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59 How is he numbered through, and therein afteramong the children of God, wards no sign where she went and his lot is among the is to be found; faints !

12 Or like as when an 6 Therefore have we er- arrow is shot at a mark, it red froin the way of truth, parteth the air, which imand the light of righteousness mediately cometh together hath not shined unto us, and again, so that a man cana the fun of righteousness rose not know where it went not upon us.

through. 7 We wearied ourselves 13 Even so we, in like in the way

of wickedness and manner, as soon as we were destruction: yea, we have born, began to draw to our gone through deserts, where end, and had no sign of virthere lay no way: but as for tue to fhew; but were conthe way of the Lord, we have fumed in our own wickednot known it.

ness. 8 What hath pride pro- 14 For the hope of the fited us ? or what good hath ungodly is like duft that is riches with our vaunting blown away with the wind; brought us !

like a thin froth that is driva © All those things are en away with the storm; passed away like a shadow, like as the smoke which is and as a post that hafteth dispersed here and there with by;

a tempest, and passeth away 10 And as a ship that pafl- as the remembrance of a eth over the waves of the guest that tárrieth but a water, which when it is gone day. by, the trace thereof cannot 15 But the righteous live be found, neither the path for evermore; their reward way of the keel in the also is with the Lord, and waves ;

the care of them is with the 11 Or as when a bird most High. hath flown through the air,

16 Therefore shall they there is no token of her way receive a glorious kingdom, to be found, but the light air, and a beautiful crown from being beaten with the stroke the Lord's hand: for with of her wings, and, parted his right hand shall he cover with the violent noise and them, and with his arm shall motion of them,' is passed the protect them.

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17 He shall take to him 2 Give ear, ye that rute his jealousy for complete ar- the people, and glory in the mour, and make the crea- multitude of nations. ture his weapon for the re- 39 For power is given venge

of his enemies. you of the Lord, and fove18 He shall put on righte- reignty from the Highest, ousness as a breast-plate, and who Thall try your works, true judgment instead of an and search out your counsels. helmet.

4 Because being ministers 19

He shall take holiness of his kingdont, ye have not for an invincible shield. judged aright, nor kept the

20 His severe wrath shall law, nor walked after the he sharpen for a sword, and counsel of God. the world shall fight with 59 Horribly and speedily him against the unwise.

shall he come upon you:

for 21 Then shall the right- a sharp judgment shall be to aiming thunderbolts go a-. them that be in high places. broad, and from the clouds, 6 For mercy will soon as from a well-drawn bow, pardon the meanest: but shall they fly to the mark. mighty men shall be mighti

22 And hailftones full of ly tormented. wrath shall be cast as out of 7 For he which is Lord a stone-bow, and the water over all, shall fear no man's of the sea Thall rage against person, neither shall he stand them, and the foods thall in awe of any man's greatcruelly drown them.

ness : for he hath made the 23 Yea, a mighty wind small and great, and careth shall

stand up against them, for all alike. and like a storm shall blow

8 But a fore trial ihall them away: thus iniquity come upon the mighty. shall lay waste the whole

9 Unto you therefore, O earth, and ill dealing fhall o- kings, do 1 speak, that ye may verthrow the thrones of the learn wisdom, and riot fall mighty.


10 For they that keep hoCHAP. VI.

liness holily, shall be judged TEAR therefore, O ye holy: and they that have

kings, and under learned such things, shall find stand ; learn, ye that be judg- what to answer. os of the ends of the earth. 11 Wherefore set your af



go with

fection upon my words; de- , then in thrones and scepters, fire them, and ye shall be in-Oye kings of the people, structed.

honour wisdom, that ye may 12 q Wisdom is glorious, reign for evermore. and never fadeth away: yea, 22 As for wisdom, what she is easily seen of them that the is, and how she came up, love her, and found of such I will tell you, and will not as seek her.

hide mysteries from you: but 13 She preventeth them will seek her out from the bethat defire her, in making ginning of her nativity, and herself first known unto them. bring the knowledge of her 14

Whoso seeketh her into light, and will not pass carly shall have no great tra- over the truth. vel: for he shall find her fit- 23 Neither will I ting at his doors.

consuming envy, for such a 15 To think therefore man shall have no fellowship upon her, is perfection of with wisdom. wisdom: and whoso watch- 24 But the multitude of eth for her, shall quickly be the wise is the welfare of the without care.

world; and a wise king is 16 For she goeth about the upholding of the people. seeking fuch as are worthy of 25 Receive therefore inher, sheweth herself favour-struction through my words, ably unto them in the ways, and it shall do you good. and meeteth them in every

CHAP. VII. thought.

