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knew him not.

cause he is born of God. 2 Beloved, now are we 10 In this the children of the fons of God, and it doth God are manifest, and the not yet appear what we shall children of the devil : whobe: but we know that, when soever doeth not righteoulhe shall appear, we shall be ness is not of God, neither like him : for we shall see he that loveth not his brohim as he is.

ther. 3 And every man that Il For this is the message hath this hope in him puri- that ye heard from the befieth himself, even as he is ginning, that we should love pure.

one another. 4 Whosoever committeth 12 Not as Cain, who was fin tranfgrefseth also the law of that wicked one, and flew for fin is the transgression of his brother. And wherefore the law.

flew he him? Because his 5 And ye know that he own works were evil, and was manifested to take away his brother's righteous. our sins: and in him is no 13 Marvel not, my brefin.

thren, if the world hate you. 6 Whosoever abideth in 14 We know that we have him finneth not: whosoever passed from death unto life, finneth hath not seen him, because we love the breneither known him.

thren. He that loveth not 7 Little children, let no his brother, abideth in death. man deceive you. He that 15 Whosoever hateth his doeth righteousness is righ-brother, is a murderer: and teous, even as he is righteous. ye know that no murderer

8 He that committeth fin hath eternal life abiding in is of the devil ; for the devil him. finneth from the beginning. 16 Hereby perceive we For this purpose the Son of the love of God, because he God was manifested, that he laid down his life for us : might destroy the works of and we ought to lay down the devil.

our lives for the brethren. 9

Whosoever is born of 17 But whoso hath this God doth not commit fin; world's good, and seeth his for his feed remaineth in brother have need, and shuthim: and he cannot fin, be- teth up his bowels of compassion


from him, how dwelleth the 22 And whatsoever we love of God in him? ask, we receive of him, be

18 My little children, let cause we keep his commandus not love in word, neither ments, and do those things in tongue; but in deed and in that are pleasing in his fight. truth.

23 And this is his com19 And hereby we know mandment, That we should that we are of the truth, and believe on the name of his shall afsure our hearts before Son Jesus Christ, and love him.

one another, as he gave us 20 For if our heart con- commandment. demn us, God is greater than 24 And he that keepeth our heart, and knoweth all his commandments, dwelleth things.

in him, and he in him. And 21 Beloved, if our heart hereby we know that he condemn us not, then have abideth in us, by the Spirit we confidence toward God. I which he hath given us,


The General Epistle of JUDE, UDE, the servant of Je- godly men, turning the grace

fus James, to them that are ness, and denying the only fanctified by God the Father, Lord God, and our Lord and preserved in Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ. and called :

5 I will therefore put you 2 Mercy unto you, and in remembrance, though ye peace and love be multiplied. once knew this, how that the

3 Beloved, when I gave all Lord having saved the people diligence to write unto you out of the land of Egypt, afof the common salvation, it terward destroyed them that was needful for me to write believed not. unto you, and exhort you, 6 And the angels which that should earnestly con- kept not their first estate, tend for the faith which was but left their own habitation, once delivered unto the saints. he hath reserved in everlast.

4 For there are certain ing chains under darkness, men crept in unawares, who unto the judgement of the were before of old ordained great day. to this condemnation, un- 7 Even as Sodom and Go



morrha, and the cities about sea, foaming out their own them iin like manner, giving Thame; wandering stars, to themselves over to fornica- whom is reserved the blacktion, and going after strange ness of darkness for ever. feth, are set forth for an 14 And Enoch also, the example, suffering the ven- feventh from Adam, prophegeance of eternal fire.

fied of these, saying, Behold, 8 Likewise also these filt hy the Lord cometh with ten dreamers defile the flesh, de- thousand of his faints, Epile dominion, and speak evil 15 To execute judgement of dignities.

upon all, and to convince Yet Michael the arch- all that are ungodly among angel, when contending with them, of all their ungodly tine devil he disputed about deeds which they have unthe body of Mofes, durst godly committed, and of all not bring against him a rail- their hard speeches, which ing accusation, but said, The ungodly, finners have spoken Lord rebuke thec.

against him. 10 But these speak evil of

16 These are murmurers, those things which they know complainers, walking after not : but what they know their own lụsts; and their naturally, as brute beasts, mouth speaketh great swellin those things they corrupt ing words, having men's perthemselves.

fons in admiration because of II Woe unto them! for advantage. they have gone in the way 17 But, beloved, rememof Cain, and ran greedily ber ye the words which were after the error of Balaam for spoken before of the apostles reward, and perished in the of our Lord Jesus Chrift; gainsaying of Core.

