I know I'm his dear heart ; for I'm ev'ry poor child In readiness.

That I'm in Him.


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thy bride,

I am,



To whom thy heart is tenderly al-"NWLhave found the ground,

quite clear

8. I praise thee for all my dear Brethren too,

106. Who by thy blood-stream are made clean and new ;

Ich habe nun den grund gefunden. 'Fore the world's foundation by thee elected,

OW I have ,

wherein fected,

Sure my soul's Anchor may remain ; As to thy Limbs. The Wounds of Jesus, for my fing 9. As often as we are together here, Before the world's foundation fain : Let thy so gracious bleeding Face Whose Mercy shall unshaken stay,

When heav'n and earth are fied Round about us sparkle ; make our away. hearts glowing,

2. Father, thy everlasting grace 1. And let our n.ouths be also over-Our scanty thoughts surpasses far; flowing

Thou meli'it with Parent's tenderness, Of thy great Love. Thy arms of love still open are ; 10. And make us full of little chil. Thy Heart o'er finners can't but dren's joy,

break, Like as thyself wert once a chearful Whether thy grace we flight, or

take. * Boy ; • Let of all our joying, and daily

* Luke xix. 41. feeding,

3. O Love, thou bottomless abyss ! Thy Wounds the Reason be, and all My fins are swallow'd up in thee ; thy bleeding

Cover'd is my Unrighteousness, From head to foot From condemnation now I'm free; 11. Lamb! bless us ev'ry where, and While Jesa's Blood, thro' earth and with us walk,

kkies, And always entertain with such sweet Mercy, free boundless Mercy! cries. Talk

4. With faith I plunge me in this Each servant or handmaid, as makes hearts glowing;

Here is my hope, my joy, my reft! Like the two brethren's, with whom Hither, when hell affails, I Áre, thou wert going

I look into my Saviour's Breast :

To Emmaus. Away, fad doubt, and anxious fear, 32. And bless still to us our dear Mercy is all that's written there !

fellowship 'Mongst thy Disciples and bleft Sin. 5. Tho' waves and storms go o'er nership:

Tho'ftrength, and health, and friend Tell us thy Mind plainly; bless ev'ry

be gone ; motion

Tho'joys be wither'd all, and dead; of all thy Messengers on earth and Tho ev'ry comfort be withdrawn, ocean,

Stedfast on this my soul relies,
For thy Name's fake. Father, thy Mercy never dies.


my head,

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6. Fix'd on this Ground will I remain,

108. Tho' my heart fail, and flesh decay ; This anchor shall my soul sustain,

Du blutiger Uerluhner. When Earth's foundations melt away: Mercy's full pow'r I then shall prove, 1. Ear Lamb, from everlasting Lová with an everlasting love.


Thou Servant of thy Cross's train ; + 107.

Our soul's kind Husband thou!

We fall down humbly at thy feet, dor feinen augen schweben. And close embrace them as 'tis meet,

As close as Faith's fyre arp can 1.TORE his Eyes to be moving, do. Is real Blessedness;

2. Weak little Babes 'tis true we are Unalterably living

Poor finners, but redeem'd and clear; With Him in his recess : Where one no knowledge, power,

And of that quintessence,

Which from thy Wounds did richly Defire or Doing fees,

flow, But following Him each hour; That is to rest in peace.

We all have drank, and feel, and

know 2. In Jesu's Friendship chearing,

The quickning power of God from We rise from Sleep each day;

thence, No Wrath or Judgment fearing, We walk our destin'd Way.

3. This the saint's strength and reWe eat, drink; thro' affection fuge fure, Could suffer Hunger too ;

That our own Doings, vile and poor, And under Grace-Direction,

Are not the means to move One even Course pursue.

The Lamb, our dearest Friend thro'

blood, When we've the Day concluded, Grace to bestow and every 3.

Good; We then to rest do go;

He's wonderfully press'd by Love. From Jesus undivided, We shut the Senses to.


And now we nothing can reply, In short, one hears, sees, feeleth ;

But at thy feet astonish'd lie,
Yet hears, fees, feeleth not:

And ask, Can't be, God's Son, When ev'n a smart befalleth,

That thou vile Slaves by birth

should'it free, "Tis presently forgot.

And, what is more than liberty, 4:

Who thro'Christ's blood Remission Should'st destine them a crown
Of all his sins has gain'd,

and throne ?
And without intermission
By Jesus has remain’d,

5. This gives us ravishing love's

smart, He's in all Dealings holy, Scarce can be otherwise :

Like melting Wax we feel our Heart,

As duit asham'd we hide ;
Lord teach us to walk fully
In the Light of thy Eyes.

Tears from our eyes most freely flow,
And nought elle will we ever know,

But that a Lamb was crucify'd. + Hymni.



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Happy makes me 109.

My Creator, Mediator,

When I see him EAR People of the Lamb Sweating, thirfting, crying, bleeding. our Head,

5. How sweet feels then the Heart Be of his Wounds for ever glad,

all o'er! And without intermiffion

It has enough, and wants no more ; Kiss them, and suck them like a

And yet there's nothing poorer, child; **For these Wounds have thee re- He can the Lamb'no moment miss.

Than such a happy Sinner is, 1 concil'd,

Yet no one is securer, From them comes thy Salvation. Nothing can bring - O! he gives thee

That soul Mischief whom the RockLite and spirit through his Merit, cleft And attaches

Has inclosed; To his Heart the vileft Wretches.

To no danger he's exposed. 2. He brings in Immortality

6. Ye finners all, come to the Lamb! By his bleft Death upon the tree,

Don't force yourselves into a Frame,
How strange and how surprizing !
Pale death has loft its fing thereby, As you may find yourselves, fo come!

But blind and miserable
Hell's swallow'd up in victory,
Life takes from Death its rising.

Within his bleeding wounds there's

Thy life, Lamb's Wife,
Is all owing to the flowing

He's willing, and he's able

To shew to you
Of his sed Blood;
Thou wert loft, and therefore bled You will find him,

Grace and Favour; as a Saviour

Do but of his wounds remind him. 3. My God! and couldnt thou die

7. One refts so easy and so well and worthless tho' I be!

in the dear Wounds, ng tongue can

tell I cannot prove it Reason : I thank thee for thy Torments all,

What Peace and joy one feeleth ; And at thy feet I Sinner fall,

One is so safe, that all the World Whom thou'st led out of prison.

Could sooner be to th’abyss hurld, O Lamb! thy Fame

Than he disturbid, who fleepeth Muft once cover th'earth all over, Calmly, safely That loft Şinners.

In the fortress of the Side's space :: Soon may know thy five Blood rivers. May I ever

Dwell therein, and go out never ! 4. What shall one say of such a Lamb!

8. Quite, quite enamour'd I must be, One weeps, and finks with inward If I fall bring Delight to thee ; Shame,

Thy Heart's blood me must cover, Feeling one's self so wretched, And make and keep me warm always; And viewing at the same blest time in my heart there must be no place The guiltlels Lamb for finners crime Which Blood don't fill all over. On Cross's wood outstretched.


for me, So poor

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