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10. I will behold my God in Blood | When the Serpent makes his way expire,

To my heart, Lord! grant I may This thall my Heart with holy Wich thy cross, and crown of briar, thoughts inspire,

Chase from thence that grand DeThis will enable me to Thun the evil stroyer.

World, Flesh, and Devil. Would the World with gay temp11. Unto thy praise my All I'H tation gladly venture,

Draw me to its own broad way; Upon thy 'Shame and Cross I'll free. Let me then think on thy Paffion, ly enter,

And the load which on thee lay. No Pain nor Death Thall change my | Sure the Sweat and precious blood refolution,

Of my dear expiring God
Nor Perfecution.

Will create in me a passion 12. My poor and insignificant endea- To oppose and fun Temptation, voor

4. Lord, in ev'ry fore Oppression, I trust thou'lt not despise: Grant me Let thy Wounds be


relief. the favour

When I seek thine Intercession, To feed upon thy Corpse and Blood's Add new strength to my Belief. effusion,

In thy bloody Hands and Feet
Without confusion.

All my greatest comforts meet. 13. When on my head fhall stand This imprinted demonftration the Crown of glory,

Of thy love, be my salvation. When all is swallow'd up that's tran- 5. All my hope and consolation fitory,

Christ, is in thy bitter Death.
Then shall my Voice be suited to the In the hour of Expiration,

Lord, receive my dying Breath.
To thank thee better. By thine Agony and sweat,
S. Augußinus. Grant me, Lord, a fafe Retreat :

By thy glorious Resurrection

Raise thy servant to perfectior.

6. Chrift, thy facred wounds and Jelu, deine tieffe funden.


Bloody Sweat, cross, death and
Hrift, thy facred wounds and

Bloody sweat, Cross, Death, and

Be my daily meditation,

Till I to thy Presence come;

Most of all, when I go hence,
Be my daily meditation,
Till I to thy presence come.

Let this be my confidence,
When a sinful Thought shall start,

That thy deep Humiliation Ready to feduce my heart ;

Was to purchase my Salvation.

Shew me, that 'twas mny pollution
Caus'd thy bloody Execution.

2. Should my bosom with lewd pal- Chrift Tag in Todes barjen.

Be enfam'd, and burn to fin,

Hrift was to Death ahased,
Let the thoughts of thine Oblation And giv’n for our Transgref-
Quench that spreading hell within.

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But by his being raised,

7. Life's Bread, by which we are upa ! Regain'd our Life's poffeffion.

held, This Thould make our souls rejoice, Is Christ for ever living ; And praise the Lord with heart and The Leav'n of fin is still expelled voice

By Grace, which he is giving. In singing Hallelujah. Hallel. Faith desires no other Food 2. None could be found of Adam's But our Redeemer's flesh and blood,

Bleft be his name for ever. Hai. Who Death and Hell could faughter,

226: Sim had defac'd the worth and


Ad regias Agni dafes.
Of ev'ry fon and daughter.
Death then, caused by the Fall,

Ome now to the Lamb's feat, Was from thence entail'd on all,

In white your spirits dreft ; And kept the world in bondage. For we in guilt's Red-sea 3. But Jefus, whom God ever lov'd, Forsaken do not stay ;

Came down for our Salvation: The Lord our Prince and Friend Death from her empire he remov'd, Be praised without end.

And by his blessed Pallon 2. His Body, our rich food, Ruin'd all her pow'r and claim, Prepar'd on Cross's wood, And left death nothing but the name; | The Blood, so crimson red,

The Sting is lost for ever: Hal. This Paschal Lamb did shed, 4. How hot and wond'rous was the Our ransom is, whereby Fray !

