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crushed in the gate, neither : 15 But he saveth the poor is there any to deliver them. from the sword, from their

5 Whose harvest the mouth, and from the hand of hungry eateth up, and taketh the mighty. it even out of the thorns, and 16 So the poor hath hope, the robber swalloweth up and iniquity stoppeth her their substance.

mouth. 6 Although affliction 17 Behold, happy is cometh not forth of the dust, the man whom God corneither doth trouble spring recteth : therefore defpife out of the ground:

not thou the chastening of 7. Yet man is born unto the Almighty : trouble, as the sparks fly up- 18 For he maketh fore, ward,

and bindeth up : he wound8 I would seek unto God, eth, and his hands make and unto God would I com-whole. mit my cause :

19 He shall deliver thee 9 Which doeth great in six troubles : yea, in seven things, and unsearchable ; there shall no evil touch thee. marvellous things without 20 In famine he shall renumber:

deem thee from death : and 10 Who giveth rain upon in war from the power of the the earth, and sendeth waters sword. upon the fields :

21 Thou shalt be hid from 1 To set up on high those the scourge of the tongue: that be low; that those which neither shalt thou 'be afraid mourn may be exalted to of destruction when it comsafety.

eth. 12 He disappointeth the 22 At destruction and fadevices of the crafty, fo that mine thou shalt laugh: neitheir hands cannot perform ther shalt thou be afraid of the their enterprise.

beasts of the earth, 13 He taketh the wise in 23 For thou shalt be in their own craftiness: and league with the stones of the the counsel of the froward is field : and the beasts of the carried headlong,

field shall be at peace with 14 They meet with dark- thee. ness in the day-time, and 24 And thou shalt know grope in the noon-day as in that thy tabernacle shall be in the night.

peace : and thou thalt visit


B faid,

thy habitation, and shalt not 7 The things that my soul fin.

refused to touch are as my 25 Thou shalt know also sorrowful meat. that thy seed shall be great, 8 g 0 that I might have and thine offspring as the my request! and that God grafs of the earth.

would grant me the thing 26 Thou shalt come to that I long for! thy grave in a full age like as 9 Even that it would a shock of corn cometh in in please God to destroy me; his season.

that he would let loose his 27 Lo this, we have hand, and cut me off! searched it, so it is, hear it, 10 Then should I yet and know thou it for thy have comfort, yea, I would good.

harden myself in forrow : let

him not spare ; for I have CHAP. VI.

not concealed the words of UT Job answered and the Holy One. faid,

II What is my strength, 2 Oh, that my grief were that I should hope ? and throughly weighed, and my what is mine end, that I calamity laid in the balances should prolong my life? together!

12 Is my strength the 3 For now it would be strength of stones ? or is my heavier than the sand of the Aeth of brass ? sea : therefore my words are 13 Is not my help in me? swallowed up.

and is wisdom driven quite 4 For the arrows of the from me? Almighty are within me, the 14 I To him that is afpoison whereof drinketh up Aisted pity should be hewed my spirit: the terrors of God from his friend ; but he fordo set themselves in array faketh the fear of the Alagainst me.

mighty. 5 Doth the wild ass bray 15 My brethren have dealt when he hath grass? or deceitfully as a brook, and as loweth the ox over his fod- the stream of brooks they pass der?

away ; 6 Can that which is unsa- 16 Which are blackish by youry

be eaten without falt? reason of the ice, and or is there any taste in the wherein the snow is hid : white of an egg ? 17 What time they wax


R 4

warm, they vanish: when it

29 Return, I pray you, let is hot, they are consumed it not be iniquity ; yea, reout of their place.

turn again, my righteousness 18 The paths of their way is in it. are turned aside: they go to 30 Is there iniquity in my nothing, and perish. tongue! cannot my taste dis

19 The troops of Tema cern perverse things? looked, the companies of Sheba waited for them.

CHAP. VII. 20. They were confound. Is there not an appointed ed, because they had hoped; time to man upon earth? they came thither, and are not his days also like the were ashamed.

days of an hireling? 21 For now ye are no- 2 As a servant earnestly thing; ye fee my casting defireth the fhadow, and as down, and are afraid. an hireling looketh for the re

22 Did I say, Bring unto ward of his work: me? or give a reward for 3 So am I made to poffefs me of your

substance? months of vanity, and weari23 Or deliver me from some nights are appointed to the enemy's hand ? or redeem me from the hand of 4 When I lie down, I say, the mighty ?