17 For the very true beginning of her is the desire of man, like to all, and the discipline; and the care of offspring of him that was first discipline is love;

made of the earth. 18 And love is the keeping 2 And in my mother's of her laws; and the giving womb was fashioned to be heed unto her laws, is the af- Aesh, in the time of ten surance of incorruption; months, being compacted in

19 Andincorruption mak- blood, of the feed of man, eth us near unto God. and the pleasure that came

20 Therefore the desire with sleep, of wisdom bringeth to a 3 And when I was born, kingdom.

I drew in the common air, 21 & If your delight be and fell upon the earth which

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had any


is of like nature, and the first them. voice which I uttered, was 13 I learned diligently, crying, as all others do. and do communicate ber

4 I was nursed in swad- liberally: I do not hide her dling-clothes, and that with riches.

14 For she is a treasure 5 For there is no king that unto men, that never faileth:

other beginning of which they that use, become birth.

the friends of God, being 6 For all men have one commended for the gifts that entrance into life, and the come from learning. like going out.

15 God hath granted me 7 Wherefore I prayed, and to speak as I would, and to understanding was given me: conceive as is meet, for the I called upon God, and the things that are given me: fpirit of wisdom came to because it is he that leadeth

unto wisdom, and directeth 8 I preferred her before the wise. scepters and thrones, and 16 For in his hand are esteemed riches nothing in both we and our words: all comparison of her.

wisdom also and knowledge 9. Neither compared I un- of workmanship. to her any precious stone, 17 For he hath given me because all gold in respect of certain knowledge of the her is as a little fand, and fil- things that are, namely, to ver shall be counted as clay know how the world was before her.

made, and the operation of jo I loved her above health the elements : and beauty, and chose to 18 The beginning, endhave her instead of light: for ing, and midst of the times: the light that cometh from the alterations of the turning her, never goeth out. of the sun, and the change of

11 All good things toge- seasons : ther came to me with her, 19 The circuits of years, and innumerable riches in and the positions of stars : her hands.

20 The natures of living 12 And I rejoiced in them creatures, and the furies of all, because wisdom goeth be- wild beasts: the violence of fore them: and I knew not winds, and the reasonings of that she was the mother of men: the diversities of plants,


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and the virtues of roots; all ages entering into holy

21 And all such things as fouls, fe maketh them are either secret or manifeft, friends of God, and prothem I know.

phets. 22 For wisdom, which is 28 For God loveth none the worker of all things, but him that dwelleth with taught me: for in her is wisdom. understanding spirit, holy, 29 For she is more beauone only, manifold, fubtil, tiful than the fun, and above lively, clear, undefiled, plain, all the order of stars: being not subject to hurt, loving compared with the light, the the thing that is good, quick, is found before it. which cannot be letted, rea- 30 For after this cometh dy to do good,

night; but vice shall not 23 Kind to man, sted- prevail against wisdom. faft, fure, free from care, having all power, overseeing

CHAP, VIII. all things, and going through WISDOM reacheth all understanding, pure and

from one end to ano. moft fubtil spirits.

ther mightily: and sweetly 24 For wisdom is more doth she order all things. moving than any motion : 2 I loved her, and fought Me passeth and goeth through her out from my youth, I deall things by reason of her fired to make her my spouse, pureness.

and I was a lover of her 25 For she is the breath beauty. of the power of God, and a 3 In that she is conversant pure influence flowing from with God, she magnifieth her the glory of the Almighty: nobility: yea, the Lord of therefore can no defiled thing all things himself loved her, fall into her.

4 g For she is privy to 26 For she is the bright the mysteries of the knowness of the everlasting light, ledge of God, and a lover the unspotted mirror of the of his works, power of God, and the


If riches be a poffeffion image of his goodness. to be desired in this life :

27 And being but one, she what is richer than wisdom, can do all things : and re- that worketh all things? maining in herself, she mak- 6 And if prudence work; eth all things new: and in who of all that are, is a more



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