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Tennessee Valley Authority

Trade Adjustment Assistance, Office of

Trade Negotiations, Office of Special Representative

Transport Mobilization Staff, Interstate Commerce Commission

Transportation, Department of

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42, I

29, III

49, II

20, II

43, I

32, XIV

24, VIII


7, XVI

42, III

33, IV

41, 14R

31, IV

17, II

32, XVI

13, I

36, V

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Secretary, Office of

Urban Mass Transportation

Transportation and Communications Service

Transportation Safety Board, National

Travel Service, United States

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84-047-73— -16

List of CFR Sections Affected

All changes in this volume of the Code of Federal Regulations which were made by documents published in the Federal Register since January 1, 1964, are enumerated in the following list. Entries indicate the nature of the changes effected. Page numbers refer to Federal Register pages. The user should consult the entries for chapters and parts as well as sections for revisions.

For the period before January 1, 1964, see the "List of CFR Sections Affected, 1949-1963," which is published in a separate volume.

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