Mirror Symmetry II

Coperta unu
B. Greene, S. -T. Yau
American Mathematical Society, 1 apr. 2001 - 844 pagini
Mirror Symmetry has undergone dramatic progress since the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) workshop in 1991, whose proceedings constitute voluem I of this continuing collection. Tremendous insight has been gained on a number of key issues. This volume surveys these results. Some of the contributions in this work have appeared elsewhere, while others were written specifically for this collection. The areas covered are organized into 4 sections, and each presents papers by both physicists and mathematicians. This volume collects the most important developments that have taken place in mathematical physics since 1991. It is an essential reference tool for both mathematics and physics libraries and for students of physics and mathematics. Titles in this series are co-published, between the American Mathematical Society and International Press, Cambridge, MA, USA.

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