Infinitive Constructions with Specified Subjects: A Syntactic Analysis of the Romance Languages

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Oxford University Press, 6 iul. 2000 - 288 pagini
Overt subjects are usually considered as a property of finite clauses. However, most Romance languages permit specified subjects in a broad range of infinitive constructions. Guido Mensching analyzes this phenomenon in stages of French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and other Romance varieties.

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1 Introduction
2 The Basic Data
3 Foundations of Romance Syntax
The State of the Art
5 The Position of Subjects in Romance Infinitive Clauses
6 Case Assignment to the Subject of Infinitive Clauses
7 A Minimalist Interpretation
8 Summary and Outlook
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Pagina 183 - We now regard both agreement and structural Case as manifestations of the Spec-head relation (NP, Agr). But Case properties depend on characteristics of T and the V head of VP.
Pagina 211 - Et iterum dico vobis: Facilius est camelum per foramen acus transire, quam divitem intrare in regnum caelorum.
Pagina 235 - Los amores de Clareo y Florisea, y las tristezas y trabajos de la sin ventura Isea...
Pagina 211 - A non-pronominal empty category must be (i) properly head-governed (formal licensing) (ii) antecedent-governed or...
Pagina 32 - II De Rosa ha solamente potéremo. III pers. pl. - - Del Tuppo, fab. XXX delP Esopo : „et era a loro necessario donare la terra a lo inimico, et de po loro essereno tucti morte".
Pagina 78 - Sera dificil [eles aprovarem a proposta]. will-be difficult they to-approve-3pL the proposal 'It will be difficult for them to approve the proposal.
Pagina 40 - I conclude that specifier-head-complement, and not the reverse, is the only order available to the subcomponents of a phrase.

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