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“ I do't, that each may shew 162 Go up with shouts of praise !

“ Hence orward trueRcpentance :" Go up, thou Angel deareft! But you I've now appriz'd,

High-priest, who Sinners race That ye shall speedily

Upon thy Breaft-plate wearest With Spirit's flood baptisid, Go! we'll compute no Times, The Lamb's Apofles be.

Thou Eldest Brother-heart ! 57. He with his family

Only by thy Wounds gleams
Thus Conferences keeping,

A lock oft upwards dart.
Goes out to Bethany,
Where all set up a weeping.

He bless'd his people there
With the thro'-pierced Hand,

Acts ü.
Till up a cloud did bear
Him from where he did ftand.

Hen Jesus Christ the Son of 58. Lo heaven-ward they see His passage blest commences ;

Now in his human person wou'd In his own lovely way,

Unto his Father return back, Not hurrying the Senses :

He thus to his Disciples spake : Yet were some Angels tho', 2. I into glory must ascend, Attendants of his train ;

You in this city till attend, Of whom he gave to two

Nor 'stir, till heavenly strength and A message now again.

grace 59. For, as the issue to,

Shall arm you for your

work and race. After a little pause, is,

3. What he so promis'd, they believ'd Th’Elev'n (with deepest Awe And in one place together livd,

For him as Cause of Causes) With love observe the Christian Within their hearts impress

mode!) The House's Sire and Head, And conftant prayer unto God. With red and watry eyes

4. From Easter fifty days being past, In dust before him laid :

When Pentecost was now the featt, 60. Then these two Witnesses And Jefus nine days had been gone, Give filent approbation

A wondrous thing unto them shone. ('Cause in it Fitness lies)

5. About the third hour from sun-rise, To this their Adoration :

Whilst they did pray in fervent wile, But add, when longer they

The Holy Ghost like mighty Wind Standing and looking were,

Amongst them his rich presence Ye men of Galilee !

deign'd. Why stand ye gazing here?

6. On ev'ry one of them he sate, 61. This Jesus, to th' high Place

Did judgment right in them create, Now from you separated,

And then with special Gifts endue, Has for Return in peace

God's late great Acts abroad to shew. A day predestinated :


When crowds, upon their preachJust as you've seen him climb, So you'll hím yet attend,

ing, cry'd, When he'll from heav'n one time

Tell us, how we from Wrath may

hide ? Still likehimself, descend.


Our guilt we feel with fear and grief, 6. Aftonith'd each his neighbour But can ev'n we yet find relief?

view'd, 8. Then l'eter said, Think otherwise And argu’d, as they liftning food, Than heretofore, and turn your eyes

Are these not Galileans ? they To Jesus, him your Lord confess, Speak as we do in Parthia ! And be baptiz'd into his Grace. 7. 'Tis Elamitish, one reply'd ; 9. Peter's advice they did obey, Nay Median, they of Media cry'd ; They turn'd from their palt evil way; Mejepotamian, some averr'd: Believ'd, for that blert Laver su'd, Some, we have Cappadocian heard : Thenceforth a worthyCourse pursa'd. 8. We Pontick; we th'lonic clear ; 10. Grant, O Lord Holy Ghost, that Pamphylian we; we Phrygian hear.

we, With faithful Minds, especially

Egyptian! nay, the Libians cry,

"Tis Cyrenean certainly. Of that first Church the iteps may 9. 'Tis (faid the proselytes of Rome)

And honour evermore thy Aid.

Pure Latin; no, tis Cretish, fome,
Arabs affirm, 'tis Arabick.

'Tis all but folly, the Jews speak. 171.

10. When one surprized turn'd him S Pentecost was fully come,

"A Pengembly being in rome And Guadalmighty's finger own'd,


“ Tho'I am here a foreigner ! A ruthing wind and sudden blows,

Yet in my native Tongue I hear ! And fills immediate all the house.

