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By the Same Author,

ESSAYS; THOUGHTS AND REFLECTIONS ; AND SERMONS: on Various Subjects. Third Edition. 8vo.


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LONDON; Printed by William Clowes and Sons,

Stamford Street.


The Three Lectures on Ruth, with which this Volume concludes, are added, principally, with a view to ascertain how far they may meet a favourable reception from the religious public. Should it be the will of God, for such a mark of encouragement to attend them; and should He be pleased to add another year to the life of their composer; he hopes to present to the world a Series of Discourses on Select passages of the Old Testament, written in the same style and manner, and of which these three Lectures are furnished, as specimens or samples.

The Author is unwilling to omit, on this occasion, the expression of his gratitude to Almighty God, for the success of a former Volume, now in the Third Edition ; and for the grounds which

have been afforded him, of humble confidence that it has, in some special instances, suggested motives of comfort to the afflicted, and of conso

lation to those who mourned for the loss of

friends; and raised their affections to Him who, alone, can heal the broken-hearted, and turn their sorrow into joy.

It is with the hope, that the present endeavour may be attended with a like success, that this Volume is offered to the Public. And if it be made the humble instrument of bringing some who are weary and heavy-laden, to the only rest for man, some wandering sheep to the only Shepherd of the soul; if it be the means of convincing some self-approving sinners, that the blood of Jesus Christ, alone, can present us, with acceptance, in the light of the glory of the presence of God,—of turning the footsteps of some lambs of the flock, into those sweet pastures, whose ways are ways of pleasantness, and all whose paths are peace,-or of pointing out to some weather-beaten voyager, on the world's tempestuous ocean, that

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