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do they reap, nor gather into for the things of itself. Sufbarns; yet your heavenly Fa- ficient unto the day is the ther feedeth them.

Are ye evil thereof. not much better than they? 27 Which of you by tak

CHAP. VII. ing thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

UDGE not, that ye be 28 And why take ye thought not judged. for raiment? Consider the li- 2 For with what judgelies of the field, how they ment ye judge, ye shall be grow: they toil not, neither judged; and with what meado they spin:

sure ye mete, it shall be mea29 And yet I say unto you, sured to you again. That even Solomon in all his 3 And why beholdest thou glory was not arrayed like the mote that is in thy broone of these.



but confiderest not 30 Wherefore, if God fo the beam that is in thine own clothe the grass of the field, eye? which to-day is, and to-mor- 4

Or how wilt thou say to row is cast into the oven, jhall thy brother, Let me pull out be not much more clothe you, the mote out of thine eye; Oye of little faith?

and, behold, a beam is in 31 Therefore take no thine own eye? thought, saying, What shall

5 Thou hypocrite, first cast we eat?

or what shall we out the beam out of thine drink? or wherewithal shall own eye; and then shalt thou we be clothed ?

see clearly to cast out the 32 (For after all these mote out of thy brother's eye, things do the Gentiles seek;) 6 Give not that which for your heavenly Father is holy unto the dogs, neither knoweth that ye have need cast ye your pearls before of all these things.

swine; left they trample them 33 But seek ye first the under their feet, and turn kingdom of God, and his again and rend you. righteousness, and all these

7 9 Alk, and it shall be things thall be added unto given you; seek, and ye hall you.

find; knock, and it shall be 34 Take therefore noopened unto you: thought for the morrow: for 8 For every one that alkthe morrow shall take thought eth, ręce veth; and he that

fęeketh, seeketh, findeth; and to him a corrupt tree bringeth forth that knocketh, it shall be evil fruit. opened.

18 A good tree cannot 9 Or what man is there bring forth evil fruit; neither of you, whom if his son alkcan a corrupt tree bring forth bread, will he give him a good fruit. stone?

19 Every tree that bring10 Or, if he ask a fish, will eth not forth good fruit, is he give him a serpent? hewn down, and cast into

11 If ye then being evil, the fire. know how to give good gifts 20 Wherefore by their unto your children, how much fruits ye shall know them. more shall your Father which 21 Not every one that is in heaven give good things faith unto me, Lord, Lord, to them that ask him? shall enter into the kingdom

12 Therefore all things of heaven; but he that doeth whatsoever ye would that the will of my Father which men should do to you, do


is in heaven. even so to them: for this is 22 Many will say to me in the law and the prophets. that day, Lord, Lord, have

13 9 Enter ye in at the we not prophesied in thy strait gate; for wide is the name ? and in thy name have gate, and broad is the way cast out devils ?' and in thy that leadeth to destruction, name done many wonderful and many there be which go works? in thereat :

23 And then will I profess 14 Because strait is the unto them, I never knew gate, and narrow is the way you : depart from me, ye which leadeth unto life, and that work iniquity. few there be that find it. 24 Therefore, whoso

15 9 Beware of false pro- ever heareth these sayings of phets, which come to you in mine, and doeth them, I will sheep's clothing, butinwardly liken him unto a wise man they are ravening wolves. which built his house upon a

16 Ye shall know them by rock : their fruits: Do men gather 25 And the rain descended, grapes of thorns, or figs of and the foods came, and the thistles ?

winds blew, and beat upon 17 Even so every good tree that house; and it fell not: for bringeth forth good fruit; but it was founded upon a rock.

B 4

26 And

26 And every one that out to meet him. heareth these sayings of mine, 7 Then all those virgins and doeth them not, shall be arose, and trimmed their likened unto a foolish man lamps. which built his house upon 8 And the foolish said unto the sand :

the wise, Give us of your 27 And the rain descended, oil; for our lamps are gone and the floods came, and the out. winds blew, and beat upon 9 But the wife answered, that house; and it fell, and saying, Not so; left there bę great was the fall of it. not enough for us and you :

28 And it came to pass, but go ye rather to them that when Jesus had ended these sell, and buy for yourselves. sayings, the people were asto- 10 And while they went nished at his doctrine:

to buy, the bridegroom came; 29 For he taught them as and they that were ready one having authority, and not went in with him to the as the scribes.

marriage; and the door was

shut. CHAP. XXV.