11. And others who about him stood, 2. While in amaze, th’attentive Thought, what will follow, O my throng:

God! The likeness of a fiery Tongue Ye're drunk," the Galileans cry'd ; Divinely thone, and hov ring made

We Jewish hear, and nought belíde. Its dazling Rest on ev'ry Head. 3. Mean while froin God's eternal

12. Then Peter with th'eleven rose, Child,

Beckon'd, and filenc'd all the house ; The Holy Ghost each bosom filld; And then he audibly began All spake, as he did them direct,

To speak to ev'ry Hearing plain. With tongues and wond'rous dialect. 13. Jerus’lem's citizens and ye 4. Jerus'lem at this yearly fcaft Of Ifrael's chosen family, Was full of men from all the East, To you especially be known, And some from ev'ry land and name,

What now is midst the People done, Who hither to the Worship came.

14. The nations gather'd round the 5 Scarce was the Rumour spread house abroad,

Are not in wine, as ye suppose; But round the house a concourse Three hours of day are scarcely gone,

Nor can you think them drunk so Each thought thro' all the wond'ring foon.

15. The Miracle, to-day you view, He beard them fpeak his mother. Foel had promised long ago: tongue.

crowd :



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In th'latter days (faith God) I'll bless,, Unto God's holy Presence
And pour my Spirit on your Race. Cou'd I come, near his Seat ?
16. On ev'ry creature shall it flow; No! ev’n my very essence
Your children, sons and daughters too,

Would melt before the heat.
Shall Seers and prophets then com- 5. 'Tis Christ, who has abolish'd

The claim of Hell and Sin; mence, And far and wide my Word dispense. His Grace has cleans'd and polish'd

My humbled Soul within. 17. Your old my mind in dreams shall learn,

In him I raise with Gladness Your young men Vision's Mall discern!

My voice and courage up; Servants and Handmaids will I bless, And dare indulge no Sadness, And they shall be my witnesses.

Like one that has no Hope.

6. I know no Condemnation, 172.

No Law that speaks despair ;

And Satan's imprecation
Rom. viii.

I treat with scornful Air:

No judgment nor sad tiding
If Gott für uns, lo trete,

Creates uneasiness ; 'S God for me, what is it

'Tis Jesus I confide in, That Men can do to me?

Who skreens me with his Grace. Oft as my God I visit, :

7. His Spirit is the fou'reign All Woes give way and fee.

Posicfor of my Heart,
If God my Head and Master No grief dares there to govern,
Defend me from above,

He checks the deepest smart.
What pain or what disaster

He gives his Benediction ;
Can drive me from his Love?

And as he dwells in me,, 2. Of this I am persuaded,

Cries Abba in Afiction
And boast now openly,

With holy fervency.
That he, whose Love ne'er faded, 8. And does howe'er some prefliure
Is wholly turn'd to me;

Within my circle spring; And that in Change and Chances He then is Interceffor,

He stands at my right hand, Above reports the thing, And when the Storm advances, With Words which I poor atom 'Tis calm at his Command.

Cannot, but God can scan, 3. The ground of my Profeflion Who in the Heart's deep bottom Is Jesus and his Blood,

Still fees, what please him can. Which gives me the possession.

9, His Spirit chears my spirit Of everlasting Good.

With many a sav'ry word,
In me and in niy Living

That those shall grace inherit,
Is nothing on this Earth ;

Whose rest is in the Lord ;
What Christio me is giving

And how he hath provided
The while, is truly worth.

A City new and fair, 4. My Jesus and his Merit

Where things, our Faith did credit, Is all I seek and care;

Shall to our Eyes appear. Were he not with my spirit

10. My portion there is lying, Ah! I thould soon despair.

A destin'd Canaan lot';




Tho' I am daily dying,

My Heaven withers not.
Perhaps with eyes ftill dropping

Rom. xii. s.
I here may walk my Way,
Bat Jesus is me propping,

Resent your Bodies to the Lord Gilds all with his Wounds ray.