We are to God brought nigh.
Life was with Death surrounded ; 3. The Slayer's night is o'er,
The Lord of Life here gain'd the day, On us he has no pow'r ;

Death's Kingdom was confounded. From Pharoah we're set free,
This the Scripture doth record, And all his Tyranny;
That Death was conquer'd with his Led forth, deliver'd clean

From yoke of Luft and Sin.
And led at last in triumph. Hal. 4. Therefore our feast is Chrift,
5. This is the bleffed Paschal Lamb That Lamb once sacrific'd :

By God himself appointed : Th' unleaven'd Bread, which suits The Prophets do aloud proclaim New Life,' and its pure fruits,

1 hat this is THE ANOINTED.' Ish is Flesh, for our Good On our hearts his Blood we show ; Up-offer'd and bestow'd. No Fears of death disturb us now: 5. Of 'ring adorable!

Subdued is that destroyer. Hal. Which burst the Bars of Hell : 6. This is the day the Lord has made, What Satan held before, To all our Hopes to raise us :

Shall see the light once more, Let heav'n rejoice, let earth be glad, Yea is, by Jefu's Pain,

And join to fing his praises. Restor'd to life again. He dispels the Clouds of sin, 6. The Lord now leaves his Tomb: His Merit cleanses all within, Th° Abyss he hath o'ercome, We are remov'd from darkness. The murd'ring prince has bound, Hal.

From all his pow'r dethron'd,




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"IN former times a Man there

And from fair Eden's door

The Bolt so strong has tore.
7. Great Father, ever blest !

Dan bitten wir den Delligeu Seif.
Receive this our request :
And what thy Son, when here,

Tow our request to the Holy

By Combat gain'd so dear,
Rescue from
death, and all

For right Believing is uppermost, Which Mischief we must call.

That he may support us till the last 8. Thou, Lord, be highly prais'd,


Of this so darksome Death Ihadow's Who from the dead art rais'd! With Sire, and Spirit too,

Valley : Who strength can us allow

Have mercy, Lord ! Still more, till Time shall be

2. Bright Splendour ! give us a glimLolt in Eternity.

mering Of Christ, and besides Him not any

thing; 227

That we may depend on that bold Es war einmal ein ana, &c.


Who brought us forth to our native N former times a Man there


Have mercy, Lord. was, A Saint, whose name was Martin, 3.7

.Thou sweetest Love! pray we hearConcerning whom old hift'ry * says, tily, Satan came to him darting,

Let us feel Love-sparks amazingly, As lightning quick and bright ar. Let us from our Heart be t' each ray'd ;

other tender, “I am thy Jesus dear, he said, And to the brotherly Mind surrender. “Me thou wilt surely worship."

Have mercy, Lord. 2. Martin look'd itrait toward his 4. Thou Helper kind of the Poor Side,

attack'd, No scar there met his vision : May neither shame nor death us di. Let me, says he, in peace abide,

Thou haft no fide's, incision; But our feeble senses keep still usThou art che tempter, I understand ! daunted, The place where Jesu's Sign does Should we with Plots 'gainst our life stand,

be haunted. I else must needs discover.

Have mercy, Lord. 3. The same's the case ev'n at this

With Jesu's Congregation :

Veni Creator Spiritus.
Who to him once has found his way, i. Ome Holy Ghost,eternal God,
Hath of his Wounds sensation ;

Proceeding from above, Because our dear incarnate God

Both from the Father and the Son, Will with his Wounds as Man be

The God of peace and love. view'd,

2. Visit our minds, and into us
Be felt, and so believ'd on.

Thy heav'nly grace inspire,
Sulpitius Severus in vita B. Marsini.


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That for all Truth and Godliness Tie fast the knots of Peace and Love We may have true desire.

Throughout all Christian Lands. 3. Thou art the very Comforter 13. Grant us, O Lord, thro' thee to In all grief and distress ;

know The heav'nly Gift of God most high, The Father most of might; Which no tongue can express :

Till of his dear beloved Son 4. The Fountain and the living spring

We may attain the fight : Of Joy celestial,

14. And that with perfect faith also The fire so bright, the love so sweet, We may acknowledge thee, And Unction spiritual.

The Spirit of them both alway! 5. Thou in thy gifts art manifold, One God in Persons three. Whereby Christ's Church doth

Liturg. Ang!, stand; In faithful hearts writing thy law,

23®. The Finger of God's hand.

