German Order of Battle: Panzer, Panzer Grenadier, and Waffen SS divisions in World War II

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Stackpole Books, 2007 - 301 pagini
The final volume of Samuel Mitcham's trilogy on the German Army in World War II focuses on panzer, panzer grenadier, motorized, and Waffen SS divisions. Among these units are the 1st SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Division, whose members included tank ace Michael Wittmann; the notorious 12th SS Hitler Youth Division that fought the Allies in Normandy; the 3rd SS Totenkopf Division that wreaked havoc on the Eastern Front; and the panzer divisions that spearheaded the German blitzkrieg in the East and West. About the Author: Samuel W. Mitcham Jr. is the author of more than 20 books on World War II, including The Panzer Legions (0-8117-3353-X), Retreat to the Reich (0-8117-3384-X), and The German Defeat in the East (0-8117-3371-8). He lives in Louisiana. Review: "Mitcham's knowledge of the German armed forces is encyclopedic." --Parameters Narrative histories highlighting organization, combat experiences, and casualties of each division Lists of constituent units and division commanders Sources for further reading on each division “ 20 b/w photos & 3 maps

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Despre autor (2007)

Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr., is the author of more than twenty books on World War II. He lives in Louisiana.

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