18 How that they told 12 These are spots in your you there should be mockers feasts of charity, when they in the last time, who should feast with you, feeding them- walk after their own ungodly felves without fear: clouds lufts. they are without water, car- 19 These be they who feried about of winds; trees parate themselves, fenfual, whose fruit withereth ; with- having not the Spirit. out fruit, twice dead, plucked 20 But ye, beloved, buildup by the roots ;

ing up yourselves on your 13 Raging waves of the most holy faith, praying in


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the Holy Ghost,

24 Now unto him that is 21 Keep yourselves in the able to keep you from falling, love of God, looking for and to present you faultless the mercy of our Lord Jesus before the presence of his Chrift unto eternal life. glory with exceeding joy,

22 And of some have com- 25 To the only wife God passion, making a difference: our Saviour, be glory and

23 And others save with majesty, dominion and powfear, pulling them out of the er, both now and ever. fire; hating even the gar- Amen. ment spotted by the Aesh.


From the Revelation of St. JOHN the Divine.

seven Spirits which are beCHAP. I.

fore his throne ; HE Revelation of Je- 5 And from Jesus Christ,

sus Christ, which God who is the faithful witness, gave unto him to shew unto and the first-begotten of the his servants things which dead, and the prince of the must shortly come to pass ; kings of the earth. Unto and he sent and signified it him that loved us, and by his angel unto his servant washed us from our sins in John:

his own blood, 2 Who bare record of the 6 And hath made us kings word of God, and of the testi- and priests unto God and his mony of Jesus Christ, and of Father; to him be glory and all things that he saw. dominion for ever and ever.

3 Blessed is he that readeth Amen. and they that hear the words 7 Behold, he cometh with of this prophecy, and keep clouds; and every eye shall those things which are writ- see him; and they also which ten therein: for the time is pierced him: and all kinat hand.

dreds of the earth shall wail OHN to the seven because of him. Even so,

churches which are in Amen. Afia: Grace be unto you, 8 I am Alpha and Omega, and peace, from him which the beginning and the endis, and which was, and which ing, faith the Lord, which is, is to come; and from the and which was, and which is



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to come, the Almighty. in a furnace; and his voice 9 I John, who also am as the sound of

many waters. your brother, and companion 16 And he had in his right in tribulation, and in the hand seven stars: and out of kingdom and patience of Je- his mouth went a sharp twosus Christ, was in the isle edged sword : and his counthat is called Patmos, for tenance was as the sun shineth the word of God, and for in his strength. the testimony of Jesus Christ. 17 And when I saw him,

10 I was in the Spirit on I fell at his feet as dead. the Lord's day; and heard And he laid his right hand behind me a great voice, as upon me, saying unto me, of a trumpet,

Fear not, I am the first and 11 Saying, I am Alpha the last : and Omega, the first and the 18 I am he that liveth, last: and, What thou seest, and was dead : and, behold, write in a book, and send it I am alive for evermore, unto the seven churches Amen ; and have the keys which are in Asia; unto of hell and of death. Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, Write the things which and unto Pergamos, and unto thou hast seen, and the things Thyatira, and unto Sardis, which are, and the things and unto Philadelphia, and which shall be hereafter; unto Laodicea.

20 The mystery of the 12 And I turned to see seven stars which thou sawell the voice that fpake with me. in my right hand, and the And being turned, I saw se- seven golden candlesticks. ven golden candlesticks; The seven stars are the an

13 And in the midst of gels of the seven churches : the seven candlesticks, one like and the seven candlesticks unto the Son of man clothed which thou sawest, are the with a garment down to the seven churches. foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.

CHAP. XVIII. 14 His head and his hairs

ND after these things were white like wool, as I saw another angel white as snow; and his eyes come down from heaven, were as a fiame of fire; having great power; and

15 And his feet like unto the earth was lightened with fine brass, as if they burned his glory.



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