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unto you,

From the First Epistle of PAUL to the

willing to have imparted CHAP. II.

unto you, not the gospel of OR yourselves, brethren, God only, but also our own know our entrance in fouls, because ye were dear

that it was not in unto us. vain :

9 For ye remember, bre2 But even after that we thren, our labour and travail. had suffered before, and were For labouring night and day, shamefully entreated, as ye because we would not be know at Philippi, we were chargeable unto any of you, bold in our God to speak we preached unto you the unto you the gospel of God, gospel of God. with much contention.

10 Ye are witnesses, and 3 For our exhortation was God also, how holily and not of deceit, nor of unclean- juftly and unblameably we ness, nor in guile :

behaved ourselves among you 4

But as we were allowed that believe : of God to be put in trust Ir As ye know how we with the gospel, even so we exhorted and comforted and speak, not as pleasing men, charged every one of but God, which trieth our a father dath his children, hearts.

12 That ye would walk 5 For neither at any time worthy of God, who hath used we Aattering words, as called you unto his kingdom ye know, nor a cloke of co- and glory. vetousness; God is witness: 13 For this cause also thank

6 Nor of men fought we we God without ceasing, beglory, neither of you, nor cause, when ye received the yet of others, when we might word of God which ye heard have been burdensome, as of us, ye received it not as the apostles of Christ. the word of men, but (as it

7 But we were gentle is in truth) the word of God, among you, even as a nurse which effectually worketh cherisheth her children: also in you that believe,

8 So being affectionately 14 For ye, brethren, became desirous of you, we were followers of the churches of


you, as

God, which in Judea are in 2 For yourselves know Christ Jesus: for ye also have perfectly, that the day of the suffered like things of your Lord so cometh as a thief in own countrymen, even as the night. they have of the Jews : 3 For when they shall say,

15 Who both killed the Peace and safety, then sudLord Jesus, and their own den destruction cometh upon prophets, and have perse them, as travail upon a wocuted us; and they please man with child; and they not God, and are contrary shall not escape. to all men:

4 But ye, brethren, are 16 Forbidding us to speak not in darkness, that that day to the Gentiles that they should overtake you as a might be saved, to fill up thief. their fins alway. For the 5 Ye are all the children wrath is come upon them to of light, and the children of the uttermoft.

the day: we are not of the 17 But we, brethren, be- night, nor of darkness. ing taken from you for a 6 Therefore let us not short time in presence, not sleep as do others; but let in heart, endeavoured the us watch and be sober. more abundantly to see your 7 For they that sleep, sleep face with great desire. in the night, and they that

18 Wherefore we would be drunken, are drunken in have come unto you, even I the night. Paul, once and again; but 8 But let us, who are of Satan hindered us.

the day, be sober; putting on 19 For what is our hope, the breast-plate of faith and or joy, or crown of rejoicing? love; and, for an helmet, are not even ye in the pre- the hope of salvation. fence of our Lord Jesus Chrift


For God hath not apat his coming ?

pointed us to wrath, but to 20 For ye are our glory obtain salvation by our Lord

Jesus Chrift,

To Who died for us; that СНАР, V.

whether we wake or sleep, UT of the times and we thould live together with

the seasons, brethren, him. ye have no need that I write 11 Wherefore comfort

yourselves together, and e

and joy.

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unto you.

dify one another, even as 19 Quench not the Spirit. allo ye do.

20 Despise not prophecy12 And we beseech you, ings. brethren, to know them 21 Prove all things ; hold which labour among you, fast that which is good. and are over you in the 22 Abstain from all apLord, and admonish you ;

pearance of evil. 13 And to esteem them 23 And the very God of very highly in love for their peace fanctify you wholly ; works' fake. And be at and I pray God your whole peace among yourselves.

spirit and soul and body be 14 Now we exhort you, preserved blameless unto the brethren, warn them that are coming of our Lord Jesus unruly, comfort the feeble Christ. minded, support the weak, 24 Faithful is he that be patient toward all men, calleth you, who also will

15 See that none render do it. evil for evil unto any man ;

25 Brethren, pray for us. but ever follow that which 26 Greet all the brethren is good, both among your- with an holy kiss. selves, and to all men,

27. I charge you by the 16 Rejoice evermore. Lord that this epistle be read 17 Pray without ceasing. unto all the holy brethren. 18 In everything give 28 The


of our Lord thanks : for this is the will Jesus Christ be with you. of God in Christ Jesus, con- Amen. cerning you.

