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An intermixt

Jesu miserere

ANTHEMS out of the Bible.


the enemy:
satisfied upon

them, my

Jupethten hall praise.


He is my God, and I will prepare

him an habitation : my father's God, Enoch's, Jude, verse 14.

and I will exalt him. EHOLD, the LORD cometh

The Lord is a man of war: The with ten thousands of his Lord is his name. faints, c.

Thy right hand, O Lord, is be

come glorious in power : Thy right 2.

hand, O Lord, hach dashed in pieces Jacob's, Gen. xlix. UDAH, thou art he: whom thy

The enemy said, my luft shall be

hand fhall Thy father's children thall bow destroy them : Thou diáit blow with down before thee : From the prey,

thy wind, they fank as lead.

Who is like unto thee, O Lord! my son, thou art gone up. He stooped down, he couched as

glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, a lion, and as an old lion: Who doing wonders ? Thall rouse him up?

Thou in thy mercy haft led forth The Prince of peace

cometh *:

the people which thou haft redeemUnto him shall the gathering of the ed : Thou hast guided them in thy

strength unto thy holy habitation. # Shiloh,

The nations shall hear and be a

fraid : fear and dread shall fall upon He shall wash his

garments in wine, and his cloaths in the blood Lord, till the people pals over whom

overo of grapes :

eyes Thall be redder

thou hast purchased.
than wine.
I have waited for thy falvation :

Thou malt bring them in, and O LORD!

plant them in the sanctuary, O Lord,

which thy hands have eftablished : 3.

The Lord shall reign för ever and The people of Israel's first Tbankf- ever.

giving, Exod. xv. hath triumphed gloriously:

people be.


B 2

4. The E fall put my


Strong is thy dwelling-place: and The original rehearsal of the divine thoạ putteft thy neft in a rock *.

. Cant. ü. 14. Attributes, Exod. xxxiv.

7. Landgracions? Cong-fuering

. Moses's farewell

, Deut
. xxxiii

. and abundant in goodness and truth;

how he loved the people! All Forgiving iniquity and transgresioni his Saindo de interno

emple. and fin, and that will by no means They sat down at thy feet: Every clear the guilty.

one shall receive of thy words.

Hear, Lord, the voice of Judah, 5.

and bring him unto his people : Let The original Form of blessing the be thou an help to him from his e

his hands be sufficient for him, and Congregation, Num. vi.


Let thy thummim and thy urim : Name upon

the Y

be with thy holy one. children of Israel, and I will

Who said unto his father and to bless them: The LORD bless thee, and keep thee. neither did he acknowledge his bre

his mother, I have not seen him, The LORD make his face shine upon thren, nor knew his own children: thee, and be gracious unto thee. The LORD lift up his countenance

They have observed thy Word, and

kept thy covenant. upon thee, and give thee


Bless; LORD, his substance : and 6.

accept the work of his hands.

The beloved of the LORD shall Balaam's homage, (Rev. iii. 9.) dwell in safety : The Lord shall Num. xxiii, and xxiv. cover him all the day long, and he

shall dwell between his shoulders. E hath not beheld iniquity in Rejoice in thy going out : And

Jacob, neither bath He seen in thy tents. perverseness in Israel. Jehovah, his Blessed be he that enlargeth: BeGod is with him, and the shout of cause there, in a portion of the Lawa king is among them.

giver was he seated. God brought them out : He hath Let him be acceptable to his breas it were the strength of an unicorn. thren : As thy days, so fall thy

According to this time it shall be strength be. said of Jacob : What hath God There is none like unto the God wrought!

of Jeshurun : Who rideth upon the How goodly are thy tents, O Ja- heaven in thy help. cob, and thy tabernacles, O Israel ! The eternal God is thy refuge : As the Trees which the Lord hath And underneath are the everlasting planted

He couched, he lay down as a li- He shall thrust out the enemy be. en : who shall itir him up? fore thee, Ifrael shall dwell in safety

alone :


älonie : also his heavens shall drop Before the mountains were brought down dew.

forth, or ever the earth and the Happy art thou, O Israel, who is world were made, thou art God like unto thee ? O people saved by from everlasting and world without the Lord, the shield of thy help, end. and who is the sword of thy excel- Thou turneft man to destruction : lency. Thine enemies shall be found Again thou fayest, Return, ye chilliars unto thee, and thou shalt tread dren of men. apon their high places.