Another. 6. According to thy promise made,

Thou givest Speech with grace, That thro' thy help the Praise of God

Ome Holy Ghost, our fouls May found in ev'ry place.


And lighten with celestial Fire. 7. O Holy Ghoft, into our souls Send down thy heav'nly Light :

2. Thou the anointing Spirit art, Kindle our Hearts with fervent love, Who dost thy sev’nfold gifts impart. To serve God day and night.

3. Thy blessed Unction from above 8. Our weakness strengthen and con

Is Comfort, Life, and fire of love. firm,

4. Enable with perpetual Light Which feeble is and frail ;

The dulness of our blinded light. That neither Devil, world, nor fel, 5. Anoint and chear our soiled face. Against us may prevail.

With the abundance of thy Grace. 9. Our enemies put far from us,

6. Keep far our foes, give peace at And grant us to obtain Peace in our hearts with God and Where thou art guide, no ill canman,

come. Without grudge or disdain.

7. Teach us to know the Father, Son, 10. And grant, O Lord, that thou And Thee of both, to be but one : being

8. That thro' the ages all along, Our Leader and our guide, This, this may be our endless song: We may eschew the snares of Sin, 9. Praise to thy eternal merit, And never from thee side.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 01. To us such plenty of thy grace, Good Lord ! grant, we thee pray,

Ibid. That thou mayît be our Comforter

At the last dreadful Day. 12. Of all frife and difension, Lord,

Do thou digolve the bands :

home :

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Thou, in toil a Resting-seat,

Temper in excessive heat,
Veni, fan&te Spiritus.

Solace to a foul in grief.

3. O thou blessedest of lights ! komm Deiliger Seit, Derre Gott.

Those that love t'observe thy Rites,

With thyself their Bosoms fill. Tome, Holy Ghost! come,

Thou being absent, nothing can
Lord our God!

Be regardable in man,
Spread faith and love divine abroad;
And fill thy longing People's minds

Nothing can he act but ill.
With precious gifts of fundry kinds. 4. What is fordid, purify;
O Lord, thro' the bleft Cross's pow'r

Water what is over.dry;
Thou to the Faith halt gather do'er Pliant make what's hard to yield ;

What is wounded, render sound ; A Flock from ev'ry tongue and place: Cherish what with Cold is chillid; , Lord, be sung unto thy praise

Govern what is vagabond. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 2. Thou Light of glory, gracious $. In the faithful, that confide

, | in Lord ! Revive us by thy holy Word,

All thy Train of sev'nfold Grace : And teach thy fock in truth to call

Give in good paths Steddiness, On God the Father of us all.

Give th'

Accomplishment of Bliss, Delusive Errors far remove,

Joys of an eternal space.
And guide us always by that love,
Which keeping close to Jesu's path,

233: Rejects all other guides of faith. Hal.

Herr Gott, dich loben alle wtt. 3. Thou great dispenser of that love, Which fent Redemption from above,

O God let all the human Oh, grant us Faith and Constancy, To conquer Sin, and yield to thee. O Lord! by thine almighty grace

Bring humble worship mixt with Prepare us, so to run our Race,


Who makes his Love and wisdom That we from bands of sins kept free,

known May gain a blest eternity. Hallel.

By Angels that surround his throne. 232.

2. These angels, whom thy breath

inspires, Thy ministers, are flaming fires,

And swift as thought their armies NOme unto us, Holy Ghost !

move, From thy brightceleftialcoaft To bear thy vengeance or thy love. Send us a resplendent beam. 3. They joy t'obey thy bleffed will; Come, thou Parent of the poor, They love t'increase their knowledge Come, thou bounteous Gift bestow'r, still ;

Come, thou heart reviving Gleam. They always serve the Lord their 2. Thou of comforters the best,

Rock, Thou the foul's delightful Guelt, In keeping guard around thy Flock.

A refreshing sweet relief:



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