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this day:

idealt well with me : foras- -3. And the battle went fore much as when the Lord had against Saul, and the archers delivered me into thine hand, hit him, and he was fore thou killedst me not.

wounded of the archers. ," 19 For if a man find his 7,14 Then said Saul unto bis enemy, will he let him go armour-bearer, Draw thy well away? wherefore the sword, and thrust me through Lord reward thee good for therewith ; left these uncirthat thou hast done unto me cumcised come and thrust

me through, and abuse me. 20. And now behold, I But his armour-bearer would know well that thou shalt not; for he was fore afraid : surely, be king, and that the therefore Saul took a sword, kingdom of Israel shall be el- and fell upon it. tablifncd in thine hand. 5 And when his armour

21 Swear now therefore bearer saw that Saul was unto me by the Lord, that dead, he fell likewise upon thou wilt not cut off my feed his sword, and died with after me, and that thou wilt him. not destroy my name out of 6 So Saul died, and his iny father's house.

three sons, and his armour22 And David (ware un-bearer, and all his men that to Saul : and Saul went fame day together. home; but David and his 79 And when the men men gat them up unto the of Israel that were on the hold.

other side of the valley, and

they that were on the other CHAP. XXXI.

side Jordan, saw that the men


and the men of Israel Aled forsook the cities, and fled: from before the Philistines, and the Philistines came and and fell down flain in mount dwelt in them. Gilboa.

8 And it came to pass on 2 And the Philistines fol- the morrow, when the Philowed hard upon Saul, and listines came to strip the upon his fons: and the Phi- flain, that they found Saul liitines flew Jonathan, and and his three sons fallen in Abinadab, and Malchi-thuah, mount Gilboa. Saul's fons.

9. And they cut off his

head, head, and stripped off his ar-, heard of that which the Phimour, and sent into the land listines had done to Saul ; of the Philistines round a- 12 All the valiant men bout, to publish it in the arose, and went all night, and house of their idols, and took the body of Saul, and among the people.

the bodies of his fons, from 10 And they put his ar- the wall of Beth-than, and mour in the house of Afh- came' to Jabesh, and burnt taroth : and they fastened his them there. body to the wall of Beth- 13 And they took their fhan.

bones, and buried them under II G And when the in- a tree at Jabeth, and fafted habitants. of Jabesh - gilead seven days.

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he answered, That the peoCHAP. I.

ple are fled from the battle, OW it came to pass and many of the people also

after the death of Saul, are fallen and dead, and Saul when David was returned ) and Jonathan his son are from the flaughter of the dead also. Amalekites, and David had

5 And David said unto the abode two days in Ziklag ; young man that told him,

2 It came even to pass on How knowest thou that Saul the third day, that behold, a and Jonathan his son be, man came out of the camp dead? from Saul, with his clothes 6 And the young man rent, and earth upon his that told him, said, As I head : and so it was when he happened by chance upon came to David, that he fell to mount Gilboa, behold, Saul the earth, and did obeisance. leaned upon his spear: and

3 And David said unto ló, the chariots and horsemen him, From whence comeft followed hard after him. thou? And he said unto him, 7. And when he looked beOut of the camp of Israel am hind him, he saw me, and I escaped.

called unto me: and I an4 And David said unto swered here am I. him, How went the matter? 8 And he faid unto me, I pray thee, tell me, And Who art thou ?' and I'an



unto my

swered him, I am an Ama- | died. lekite.

16 And David said unto 9 He said unto me again, hiin, Thy blood be upon thy Stand, I pray thee, upon head: fors. thy mouth hath me, and slay me : for anguish testified against thee, saying, is come upon me, because my I haver'llain the Lord's alife is yet whole in me. nointed.

10 So I stood upon him, 17 9 And David lamented and flew him, becaufe I was with this lamentation over sure that he could not live, Saul, and over Jonathan his after that he was fallen : and fony I took the crown that was 18 (Alfo he bade them upon his head, and the brace- teach the children of Judah let that was on his arm, and the use of the bow: behold, it have brought them hither is written in the book of lord.

Jafher.) 11 Then David took hold 19 The beauty of Israel is on his clothes, and rent them, slain upon thy high places : and likewise all the men that how are the mighty fallen! were with him.