For a thousand years in thy fight

are but as yesterday when it is past; 8.

and as a watch in the night. Deborah’s Psalm, Judg. v.

Thou carrieft them away as with

a flood, they are as a sleep, in the Raise ye the Lord for the a..

grass venging of Israel, when the groweth up: In the morning it is people willingly offered themselves. green and groweth up, but in the Hear, O ye kings, give ear, o evening it is cut down, dried up

and ye princes : Í, even I will fing unto withered. the Lord, I will sing praise to Jeho

The days of our age are threevah, the God of Ifrael.

score years and ten, and though men The inhabitants of the villages be so strong, that they come to fourceased, they ceased in Israel : Until score years : Yet is their strength that I arose a mother in Israel.

then but labour and sorrow; fo foon My heart is towards the governors passeth it away, and we are gone. of Israel, that offered themselves

So teach us to number our days, willingly among the people.

that we may apply our hearts unto They shall rehearse the righteous wisdom. acts of the Lord, even the righteous Turn thee again, O Lord, at the acts towards the inhabitants of his last, and be gracious unto thy fervillages in Israel : Then he made vants : 0 satisfy us with thy mercy, him chat remaineth have dominion and that soon, so shall we rejoice over the nobles.

and be glad all the days of our These were a people that jeopard- life. ed their lives unto the death : Curse

Comfort us again now after the ye (said the angel of the Lord) those time that thou hast afflicted us, and that came not to the help of the for the years wherein we have sufLord, to the help of the Lord against fered adversity : Shew thy servants the mighty.

thy work, and their children thy But let them that love the Lord,

glory. be as the sun when he goeth forth in

And the glorious majesty of the his might.

Lord our God be upon us : Prosper 9.

thou the work of our hands upon Moses's Hymn, Pf. xc.

O profper thou our handy

ORD, thou haft been our dwell.
ing-place in all generations.

10. Han



B 3


your mouth.



high, the anointed of the God of

Jacob, * and the sweet Pfalmift of Hannah's Song, 1 Sam. ii. Ifrael.

The Man who was certified concerning the Y heart rejoiceth in Jehovah, Meffiah. Matt. xxii.

mine horn is exalted in the Lord: Because I rejoice in thy sal- me: And his word was in my

The spirit of the Lord spake by vation.

tongue. There is none holy as the Lord :

The God of Ifrael faid, the rock For there is none beside thee, nei. of Israel spake to me; he that ruther is there any rock like our God. Talk no more so exceeding proud- in the fear of God.

leth over men, muft be just, ruling ly: Let not arrogancy come out of

12. For the Lord is a God of knowledge; and by him actions are

2 Sam. vü. weigh’d.

The bows of the mighty men are broken: and they that stumbled, are and what is my house, that girt with strength.

thou hast brought me hitherto ? The Lord killeth, and maketh

And this was yet a small thing in i alive: He bringeth down to the thy fight, O Lord God: But thou grave, and bringeth up.

haft spoken also of thy servant's The Lord maketh poor and ma- house for a great while to come. keth rich : He bringeth low, and And is this the manner of man, o

Lord God? He raiseth up the poor out of the And what can David say more duft; and lifteth up the beggar from unto thee ? For thou, Lord God, the dunghill,

knoweft thy servant. To set them among princes, and For thy word's fake, and accordto make them inherit the throne of ing to thine own heart haft thou glory.

done all these great things . to make He will keep the feet of his saints. thy servant know them. The Lord Mall judge the ends of the Wherefore thou art great, O Lord earth.

God: For there is none like thee, And he shall give strength unto neither is there any God beside thee, his king, and exalt the horn of his according to all that we have heard anointed.

with our ears.

And what one nation in the earth PSA L M S.

is like thy people, even like Israel: whom God went to redeem for a

people to himself ? 2 Sam. xxiii.

For thou hast confirmed to thyself

thy people to be a people unto thee the man who was raised up on come their God.

lifreth up:

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, L'ord, art be

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