From the First Epistle of PAUL to


mercy, and peace from God

our Father, and Jesus Christ AUL, an apostle of Je- our Lord. sus Christ by the com

3 As I besought thee to mandment of God our Sa- abide still at Ephesus when I viour, and Lord Jesus Christ, went into Macedonia, thať which is our hope; thou mightest charge some

2 Unto Timothy my own that they teach no other fon in the faith'; grace, doctrine,

4 Neither


4 Neither give heed to 12 And I thank Christ fables and endless genealo- Jesus our Lord, who hathgies, which minister questi- enabled me, for that he ons rather than godly edify- counted me faithful, putting ing, which is in faith; so do. me into the ministry;

5 Now the end of the 13 Who was before a commandment is charity out blasphemer, and a persecu. of a pure heart, and of a tor, and injurious. But I good conscience, and of faith obtained mercy, because I unfeigned:

did it ignorantly in unbelief. 6 From which some hay- 14 And the grace of our ing swerved have turned Lord was exceeding abunafide unto vain jangling; dant, with faith and love

7 Defiring to be teachers which is in Christ Jesus. of the law; understanding 15 This is a faithful fayneither what they say, nor ing, and worthy of all acwhereof they affirm. ceptation, that Christ Jesus

8 But we know that the came into the world to fave law is good, if a man use it finners; of whom I am chief. lawfully;

16 Howbeit for this cause 9 Knowing this that the I obtained mercy, that in me law is not made for a righte- first Jesus Christ might shew ous man, but for the lawless forth all long-suffering, for a and disobedient, for the un- pattern to them which should godly and for finners, for hereafter believe on him, to unholy and profane, for mur- life everlasting. derers of fathers, and mur- 17 Now unto the King derers of mothers, for mán- eternal, immortal, invisible, slayers,

the only wise God, be ho10 For whoremongers, for nour and glory for ever and them that defile themselves ever. Amen. with mankind, for men-steal- 18 This charge I commit ers, for liars, for perjured unto thee, son Timothy, acpersons, and if there be any cording to the prophecies other thing that is contrary which went before on thee, to found doctrine;

that thou by them mightest 11 According to the glo- war a good warfare ; rious gospel of the blessed

19 Holding faith and a God, which was committed good conscience; which some

having put away, concerning H 2


to my trust.

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faith have made shipwreck: (tentment is great gain.

20 Of whom is Hymeneus 7 For we brought nothing and Alexander; whom I have into this world, and it is cerdelivered unto Satan, that tain we can carry nothing they may learn not to blaf- out. pheme.

8 And having food and

raiment, let us be therewith CHAP. VI.

content. ET as many servants 9 But they that will be

as are under the yoke, rich, fall into temptation, and count their own masters a snare, and into many

foolish worthy of all honour, that and hurtfullusts, which drown the name of God and his men in destruction and perdoctrine be not blasphemed. dition. 2 And they that have be

io For the love of money lieving masters, let them not is the root of all evil: which, despise them, because they are while some coveted after, they brethren: but rather do them have erred from the faith, and service, because they are picrced themselves through faithful and beloved, par- with many sorrows. takers of the benefit. These II But thou, O man of things teach and exhort. God, Aee these things; and

3. If any man teach other follow after righteousness, wife, and consent not to godliness, faith, love, patiwholsome words, even the ence, meekness. words of our Lord Jesus 12 Fight the good fight Christ, and to the doctrine of faith, lay hold on eternal which is according to godli- life, whereunto thou art also ness;

called, and haft professed a 4 He is proud, knowing good profession before many nothing, but doting about witnesses. questions and strifes of words, 13 I give thee charge in whereof cometh envy, strife, the light of God, whe quickrailings, evil surmisings, eneth all things, and before

5 Perverse disputings of Christ Jesus, who before men of corrupt minds, and Pontius Pilate witnessed a destitute of the truth, sup- good confession; pofing that gain is godliness: 14 That thou keep this from such withdraw thyself. commandment without spot, 6 But godliness with con- unrebukeable, until the ap


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