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took of every clean beast, thereof, shall ye not eat. and of everv clean fowl, and 5 And surely your blood offered burnt-offerings on of your lives will I require : the altar.

at the hand of


beast 219 And the Lord smelled will I require it; and at the a sweet savour; and the Lord hand of man, at the hand of said in his heart, I will not every man's brother will I again curse the ground any require the life of man. more for man's fake ; for 6 Whoso sheddeth man's the imagination of man's blood, by man fhall his blood heart is evil from his youth: be shed: for in the image of neither will I again smite God made he man. any more every thing living, 7 And you, be ye fruitful, as I have done.

and multiply; bring forth 22 While the earth re- abundantly in the earth, and maineth, feed time and har multiply therein. veft, and cold and heat, and 89 And God spake unto summer and winter, and day Noah, and to his fons with and night shall not cease. him, saying,

9 And I, behold, I eftaCHAP. IX.

blish my covenant with you, ND God blefled Noah, and with your feed after you.

and his fons, and said 10 And with every living unto them, Be fruitful, and creature that is with you: of multiply, and replenish the the fowl, of the cattle, and earth.

of every beast of the earth 2 And the fear of you and with you ; from all that go the dread of you shall be out of the ark, to every beast upon every beast of the earth, of the earth. and upon every fowl of the II And I will establish air, upon all that moveth my covenant with you: neiupon the earth, and upon all ther shall all flesh be cut off the fishes of the sea; into any more by the waters of a your hand are they delivered. Aood: neither shall there

any 3 Every moving thing that more be a flood to destroy liveth fhall be meat for you; the earth. even as the green herb have 12 And God faid, This is I giver you all things: the token of the covenant

49 But flesh with the life which I make between me thereof, which is the blood and you, and every living



Creature that is with you, for brethren; and the lad was perpetual generations : with the sons of Bilhah, and

13 I do fet my bow in with the fons of Zilpah, his the cloud : and it shall be for father's wives: and Joseph a token of a covenant be- brought unto his father their tween me and the earth.

evil report. 14 And it shall come to 3 Now Ifrael loved Jopass, when I bring a cloud feph more than all his childover the earth; that the bow ren, because he was the son shall be seen in the cloud : of his old age ; and he made

15 And I will remember him a coat of many colours. my covenant, which is be- 4 And when his brethren tween me and you, and every saw that their father loved living creature of all flesh; him more than all his breand the waters shall no more thren, they hated him, and become a flood to destroy all could not speak peaceably flesh.

unto him. 16 And the bow shall be 5 9 And Joseph dreamed in the cloud; and I will a dream, and he told it his look upon it, that I may re- brethren: and they hated member the everlasting co-him yet the more. venant between God and 6 And he said unto them, every living creature of all Hear, I pray you, this dream Aesh that is upon the earth. which I have dreamed:

17 And God said unto 7 For behold, we were Noah, This is the token of binding sheaves in the field, the covenant, which I have and lo, my sheaf arose, and established between me and also stood upright, and beall flesh that is upon the hold, your fheaves stood

round about, and made obeisance to



8 And his brethren said ND Jacob dwelt in the unto him, Shalt thou indeed

land wherein his father reign over us? or shalt thou was a stranger, in the land indeed have dominion over of Canaan.

us? and they hated him yet ? These are the gene- the more for his dreams and rations of Jacob. Joseph be- for his words. ing seventeen years old, was 9. And he dreamed yet feeding the Aock with his another dream, and told it




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his brethren, and said, Be. 16 And he said, I feek hold, I have dreamed a dream my brethren: tell me, I pray more; and behold, the sun thee, where they feed their and the moon and the eleven Aocks ? stars made obeisance to me. 17 And the man said,

10 And he told it to his They are departed hence : father and to his brethren; for I heard them fay, Let and his father rebuked him, us go to Dothan. And Joand said unto him, What is Leph went after his brethren, this dream that thou hast and found them in Dothan. dreamed ? shall I and thy 18 & And when they saw mother and thy brethren in-him afar off, even before he deed come to bow down came near unto them, they ourselves to thee to the conspired against him to flay earth?

him. II And his brethren en- 19 And they said one to vied him ; but his father ob- another, Behold, this dreamer served the saying.

cometh. 12 And his brethren went 20 Come now therefore, to feed their father's flock in and let us nay him, and caft Shechem.