20 Tell it not in Gath, 12 And they mourned and publish it not in the streets of wept, and fasted until even, Askelon : left the daughters for Saul, and for Jonathan of the Philistines rejoice, lest his fon, and for the people of the daughters of the uncirthe Lord, and for the house cumcised triumph. of Israel, because they were 21 Ye mountains of Gilfallen by the sword.

boa, let there be no dew, nei13 9 And David said un-ther let there be rain upon to the yonng man that told you, nor fields of offerings : him, Whence art thou ? and for there the shield of the he answered, I am the son of mighty is vilely cast away, the a stranger, an Amalekite. fbield of Saul, as though he

14 And David said unto had not been anointed with him, How wast thou not oil. afraid to stretch forth thine 22 From the blood of the hand to destroy the Lord's fain, from the fat of the anointed ?

mighty, the bow of Jonathan 15 And David called one turned not back, and the of the young men, and faid, sword of Saul returned not GO near, and fall


empty: fand he fimote him, that he 23 Saul and Jonathan were

lovely lovely and pleasant in their eat of his own meat, and lives, and in their death they drank of his own cup, and were not divided : they were lay in his bosom, and was swifter than eagles, they unto him as a daughter. were stronger than lions,

4. And there came a tra24 Ye daughters of Israel, veller unto the rich man, weep over Saul, who clothed and he fpared to take of his you in scarlet with other de- own flock, and of his own lights, who put on ornaments herd to dress for the wayof gold upon your apparel. faring man that was come

25. How are the mighty unto him, but took the poor fallen in the midst of the bat man's lamb, and dressed it tle ! O Jonathan, thou waft for the man that was come Ilain in thine high places.

to him. 26 I am distressed for thee,

5 And David's anger was my brother Jonathan : very greatly kindled against the pleasant haft thou been unto man, and he faid to Nathan, me: thy love to me was As the Lord liveth, the man wonderful, passing the love that hath done this thing shall of women,

surely die. 27 How are the mighty

6 And he shall relore the fallen, and the weapons of lamb four-fold, because he war perished !

did this thing, and because

he had no pity. CHAP. XII.

74 And Nathan said to

David, Thou art the man. ND the Lord fent Na- Thus faith the Lord God of

than unto David: and Israel, I anointed thee king he came unto him, and said over Israel, and I delivered unto him, There were two thee out of the hand of men in one city; the one Saul; rich, and the other poor. 8 And I gave thee thy

2 The rich man had ex master's house, and thy mafceeding many locks and ter's wives into thy bosom, herds :

and gave thee the house of 3 But the poor man had Ifrael, and of Judah ; and if nothing save one little ewe- that had been too little, I lamb, which he had bought would moreover have given and nourished up : and it unto thee such and such grew up together with him, things. and with his children; it did


Wherefore haft thou 3


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despised the commandment parted unto his house and of the Lord, to do evil in the Lord struck the child his fight thou hast killed that Uriah's wife bare unto Uriah the Hittite with the David, and it was very fick. sword,' and haft taken his 16 David therefore bewise to be thy wife, and haft fought God for the child ; fain him with the sword of and David faited, and went the children of Ammon. Lin, and Jay all night upon

10. Now therefore the the earth. sword shall never depart from 17 And the elders of his tisine house ; because thou house arose, and went to him, halt delpised me, and haft to raise him up from t

the taken the wife of Uriah the earth ; bụt he would not, Hittite to be thy wife. neither did he eat bread with

11 Thus faith the Lord, them. ';, Behold, I will raise up evil 18 And it came to pass against thee out of thine own on the seventh day, that the house, and I will take thy child died: and the servants wives before thine eyes, and of David feared to tell him give them unto thy neight that the child was dead : bour, and he shall' lie with for they said, Behold, while thy wives in the fight of this the child was yet alive, we fun. *

spake unto him, and he would 12 For thou didft it fe- not hearken unto our voice: cretly: but I will do this how will he then vex himself, thing before all Ifrael, and if we tell him that the child before the fun.

is dead? 13 A David said unto 19 But when David law Nathan, I have finned against that his servants whispered, the Lord, And Nathan said David perceived that the child unto David, The Lord also was dead: therefore David hath put away thy fin; thou said unto his servants, Is the Înalt not die.

child dead? And they said, 14 Howbeit, because by He is dead. this deed thou haft given 20 Then David arose from great occasion to the enemies the earth, and washed, and of the Lord to blafpheme, the anointed himself, and changed child also that is born unto his apparel, and came into thee shall surely die. the house of the Lord, and 15 And Nathan de worshipped: then he came

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