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Pf. ciii.



2. The righteous fhall abound in 4. For why the Lord our God is peace,

good, Until the moon her motion ends ; His mercy is for ever sure : His large dominions Thall increase, His truth'at all times firmiy food, As far as sea or land extends :

And shall from age


endure. In him the wilderness shall trult, And all his foes shall lick the dust.

126. 3. The needy he not only loves, But shews to them his saving Light; From fraud and force hethem removes

TY soul, give laud unto the Their blood is precious in his right.

Lord, To him, who shall for ever live,

My spirit do the same, Their gold shall the Sabaans give.

And all the secrets of my heart, * Matt, ii. II.

Praise ye his holy name. 4- He first our fervent pray’rs shall Praise thou the Lord, my soul,who hear,

hath And then our everlasting Praise ; To thee been very kind, The mountains corn and trees shall And suffer not his benefits bear,

To slip out of thy mind : Such as proud Libanus does raise :

3. That gave thee pardon for thy And his lov'd City he shall bless

faults, With ever-flourishing increase.

And thee restor'd again 5. His blessed name shall time outlive, From all thy weak and frail disease, His glory fall outshine the sun ; And heal'd thee of thy pain : Then Israel praise to him Mall give,

4. That did redeem thy life from For all the Wonders he has done :

death, And all mankind his fame rehearse,

From which thou couldst not flee. Whose glory fills the Universe.

His mercy and compassion then

He did extend to thee. 125

5. The Lord is kind and merciful, Pf. c.

When finners do him grieve ;
LL people that on earth do The slowest to conceive a wrath,

And readiest to forgive.
Sing to the Lord with chearful voice: 6. According to our sin's desert
Him serve with awe, his praise forth

He doth us not regard ;

And after our Iniquities Come ye before him and rejoice. He doth us not reward. 2: The Lord, ye know, is God indeed, 7. But as the space is wondrous great Without our aid he did us make : 'Twixt earth and heaven above ; We are his flock, he doth us feed, So is his goodness much more large And for his Sheep he doth us take. To thein that do him love. 3. O enter then his gates with praise, 8. He doth remove our sins from us, Approach with joy his courts unto : And our offences all; Praise,laud and bless his name always, As far as the sun's rising is For it is seemly so to do.


Mor distant from his fall.

9. And

9. And look what pity parents do He sent the world his truth and

grace, Unto their children bear;

By th'Incarnation of his Son. Like pity beareth God to such His anger does abate betimes ; As worship him with care.

And when his Rod is felt, 10. The Lord that made us, knows His strokes are fewer than our crimes, our shape,

And lighter than our Guile : Our mold and fashion just ;

His Grace shall be for ever bleft How weak and frail our nature is, By those that love his name ; And that we are but duft.

Far, as the east is from the west,

He cafts our fin and shame. 11. But yet the goodness of the Lord

With his shall ever stand : 3. Thus thy compassions, Lord, endure Their children's children ftill receive Now and to all eternity ;

His righteousness at hand. And all shall find thy Promise sure, 12. I mean, who keep his covenant

That keep thy statutes faithfully. With all their whole Desire ;

The Lord, our great and glorious And not forget to do the thing

King, That he doth them require.

Has fix'd his throne on high :

Ye Angels, to his glory sing, 13.Ye angels, that are great in pow'r,

And Men beneath the sky. Praise ye and bless the Lord,

Join hearts and lips with one accord, Who to obey and do his Will

And praise his holy name ; Immediately accord.

My soul, according to his word. 14. Yea: all his works in ev'ry place, Do thou repeat the same.

Praise ye his holy name!
My thankful heart, my mind and soul,

128. Ye also praise the same.

Pf. civ. 127.

Y soul, thy great Creator
Out of the same.

When cloath'd in his celestial

Dan lob mein' (eel den Herren. He in full Majesty appears,
Y soul ! exalt the Lord thy And like a robe his glory wears.

2. The Skies are for his curtains And all that's in me bless his name; Make known his wondrous works Th' unfathom'd Deep he makes his

spread, abroad,

bed ; And oh, my heart, retain the same : The clouds are his triumphant car, He pardons all thy trespasses,

The winds his fleeting coursers are. Thy frailties he repairs ; Preserves thy life from great distress, 3. Angels, whom his own breath With Mercy crowns thy years :

inspires, He satisfies thy mouth with good,

His Ministers, are flaming fires. Renews thine age with strength :

The Earth's foundations by his hand The Lord hath judgments for the Are poiz’d, and fall for ever itand, proud,

4. Cloath'd and invested with the And saves th' oppress'd at length.

flood, 2.He has reveal'd his wondrous ways,

Which once above the mountains By Moses was his juftice known :



M topraise




But frighted by his thunder fied, 2. From those vain objects turn my Confind to its appointed bed.


1 5. Its waters yet some veins convey

Which this false world displays ; To hills, from whence thro’vales they But give me lively pow'r and ftrength stray.

To keep thy righteous ways. Tame heifers there their thirst allay, | 3. That only comfort in distress And for the stream wild asses bray. Did all my griefs controul ; 6. To birds, tall cedars shelter yield, Thy word, when troubles hem'd me

round, Where their high nurseries they build. He sets the Sun his double race,

Reviv'd my fainting Soul. And gives the moon her changing 4. In dead of night I will arise. face.

To sing thy folemn praise, 7. Lo ! Man to his day-labour goes,

Convinc'd how much I always ought And in the ev'ning takes repose.

To love thy righteous Ways. How strange thy works! how great 5. To such as fear thy holy name thy skill!