him into some pit, and we 13 And Israel faid unto will say, fome evil beast hath Jofeph, Do not thy brethren devoured him: and we shall feed the flock in Shechem? see what will become of his come, and I will send thee dreams. unto them. And he said 21 And Reuben heard it, unto him, Here am 1. and he delivered him out of

14 And he faid to him, their hands; and said, Let us Go, I pray thee, fee whether not kill him. it be well with thy brethren, 22 And Reuben said unto and well with the flocks; them, Shed no blood, but cast and bring me word again. him into this pit that is in So he sent him out of the the wilderness, and lay no vale of Hebron, and he came hand upon him; that he to Shechem.

might rid him out of their 15 And a certain man hands, to deliver him to his found him, and behold, he father again. was wandering in the field: 23 And it came to pass and the man asked him, fay- when Joseph was come unto ing, What ieekest thou? his brethren, that they stript

Joseph Joseph out of his coat, his child is not; and I, whither coat of many colours that shall I go? was on him ;

31 And they took Joseph's 24 And they took him, coat, and killed a kid of the and cast him into a pit: and goats, and dipped the coat in the pit was empty, there was the blood : no water in it.

32 And they sent the coat 25 And they sat down to of inany colours, and they eat bread; and they lift up brought it to their father'; their eyes and looked, and and said, This have we behold a company of Ith-found: know now whether meeliteś came from Gilead, it be thy fon's coat or no? with their camels bearing 33 And he knew it, and fpicery and balm, and myrrh, faid, It is my fon's coat; an going to carry it down to evil beast hath devoured him: Egypt.

Joseph is without doubt rent 26 And Judah faid unto in pieces. his brethren, What profit is 34 And Jacob rent his it if we slay our brother, and clothes, and put fackcloth conceal his blood ?

upon his loins, and mourned 27 Come, and let us sell for his son many days. him to the Ifhmeelites, and 35 And all his fons and let not our hand be upon all his daughters rose up to him; for he is our brother, comfort him: but he refused and our Aesh: and his bre- to be comforted; and he thren were content,

faid, For I will go down 28 Then there passed by into the grave unto my son, Midianites merchant-men: mourning : thus his father and they drew and lift up wept for him, Joseph out of the pit, and 36 q And the Midianites fold Joseph to the Ishmeelites rold him into Egypt unto for twenty pieces of silver : Potiphar, an officer of Phaand they brought Jofeph into raoh's, and captain of the Egypt.

guard. 29 And Reuben returned unto the pit; and behold,


Jofeph was not in the pit : A down to Egypt; and

and he rent his clothes,

30 And he returned unto Potiphar, an officer of Phahis brethren, and said, The raoh's, captain of the guard,

an Egyptian, bought him of 8 But he refused, and faid the hand of the Ishmeelites, unto his master's wife, Bewhich had brought him down hold, my master wotteth not thither.

what is with me in the house, 2 And the Lord was with and he hath committed all Joseph, and he was a profpe- that he hath to my hand. . rous man; and he was in 9 There is none greater in the house of his master the this house than I, neither Egyptian.

hath he kept back any thing 3 And his master saw that from me, but thee, because the Lord was with him, and thou art his wife: how then that the Lord made all that can I do this great wickedhe did to prosper in his hand. ness, and fin against God?

4 And Joseph found grace IQ And it came to pass as in his fight, and he served she spake to Joseph day by him: and he made him over- day, that he hearkened not seer over his house, and all unto her. that he had he put into his II And it came to pass hand.

about this time, that Joseph 5 And it came to pass went into the house to do from the time that he had his business, and there was made him overseer in his none of the men of the house house, and over all that he there within. had, that the Lord blessed 12 And she caught him the Egyptian's house for Jo- by his garment: and he left seph's fake: and the blessing his garment in her hand, and of the Lord was upon all fled, and got him out. that he had, in the house, 139 And it came to pass, and in the field.

when she saw that he had 6 And he left all that he left his garment in her hand, had in Joseph's hand; and he and was Aled forth, knew not ought he had, 14 That she called unto fave the bread which he did the men of her house, and eat: and Joseph was a goodly spake unto them, saying, See, person, and well-favoured. he hath brought in an He

7. And it came to pass brew unto us to mock us : after these things, that his he came in unto me to lie master's wife cast her eyes with me, and I cried with a upon Joseph ; and would loud voice: have seduced him.

15 And it caine to pass,

when 8

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