When shall I arise, and the 24. Teach me, and I will night be gone? and I am full hold my tongue : and cause of tossings to and fro unto me to understand wherein I the dawning of the day, have erred.

5 My flesh is clothed with 25 How forcible are right worms and clods of dust; my words! but what doth your skin is broken, and become arguing prove?

loathfome. 26 Do ye imagine to re- 6 My days are fwifter prove words, and the speeches than a weaver's fhuttle, and of one that is desperate, which are spent without hope. are as wind?

70 remember that my 27 Yea, ye overwhelm the life is wind: mine eye fhall fatherless, and ye dig a pit for no more see good.

8 The eye of him that hath 28 Now therefore be con- feen me, shall see me no more: tent, look upon me ; for it is thine eyes are upon me, and evident unto you, if I lye.

I am not.


your friend.

whale, that thou fettelt a T dad the "Shuhite, and

9 As the cloud is con- fhall I do unto thee, O thou fumed, and vanisheth away : preserver of men ? why haft so he that goeth down to the thou set me as a mark againft grave

shall come up no more. thee, so that I am a burden to 10 He shall return no myself? more to his house, neither 21 And why didst thou shall his place know him any not pardon my transgression, more.

and take away mine iniquity? II Therefore I will not for now shall I sleep in the refrain my mouth; I will dust; and thou shalt seek me speak in the anguish of my in the morning, but I fall spirit: I will complain in the not be. bitterness of my soul.

CHAP. VIII. 12 I Am I a fea, or a

HEN answered Bilwatch over me?

, and 13 When I say, My bed said, shall comfort me, my couch 2 How long wilt thou fhall ease my complaint:

speak these things ? and how 14. Then thou scarest me long Mall the words of thy with dreams, and terrifieft mouth be like a strong wind? me through visions :

3 Doth God pervert judg15 So that my soul choof- ment ? or doth the Almighty eth strangling, and death ra- pervert justice ? ther than life.

4 If thy children have fin16 I loath it : I would not ned against him, and he hath live alway: let me alone ; cast them away for their for my days are vanity. transgression;

17 What is man, that 5 If thou wouldest feek thou shouldest magnify him ? unto God betimes, and make and that thou shouldest fet thy supplications to the Althine heart


him? mighty; 18 And that thou should- Ő If thou wert pure and est visit him every morning, upright; surely now he and try him every moment? would awake for thee, and

19. How long wilt thou make the habitation of thy not depart from me, nor let righteousness prosperous. me alone till I swallow down 7 Though thy beginning my spittle?

was finall, yet thy latter end 20 I have finned, what should greatly increase.

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8 For enquire, I pray earth shall others grow. thee, of the former age, and 20 | Behold, God will prepare thyself to the search not cast away a perfect man, of their fathers :

neither will he help the evil 9 For we are but of yel-doers; terday, and know nothing, 21 Till he fill thy mouth because our days upon earth with laughing, and thy lips are a shadow.

with rejoicing; 10 Shall not they teach 22. They that hate thee thee, and tell thee, and utter shall be clothed with shame, words out of their heart? and the dwelling-place of

II Can the rush grow up the wicked shall come to without mire ? can the flag nought. grow without water?

CHAP. IX. 12 Whilft it is yet in his greenness, and not cut down, HEN Job answered it withereth before


other and said, herb.

2 I know it is so of a 13 So are the paths of all truth : but how shall man that forget God, and the hy- be just with God? pocrite's hope shall perish : 3 If he will contend with

14 Whose hope shall be him, he cannot answer him cut off, and whole trust fall one of a thousand. be a spider's web.


He is wife in heart, 15 He shall lean upon his and mighty in strength : house, but it shall not stand : who hath hardened himself he shall hold it fast, but it against him, and hath profshall not endure.

pered! 16 He is green before the 5

Which reinoveth the sun, and his branch shooteth mountains, and they know forth in his garden.

not; which overturneth them 17 His roots are wrapped in his anger. about the heap, and he feeth 6 Which shaketh the earth the place of stones.

out of her place, and the 18 If he destroy him from pillars thereof tremble. his place, then it shall deny 7

Which commandeth the him, saying, I have not seen fun, and it riseth not; and thee.

fealeth up the stars. 19 Behold, this is the joy

8 Which alone spreadeth of his way, and out of the out the heavens, and treadeth


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