11 Afterward came also

the other virgins, saying, HEN shall the king- Lord, Lord, open to us.

dom of heaven be 12 But he answered and likened unto ten virgins, said, Verily I say unto you, which took their lamps, and I know you not. went forth to meet the bride- 13 Watch therefore, for groom.

ye know neither the day nor 2 And five of them were the hour wherein the Son of wise, and five were foolish. man cometh.

3 They that were foolish 14 7 For the kingdom of took their lamps, and took heaven is as a man travelling no oil with them :

into a far country, who called 4 But the wife took oil in his own servants, and delitheir vessels with their lamps. vered unto them his goods. 5

While the bridegroom 15 And unto one he gave tarried, they all flumbered five talents, to another two, and fept.

and to another one; to every 6 And at midnight there man according to his several was a cry made, Behold, the ability; and straightway took bridegroom cometh ; go ye his journey.

16 Then

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16 Then he that had re- many things : enter thou into ceived the five talents, went the joy of thy lord. and traded with the same, and 24 Then he which had made them other five talents. received the one talent came,

17 And likewife he that and said, Lord, I knew thee had received two, he also that thou art an hard man, gained other two.

reaping where thou hast not 18 But he that had re-rown, and gathering where ceived one, went and digged thou hast not strawed: in the earth, and hid his 25 And I was afraid, and lord's money.

went and hid thy talent in 19 After a long time the the earth : lo, there thou hast lord of those servants cometh, that is thine. and reckoneth with them. 26 His lord answered and

20 And so he that had re-faid unto him, Thou wicked ceived five talents came and and slothful servant, thou brought other five talents, knewest that I reap where I saying, Lord, thou deliveredit lowed not, and gather where unto me five talents: behold, I have not strawed: I have gained beside them 27 Thou oughtest therefive talents more.

fore to have put my money 21 His lord said unto him, to the exchangers, and then Well done, thou good and at my coming I should have faithful servant : thou hast received mine own with been faithful a“ few usury. things, I will make thee 28 Take therefore the taruler over many things: en- lent froin him, and give it ter thou into the joy of thy unto him which hath ten talord,

lents. 22. He also that had re- 29 For unto everyone ceived two talents came and that hath shall be given, and faid, Lord, thou deliveredít he shall have abundance: but unto me two talents: behold, from him that hath not shall I have gained two other ta- be taken away even that lents belide them :

which he hath. 23 His lord said unto him, 30 And cast ye the unproWell done, good and faith-fitable servant into outer ful servant; thou hast been darkness : there shall be faithful over a few things, I weeping and gnashing of will make thee ruler over teeth.


31 ? When 31 When the Son of

40 And the King shall anman shall come in his glory, swer and say unto them, Veand all the holy angels with rily I say unto you, Inasmuch him, then shall he fit upon as ye have done it unto one the throne of his glory: of the least of these


bre32 And before him shall thren, ye have done it unto be gathered all nations: and me. he Thall separate them one 41 Then shall he fay also froin another, as a shepherd unto them on the left hand, divideth his sheep from the Depart from me, ye cursed, goats :

into everlasting fire, prepared 33 And he shall set the for the devil and his ansheep on his right hand, but gels: the goats on the left.

42 For I was an hungred, 34 Then shall the King and ye gave me no meat: I fay unto them on his right was thirsty, and ye gave me hand, Come, ye blessed of no drink: my Father, inherit the king- 43 I was a stranger, and dom prepared for you from ye took me not in: naked, the foundation of the world: and ye clothed me not: sick, 35 For I was an hungred, and in prison, and ye

visited and ye gave me meat : 1 me not. was thirty, and ye gave me 44 Then shall they also drink: I was a stranger, and answer him, saying, Lord, ye took me in:

when saw we thee an hun36 Naked, and ye clothed gred, or athirst, or a stranger, me: I was fick, and ye vi- or naked, or fick, or in prifited me: I was in prison, son, and did not minister and ye came unto me. unto thee?

37 Then shall the righte- 45 Then shall he answer ous answer him, saying, Lord, them, saying, Verily I say when saw we thee an hun- unto you, Inasmuch as ye gred, and fed thee? or thirsty, did it not to one of the least and gave

thee drink? of these, ye did it not to 38 When saw we thec a me. stranger, and took thee in? 46 And these hall go away or naked, and clothed thee? into everlasting punishment:

39 Or when faw we thee but the righteous into life fick, or in prison, and came eternal. unto thee!


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