Myself I closely join, Which doth the earth with riches fill. To all who their obedient wills 8.Likewise the vast unfathom'd deep,

To thy commands resign. Numberless things there swim and 6. Before affliction stopt my course, creep,

My foot-steps went astray ; Still wand'ring in the paths below, But I have since been disciplin'd Whilft lipsthe swelling surface plow. Thy precepts to obey. 9. All these with expectation stand, 7. To me who am the workmanship Attending thy moft lib'ral Hand; Of thy almighty Hands, From which they all receive such food The heav'nly Understanding give As both to thee and them seems good. To learn thy just commands. 10. But when thy face is hid, they 8. All things the course by thee mourn,

ordaind And dying, to their dust return : Ev'n to this day fulfil ; Thy Spirit the dispeopled earth They are thy faithful subjects all, Fills with a new-created birth. And servants of thy will. 11. God's glory shall for ever last; 9. As I am thine, entirely thine, With his own joy his works are Protect me, Lord, from harm;

Who have thy precepts sought to Thy praises shall my breath employ,

know, Till it depart to endless joy.

And carefully perform. 10. I've seen an end of what we call

Perfection here below; 129.

But thy commandments, like thyself, Out of Pf. cxix.

No change or period know.

How sweet are all thy words to 1.DE gracious to thy fervant, Lord,

me, Do thou my life defend,

O what divine repaft! That I according to thy Word

How much more grateful to my soul, My future time may spend.

Than honey to my taste.

21. Thy


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15. The

12. Thy word is to my feet a lamp, Grounded on Christ the CornerThe way of truth to sew;

ftone, A wach-light to point out the path Mov'd with no ill, it standeth sure, Wherein I ought to go.

Stedfait like to the mount Sion.' 13. Deceitful thoughts and practices 2. And as about Jerusalem I utterly detést;

The mighty hills do it compass, But to thy Word affection bear So that no foes can come to them, Too great to be expreft.

To hurt that town in any case: 14. My hiding-place, my refuge tow'r, So God indeed in ev'ry Need

And shield art thou, O Lord ! His faithful People doth defend, I firmly anchor all my hopes

Standing them by alluredly On thy unerring word.

From this time forth world with. very entrance to thy word out end. Celestial light displays,

3. Righteous and good is our Lord And knowledge of true Happiness God, To fimpleft minds conveys.

And will not suffer certainly 16. My eyes to weeping fountains

The finners and ungodly's rod

To rest upon his family ; turn, Whence briny rivers flow,

Left they also from God should stray, To see mankind against thy laws

Falling to sin and wickedness. In bold defiance go.

O Lord, defend both night and day

Thy little Flock, and them stíll 17. Yet each neglected word of thine

bless. (Howe'er by them defpis'd) Is pure, and for eternal truth 4. O Lord, do good to Christians all By me thy fervant priz'd.

That stedfast in thy Words abide.

But such as from the Lord do fall, 18. Thy righteousness fall then' endure,

And to false doctrine daily slide ; When Time itself is past;

Them will the Lord scatter abroad, Thy Word is Truth itself, that truth

With hypocrites whose lot is hell, Which shall for ever last.

Them mult attend pains without end:

But, Lord, grant peace to Ifrael. 19. Eternal and unerring rules

Thy teftimonies give :
Teach me the Wisdom that will make

131. My soul for ever live.

Pf. cxxvii.

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Careful and sparing eat your bread, 8. Ev'n he it is, that Ifrael hall,
To thun that poverty you dread ? Thro' his abundant grace,
3. 'Tis all in vain, till God has blest, Redeem from his Offences all,
He can make rich, yet give you reft;

And wholly them deface.
Children and Friends are blessings

If God our Sov'reign makes them fo.
4. Happy the man to whom he sends

Pf. cxxxii:
How sweet

What a thing it is,

And joyful for to see, When they are seafond with his Love.

Brethren to dwell together in

Friendship and Unity! 132.

2. 'Tis like the precious ointment, Pf. cxxx.

Was pour'd on Aaron's head,

Mboo weet our daily comforts prove "Onatjoy happy or to see,

"LOPDa nunto thee I make my which from his beard down to the



skirts When dangers me oppress : Of his rich garments spread. I call, I figh, complain and groan,

3. And as the lower ground dotk Trusting to find release.

drink 2. Hearken, O Lord, to my request, The dew of Hermon hill, Unto my suit incline ;

And Sion with his silver drops And let thine ears, O Lord be prest The fields with fruit doth fill : To hear this pray’r of mine.

Ev'n so the Lord doth pour on 3. O Lord our God, if thou survey

them Our Sins, and them peruse,

His Blessings manifold, Who shall escape ? or who dare say, Whose hearts and minds sincerely do I can myself excuse ?

This Knot falt keep and hold. 4. But thou art merciful and free, And boundless in thy grace :

134• That we may always careful be To fear before thy face.

Pf. cxxxix. 5.

In God the Lord I put my trust, My soul waits on his will:

Hou, Lord, by strictest search His Promise is for ever just,

haft known And I hope therein still.

My rising up, and lying down ; 6. My soul to God hath great regard, My secret thoughts are known tothce, Withing for him alway,

Known long before conceiv'd by me. Much more than they that watch and 2. Thine eye my bed and path surward

veys, To see the dawning day. My public haunts and private ways; 7. 0 Israel, trust in the Lord, Thou know'st what’tis my lips would With him there Mercy is,

vent, And he doth plenteously afford My yet unutter'd words intent.

Redemption unto his.



3. Sur,

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