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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1866,


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United Statos

for the District of Kentucky.


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TO ALL Lovers of Truth, the Author dedicates his Translation of the New Testament.

The Author saw, very early in life, that a translation of the New Testament was necessary.

He began his investigations at the age of twenty-one, and has faithfully studied the Orig. inal since that time. He has made his translation without reference to any version; that is, he adopted no version as a basis. His work is not a Revision of a version, but a Translation; for he was not disposed to be trammeled by any version, but desired to find the truth of God, as it is contained in the Original. The truth thus found, he has endeavored to express in the English language as now spoken. He has been careful to express the exact sense of the Original, without permitting himself to be confined to an imitation of the letter of the Greek. In revising his work, he re-examined the common version, and wherever that version las expressed the sense of the Original in good English, he has adopted it. In this way he has, as he hopes, embodied all the excellences of that version, and avoided its errors.

The author takes pleasure in acknowledging himself largely indebted, for the English dress of the Translation, to bis friend, and brother in Christ, JOHN AUGUSTUS WILLIAMS, of Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

The work has been carried on under many adverse circum. stances; but, by the good providence of God, it has been completed. May it go forth, under the Divine blessing, to establish and comfort the hearts of those who love the Truth,


HABRODSBURG, Ky., March, 1864,




I. 1

The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of

David, the son of Abraham, 2 Abraham begot Isaac: Isaac begot Jacob: Jacob begot Judab and his brothers: 3 Judah begot Phares and Zarah of Thamar: Phares begot Hezron; Hezron begot Aram : 4 Aram begot Aminidab: Aminidab begot Nahshon: Nahghon begot Salmon: 5 Salmon begot Boaz of Rachab: Boaz begot Obed of Ruth: Obed begot Jesse: 6 Jesse begot David the king: David the king begot Solomon of her who had been the wife of Uriah : 7 Solomon be. got Rehoboam: Rehoboam begot Abia : Abia begot Asa: 8 Asa begot Jehosaphat: Jehosaphat begot Jehoram : Jehoram begot Uzziah : 9Uzziah begot Jotham: Jotham begot Ahaz: Ahaz begot Hezekiah: 10 Hezekiah begot Manasseh : Manasseh begot Amon: Amon begot Josiah : 11 Josiah begot Jeconiah and his brothers, about the time of the removal to Babylon.

12 And after the removal to Babylon, Jeconiah begot Shealtiel : Shealtiel begot Zerubbabel : 13 Zerubbabel begot Abiud: Abiud begot Eliakim: Eliakim begot Azor: 14 Azor begot Sadok: Sadok begot Achim : Achim begot Eliud: 15 Eliud begot Eleazer: Eleazer begot Matthan: Matthan begot Jacob: 16 Jacob begot Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

17 So all the generations from Abraham till David are fourteen generations: and from David till the removal to Babylon aro fourteen generations: and from the removal to Babylon till the Christ are fourteen generations.

18 But Jesus Christ was begotten thus: After his mother Mary bad been betrothed to Joseph, before they had come together, she was found to be with child of the Holy Spirit. 19 Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not choosing to mako

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