A living Sacrifice, 11. Each Heart to him attached, A holy off 'ring unto him, By Satan hated, fear'd,

And pleasing in his eyes. Shall find in this world wretched 2. This is a Service which ye owe, A life oppress'd and hard ;

And reasonably due : So 'tis by Scripture's tenor ! For ye are not your own, ye know, Abuse and Infamy,

Bút Chrift hath purchas'd you. Maugre his juft Demeanor, His daily bread shall be.

174. 12. All this I have digefted, Yet keep my chearfulness:

Eph. ii. 11, &c. On God my Care is rested,

Emember, ye were aliens In him I acquiesce.

From Ifrael's Common. To him I give my treasure,'

wealth, And all I am and have :

And strangers from the covenants His Love transcends all pleasure Which promise saving health. Here and beyond the Grave.

2. But now are ye, that were far off, 13. Should Earth lose its foundation,

Made nigh by Chrift his blood; Tho: stand'ít my lasting Rock: And fellow-citizens with laints, No temp'ral desolation

And of the house of God ; Shall give my love a shock :

3. Built on the fure foundation Sword, poverty and famine

Laid down in holy Writ, Shall not thy Love outweigh ; And Christ himself head Corner. When Tyrants me examine,

stone, It shall me not dismay.

Who makes the Building knit : 14. Bright angel or dark spectre, 4. In whom together built ye grow

Applause, or Ease, or Pain, Into an holy place, Heights, deeps, beyond conjecture, An habitation of the Lord, All Incidents to Man,

Byhis sweet spirit of grace. Things e'er so great or little,

Whatever else we prove, They shall me not a tittle

175. From thy dear Heart remove.

Phil. ii. 2. 15. My heart's within me leaping,

And cannot be down-caft :
In fun-fhine bright, 'tis keeping

be, Its never-ending Feast :

In mutual Love combin'd; The Sun, which smiling lights me, Having the self-fame amity

Is Jesus Chrif alone; i And what to fing invites me,

And unity of mind.

2. Let nothing out of strife be done, Is Heav'n on Earth begun, Or of vain glory wrought;


"Take heed that ye likeminded




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But others to themselves each one 2. That your whole Spirit regenerate, Preferring in his Thought.

Body, and Soul, alway
3. And look not ev'ry one of you May be preserv'd immaculate
On his own things alone,

Till Christ our Saviour's Day.
But on the things of others too,
To comfort ev'ry orie.

The firji Epistle of John.

Hat which from the begin.

" Phil. iii. 26.

ning was, UR conversation is in Heav'n, This the Disciples heard ; the grace From whence we do expect

They had with their own Eyes to The Lord our Saviour Christ to come,

view; And gather his elect.

And closely they look'd at it too ; 2.And he shall change our Body vile, | 2. Yea they did handle with the hand How vile soe'er it is,

That, wherein life's word was conFor to be fashion'd in a while


Chör. - A glorious one like his; 3.His mightyworking pow'r to Thew, (The whole world's Maker sovereign Whereby the Holy one

Aljum'd a fervant's body mean.) Is able all things to subdue


The Life was manifeftéd then, Unto himself alone.

It bodily by them was seen ;

And they've to us made known the 177


As what they durft eternal name.
Pbil. iv. 6.

4. As that which with his Father was, E careful for no worldly thing for all the things which they did

And was reveal'd before their face ; But still, in all distress, Your Pray’rs and Supplications bring

preach, To God with Thankfulness.

They'd seen and heard them all and

each.. 2. And then the Peace which God imparts,

5. And why did they this Fact aver ? Past all that can be known,

That we might be, ev'n as they were; Shall sweetly keep your minds and Since God the Father and his Chritt hearts

In Fellowship with them persist.
Thro' Christ the holy one.

6. Of this their harmony with both,

To speak and write, they were not 178.

That they believers joy might aid, 1 Thel. v. 23.

And it to its full ftature lead.

I. ND now the very God of 7. And this the Apostles Doctrine was, peace

Which they from his own mouth did Sanctify you throughout,

trace : And grant that such a rich increase That God was Light, and certainly

Of grace may be pour'd out, No darkness found in him could be.

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8. If

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