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HENRY SIDGWICK had long intended to collect together essays and addresses written by him at different times; and some essays on ethical subjects he had published under the title of Practical Ethics in the "Ethical Library" series (Swan Sonnenschein and Co.) in 1898. The volume now published contains miscellaneous essays on other subjects. Several of them were specified by the author during the last few weeks of his life as suitable for such a collection, though with some hesitation in one or two cases. After due consideration, all the papers that he named have been included; and we have added a few others, which seemed likely to be of interest to the general reader. We have not included any of the papers published in Mind; some of them will appear more appropriately along with some hitherto unpublished philosophical lectures in a volume which is being edited by Professor James Ward.

It will be seen that the papers fall mostly into three divisions, according as they deal with literature, economics and sociology, or education; and it seemed best to arrange them, within the limits of each division, in chronological order. The only exceptions are the essay on Bentham and Benthamism, which we have placed between the

literary and economic groups, and the essay on Alexis de Tocqueville, which has been printed at the end of the volume as a supplement. This paper was written when the author was twenty-three, and, not being among those specified by him, could hardly find a place among the maturer essays which compose the rest of the book; but it seemed of sufficient interest not to be omitted altogether.

With the exception of the two papers on Shakespeare, all those in the volume have been published before-most of them in Reviews and Magazines, The Scope and Method of Economic Science and The Pursuit of Culture as an Ideal separately, and The Theory of a Classical Education in a volume of essays. Thanks are due to Publishers and

Editors for their kind consent to republication.



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