Department of Defense Appropriations for ..., Partea 5

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1979
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Pagina 238 - The forces developed and trained to perform the primary functions set forth hereinafter shall be employed to support and supplement the other Services in carrying out their primary functions, where and whenever such participation will result in increased effectiveness and will contribute to the accomplishment of the overall military objectives.
Pagina 452 - ... Republic of Korea, without reimbursement, defense services (including technical and operational training) in Korea directly related to the United States Government-owned defense articles transferred to the Republic of Korea under this subsection. (2) Any transfer under the authority of this section shall be made in accordance with all the terms and conditions of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 applicable to the furnishing of defense articles and defense services under chapter 2 of part II...
Pagina 151 - I will defer them until the other Members of the committee have had an opportunity to interrogate the witness.
Pagina 31 - All of the earliest aircraft ("Standard" version) are being modified to the latest production configuration ("Improved Capability" or ICAP) and this program will complete in March of 1979. ICAP EA-6B have been in production since 1976 and the first ICAP squadron deployed in late 1977. The ICAP system improved the receiving, processing and operator display subsystems of the tactical jamming system. OPEVAL of ICAP is complete and the fleet reports substantial readiness improvement. An R&D...
Pagina 31 - Modern day warfare requires the suppression of hostile electronic detection and targeting systems to provide an acceptable degree of survivability for both airborne strike forces and ships at sea. The EA-6B provides this necessary support and is receiving increased priority by fleet commanders. A total program of 96 EA-6B aircraft is currently planned which includes one R&D aircraft. We are requesting $166.4 million for 6 EA-6Bs.
Pagina 241 - The clerk will call the roll. [The clerk proceeded to call the roll.] Mr. MAHON. Mr. Reporter, let the record show that on this vote Mr. Mahon, Mr. Sikes, Mr. Addabbo, Mr.
Pagina 185 - However, the meaning of the term is incorporated in the definition of "operational readiness" as described in AR 220-1: "The capability of a unit, weapon system or equipment to perform the missions or functions for which it is organized or designed", and may be used in a general sense or to express a level or degree of readiness.
Pagina 258 - ... (GFE) $6.5M is needed to procure long lead time GFE items in advance and $3.9M is required to procure the remaining GFE in support of 352 buy. To successfully implement the XM1 materiel fielding plan, $8.4M in peculiar support equipment, primarily special tools and test sets, must be procured to meet scheduled deployment of tanks to the US Army, Europe, The Conus training base will also receive additional equipment to expand its capability. Engineering support to production (ESP) and Government...
Pagina 34 - The third validated Marine Corps requirement for the CH-53E is the recovery of downed aircraft and damaged or threatened heavy equipment. The ability of the CH-53E to recover every tactical aircraft in the Marine Corps inventory, including itself, adds significantly to the Commander's flexibility.
Pagina 68 - ... our combat forces must be capable of quick reinforcement. Augmentation of tactical fighter units will be required as rapidly as possible to establish air superiority for both ground force operations and to insure the continuity of airlift operations. Mobility requirements generated by an increased number of Army units ready to deploy on short notice and the deployment of Air Force tactical support units create an enormous workload on airlift. Improvements in the readiness of our worldwide forces...

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