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THE author is glad to know that in addition to its circulation as a Bible-Class text-book, The New Testament and its Writers has been of service to many adult students who desire to learn something for themselves of the authenticity and original purpose of the various writings of which the Sacred Record is composed. It is for such general readers that the present edition is chiefly intended. The text has been carefully revised; the chapter on Galatians has been recast in the light of recent discussions; and the additional matter introduced in the form of Notes and Appendix will, it is hoped, considerably enhance the value of the book for those whose library does not contain many works of a Biblical nature.

For information on a number of kindred topics (such as the Canon, MSS., Versions, Textual Criticism) and for fuller notes, the reader may be referred to the demy 8vo edition of this book recently published.



IN Scripture References, when the name of the Book is not given, the citations refer to the Book under discussion.

When Scripture is quoted, the words of the Revised Version

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