But God - I Blew It!

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 208 pagini
So many people in the world truly believe they are not worthy of receiving God's best for them. The devil convinces people that they have blown it and there is no way out. This book gives vivid examples of God's provision today for all that will turn to Him. Wasted years do not have to mean a wasted life. Reading this book will build your faith and make you diligently seek God's plan for your life. You can know today what God wants for your tomorrow - scripture proves it. The good life is available for the asking. Don't let the devil steal another day of your precious life or the life of a loved one. Find out the real key to success in life! God has a predestined plan for your life! Let God position you for taking possession of your Garden of Eden - the good life! Enjoy! Janice Marie - being "about her Father's business". She and the world thought she had blown it! Hearing God's voice once again - write and speak - for ME! This time she would answer the Call of God on her life! A child of God since age 9 - finally surrendered to do His will! Born in a small town in Arkansas, Janice earned a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in psychology. For years she loved God but made consistent wrong choices in relationships that almost ended her life. Today she writes to all who think they have missed God's good life. Her message - the devil is a liar; God still has a plan! God knew every mistake you would make and He designed your plan with that in mind! Janice had to challenge her belief system to reach a new intimate level with God - surrendered the highest level of commitment!

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